Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny: Protect Me This Time, You Oaf!

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Stellar Loussier, Athrun Zala, Member Art


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Shin is an oaf lol :nya: :pacman: X-P! He promised to protect Stellar, but did he did he did he DID HE? NOPE. Now, Stellar's back. And she's pisssseeeed lol. I noticed that there was a decrease in the amount of doujins and scans for GSD T_T. Thus, Glassy went on a 10 hr mission since summer to complete a GSD thingy :D! It is our responsibility as GSD fans to annoy the hell out of non-believers lol :pacman: X-P :nya:! Anyway,
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Now, I took the time to do a little something, as a step-by-step preview slide ^_~!
Please comment/fav! Always appreciated! I'll let you poke glassy-chan*wink**wink*...you know you wanna...
Join us CW today:

EDIT: OH! And those of you who recognized the uncanny resemblance of Shinn to Athrun, that was because it was originally based on Athrun purely so that it would be ironic, seeing as they hate each other. Plus, it made him cuter, ne?

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  1. Kitaan Retired Moderator Nov 26, 2006

    lol I love Shinn and Stellar, beautiful scene
    you created glassy <3

  2. LilLaoRyo704 Nov 26, 2006

    HAHAH OMFG, i almost mistook him for athrun ahaha, the hair threw me off, well awesome job, i really love it, its soo cute too, nice job XD

    SHINNXSTELLAR all the way!

  3. mughi Nov 26, 2006

    Oh, my, this wall is full of irony to say the least. You made one good looking wall with attention-getting title to boot. Not quite a happy scene but you still can't help not chuckling at the characters. Nice job here and thanks much.

  4. ZonSlashSykato Nov 26, 2006

    its really does look like athrun ..

  5. Azstraph Nov 26, 2006

    Agree with everyone at 1st glance Shinn looks more like Athrun in that thumbnail view.

    Great job with the character design though it kind of hard to look at Stellar with that facial expression. More used to the happy look or the psycho look she had in the series.

    Added to favs :D !

  6. Rhonda21 Nov 26, 2006

    oh awesome coloring! And it's really cute. cool background too hehe. Great work!

  7. echidnaboy726 Nov 26, 2006

    I like how their clothing matches the skies behind them. Lovely work!

  8. Haven100 Nov 26, 2006

    Awsome Doujinshi! I almost thought he was Athrun :) Great job! +FAV!

  9. rizacaga Nov 26, 2006

    hey..........that is athrun.
    stellar with him?
    new couple.........mhm................

  10. Lunariha Nov 26, 2006

    I really thought that's Athrun x Stellar on the wallie..! *lol*
    Well I really don't think that it's Shinn's fault that Stellar died..
    anyways, great work! ^_^

  11. EldaLacus92 Nov 26, 2006

    Oh my god >.< I thought this was a scan! Though I noticed that Athrun's eyes are in wrong color! They're supposed to be green right? So that's why I partially thought he was Shinn ^_^'
    Kyaaah >.< You honestly need to teach me how do you people do doujinshis T_T ! This is so pretty, though I think Stellar has a expression of an old granny XD X-P

  12. Teiris Nov 26, 2006

    I thought it was Athrun...the color of his hair it's not black but blue... *.* The style of Shinn's hair is not that long and straight hair like Athrun...And the uniform? It's like the original...only changes the shoulders colour... But forgeting the details, the wall it's really beautifull...^^ My fav!

  13. zblazer Nov 28, 2006

    Lol, the guy looks like a fusion of Shinn and Athrun. xD

    But still, nice nonetheless. Good job =P

  14. chibi-lizard Dec 01, 2006

    whoa ! glassy-chan's doujin ish reallie pwettiiee .. especially the coloring. though at first glance .. (i gotta agree with everybody) ... why ish athrun with stellar ? hahaha ... i think it's because you made shinn's hair longer ^_^' nonetheless .. it's a pwettiiee doujin. and the bg ish pwettiiee too. keep it up ! :D

  15. soring-eden Dec 02, 2006

    damn great job! >___<

    Stellar's dead cuz of Shinn..and whadhe do? He betrayed her by gluing onto Lunamaira

  16. Justice48 Dec 04, 2006

    OMG... He seriously looks like Athrun. But then again, I really love the work and the effort you've put into making this.
    Stellar... she's really pretty. Shinn though... you might want to change the hair colour a bit... make it really dark blue... or black. :D

  17. Teiris Dec 15, 2006

    soring-eden...Stellar's not dead because of Shinn... She died because of Kira. When she saw him she became decontrolled and Kira's kill her. Shinn's trying to help her before and he said Kira to stop... So it's not because of him.
    But because of that scene of Lunamaria...I agree with you... That's was a nonsense... Who put Shinn with Lunamaria a few days ago after Stellar's death it was really shame... Stellar's the best!
    But about Shinn's hair, it was how Justice48 said. ^^

  18. theworldisflat Dec 21, 2006

    That's not Shinn you twit, that's that chickenshit loser Athrun.
    Other than that rather significant problem, good pic.

  19. ssjray Dec 21, 2006

    zomg thats athrun

  20. ZalaCagalli Jan 14, 2007

    That looks like Athrun with Shinn's eyes, but I still love the pic. -Makes it a fave.-

  21. Lya-chan Jan 29, 2007

    i thought it's Athrun^^'
    Shinn's hair really looks like Athrun's^^"
    but the pic is great^^ anyways, i prefer the ShinnxLuna pairing, i don't really like Stellar (her personality and mind)...but she's gorgeous^^

  22. moonescape Jul 10, 2007

    sTellar looks beautiful! Though I kind of mistaken him as Athrun because of the suit I think, but the pose for Shinn is very familiar to one of the previous GSD scans. :D

    I really like how this turned out even though I don't really like the color for the sky. D:

    You got my faves. ;)

  23. hellbutterflyXRIEKO Aug 31, 2007

    shin so totally looks like athrun here XD

  24. cagalli999 Jun 01, 2008

    Who is the guy? Shinn or Athrun?

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