Brave Story Wallpaper: Brave Story: Gathering Rain

Brave Story, Wataru Mitani Wallpaper
Brave Story Series,Game Wataru Mitani Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

For Vectorness' Monthly Contest (November/Fantasy).
I chose the scan for the fantasy elements and because it had reflections. I love reflections, and I liked how the still water reflected like glass.
I kept most of the image the same, but chose to have only water and sky (to increase the isolation of the picture and to enhance the idea of space) and decided to go for some larger, more dynamic clouds instead of the cute little fluffy things in the original scan. The cloud placement was also used to enhance the idea of Wataru being bright (good) and Mitsuru being dark (evil). The background began with stock photos which were then repainted in Painter using the blender brushes. Then a number of color tweaks were employed to give it a more washed out feeling, to increase the greys and offer a more gloomy mood. After all, Wataru looks like he's in quite the pickle.
Before and after:
click here
The title is based off of a Maaya Sakamoto song of which I am quite fond of.
P.S. If you couldn't tell, this was my attempt to employ Candy's style of painted clouds into a wall. As an experiment, it's okay. Lessons for next time: Plan ahead. Make sure the stocks you use are enough so that you can paint at 200% (3840x2400) size, so that you can scale down and smooth out any roughness. Also, canvas should be extended slightly (~100pixels around) because otherwise Painter starts pulling in white canvas at the edges.
P.P.S: More sizes at DA! I'd suggest using the widest aspect ratio possible; it just looks squeezed in at a 5x4 ratio.

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  1. jasaiyajin Mute Member Nov 23, 2006

    i luv what uve done with it, an amazing wallie.

  2. Oriya Nov 23, 2006

    Yay, soooo cool. ambiecene is incredible, good job! +fav for me

  3. HeartFulSkies Nov 23, 2006

    i love this >_< +faves

  4. candy-chan Retired Moderator Nov 23, 2006

    lolol <3 I really heart the colours and composition. I wish I could see a place like that one day XD title choice is really good too, very inspiring.
    several things tho: the reflection at the ankle,s height, shouldnt it be distorted a bit by waves? It looks awfully straight and sharp to me. But I get that you didn't want any blurry wave effects for the concept. Then it's a pretty surprising thing to see the vector jaggy because normally you manage to make them look perfect. I like the brushing you did on it though, it softens the cell shading :] Last thing would be the clouds lol, but like you said it's an experiment and practise makes perfect. I suggest keeping a form that is closer to the stock too, or some kind of shaper edge.
    All in all, this wall has some awesome elements

  5. Chloe Retired Moderator Nov 23, 2006

    Very cool colors and the painting looks great. The characters looks a bit jagged though. Other than that, nicely done!

  6. SupermilkchanChii Nov 23, 2006

    Geez I wanna see this movie SO bad!
    I was going to see it while in Japan but it costed so much for a ticket*sob*
    Great job on the wallie!
    I love the background behind the boy!
    GREAT great job!

  7. euna Retired Moderator Nov 24, 2006

    Vector + paint? ^_^
    I got to say that I love the fluffy clouds and the overall blue colour (euna goes crazy with blue. lol). It looks great how you set it out as well.

    I'm not sure about the reflections. I think something looks a tad odd and I think it might be the angle of the distortion.

    But nevertheless, it's a very nice wallpaper. It's catchy and looks great (even on the thumb). =D

  8. enchantment Nov 24, 2006

    wow, its really nice and the clouds look great :) i love the more subdued tones and the colours are really nice :D lovely wall~^^

  9. shinorei Nov 25, 2006

    I like it. ^^ But the reflection of clouds looks odd on the water. It's more like, fuzzy fuzzy mists. Okay, that can't be right, har har. Overall, it's really nice. And it's great that you're willing to experiment and use new techniques.
    Keep up the great work! :)

  10. chibi-lizard Dec 01, 2006

    wow ! what anime ish this ? never heard of it >.<

    i luv your vector. as expected from tama-chan. the clouds looks unique too. i like the way how it's painted and looks watercolor-ish.

    the water looks clear and the reflection was well made. the ripples looks realistic.

    great work as usual ! :D

  11. shadowVII Dec 03, 2006


  12. moonescape Feb 09, 2007

    Very interesting wallpaper. The painting went smoothly and so does the lclouds so that it doesn't look like the clouds they are still. I like the water ripples you did in here and so was the reflection too. It's a very unusual character and perspective because it looks liek he's fighting against himself. I think this looks better than the scan for sure because it looks more dramatic than the other one. Last is the mist effects were good here and I can see you really worked hard on this trying to get the water reflecting the clouds, but at the same time rippling. Definiately adding favs. :)

  13. WWLAOS Jun 07, 2007

    Very cool. I love the look of the clouds and how you played with light and dark to achieve that effect. The ripples in the water are pretty neat, and the reflections, especially of the cloud cover, look good. I'm a little dissapointed that even you didn't offset the submerged images a bit due to refraction, but I suppose it's something no one ever thinks of. Back to the reflection of Wataru, though, it looks great over the bulk of the body and the reflection of the sword is very cool, but for some reason the reflection of the legs just doesn't look quite right...I'm not sure why. Your removal of the other surface features in the distance from the original scan is very nice, I do like the way it adds an almost hopeless feel to the wallpaper. Superb.

  14. arsalan23 Jun 18, 2007

    nice reflection!

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