Fruits Basket Wallpaper: Isolation Land

Natsuki Takaya, Fruits Basket, Isuzu Sohma Wallpaper
Natsuki Takaya Mangaka Fruits Basket Series Isuzu Sohma Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

as always, here's a link so u can full view it withouth using a download quota
this is my entry for
now, talking about the wallie
more or less 50 layers
scan can be found here
about 4 hours (not too much time)
ok guys...
hope u like it...
and don't forget to full view it..^^

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  1. yalubluchay Nov 27, 2006

    it does look very cute, just like your last wall (the cute part i mean)...

  2. HSuke Nov 28, 2006

    I love the background. There are so many layers, and they flow well. ^__^

  3. SupermilkchanChii Nov 28, 2006

    Honto ni sugoi gabysango!
    I just ADORE the way you id the moon and clouds!
    Wow awesome awesome^_^
    Great job!

  4. Sinever Nov 28, 2006

    WOW gaby
    you did a great job as usual
    the BG looks wonderful
    & best of luck in the contest

  5. Kiako Nov 28, 2006

    nice wallpaper, the background looks very good, i like teh scene with the moon and the clouds
    keep it up

  6. eternallegend Nov 28, 2006

    i like the composition of the background however the tree seems a little strange and out of place ^_^' everything in your wall seems to have some sort of definition however the tree seems to be really flat ^_^' but it could just be me [hope i didnt offend you] i like the planet and the clouds :D the birds add a nice touch to your wall XD the colour scheme suits well and overall nice wall ^^

  7. enchantment Nov 28, 2006

    the background looks lovely and the clouds look nice :) the tree looks a little flat [hope i havent offened you ^_^' ] besides that, the sky looks lovely and overall, nice wall~^^

  8. norine07 Nov 29, 2006

    nice love the BG..!the way you blend it makes it looks so real..! ^.^ good job..! ^.^

  9. Rikkablurhound Nov 30, 2006

    hey there^^
    U express the isolation theme quite nice there^^
    And, yes, full viewing is better... ^^
    Heres a few mistakes though... >_<
    I agree with Eternallegend & enchantment about the tree... >_< It looks flat & its too close to the girl... >_<
    Erm... >_< she should be moved just a lil to the right & the tree would look better if it was taller & bigger... maybe some inner shadow... >_<
    The clouds... >_< they look too computer generated & it looks odd in the wall... >_<
    Like the planet there... ^_^
    The grass, well, U should add more blending difference or more layers of it, right now, I can easily seperate into 3 layers... >_<
    Then the sky on top is too blank, the small part above the planet, theres nth there... >_<
    Well, once U change all that, itll be a wonderful wall^^
    Its quite nice... ^_^

  10. rizacaga Nov 30, 2006


  11. RikuRox Dec 02, 2006

    Omg, this is beautiful! Definitely one of the best wallies i've seen. I love love love Rin and this goes really good with her. The colors, the clouds, the moon/planet, the tree.. Aaa, I just love it :D Great job!

  12. lunagata Dec 10, 2006

    I really like your work with the clouds,
    but the tree needs to be bigger than the scan,
    The grass is very nicely done (i'm still no good using the grass brush XD)

    The planet is nice, another thing I want to learn,
    your planet is very good X-P

    So that's it XD
    YAY *lol*

  13. annakee Dec 11, 2006

    se ve genial, pero tiene ciertos detallitos que sobresalen y no le dejand verse perfecto como podria ser.
    ademas, trata de no abusar de las brochas. puedes tratar usando varios scans para hacer el fondo. quizas eso te resulte mejor.
    el wallpaper no esta malo, para nada. lo que si te deja una sensacion de haberlo visto antes. quizas sea por las brushes.
    por lo que he visto, puedes hacer mejores cosas (pero como digo, este no es malo del todo)
    un beso ne!

  14. heart-of-glass Dec 14, 2006

    It's really wonderful ^^

  15. Jyzaphiel Dec 15, 2006

    wow, the background, the clouds with the moon - awesome work O_O that looks so cool!
    but, at some parts it could be a bit more sharpener, especially the tree.. and the girl too.
    apart from this, very nice wall :)

  16. Zeek29 Jan 14, 2007

    wow~ nice...
    looks so cool
    keep up the good work :D

  17. Love4Gaara Jan 22, 2007

    PerasAan HAtinyA Bener2 TerasA dgn SUasANa kesendIRiANnYA...

  18. randomspace Feb 21, 2007

    You really captured one of her mood.

  19. sintress Mar 15, 2007

    This pic is beautiful!

  20. KonnKepachi Jun 09, 2007

    *sigh* breath taking love how the moon looks in the background

  21. Ami-Azumiko Dec 09, 2007

    It is quite amazing with the use of your impeciable talant how you make one picture into an ilusturious walli. gratitude is given because it is good to have people like you makeing wallis like this.

  22. SilverLove Dec 11, 2007

    I love the background! Isn't the character Rin from Fruits Basket?

  23. myflplfe Mar 16, 2009

    i really like the look of the clouds and moon. overall a beautiful wallpaper.

  24. arnis Nov 25, 2009

    ooooo.... i love this sky , thanks a lot to up

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