Brave Story Wallpaper: Brave Story, A walk on the wild...

Brave Story, Meena, Wataru Mitani Wallpaper
Brave Story Series,Game Meena Character Wataru Mitani Character

1680x1050 Wallpaper

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This is kinda random, cause like, well, I doubt anyone has even watched Brave Story since it was only in theaters over the summer and coming to DVD. But it's been advertised for about half a year in the magazines like Newtype and Animage before it even aired, so it was definitely being hyped. And I just so happened to buy into that hype. It's very much the "second chance at destiny" theme that's so popular in anime and fantasy type films, which I like. And the characters are totally colorful with liquid smooth animation :D And that always gets me ;D

So for this wallpaper, I recreated the background the original scan had, and re-cged all the characters so they're nice and crisp and text free! Just the kind of stuff I usually like to make ^^

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  1. tareren Nov 21, 2006

    Great job in the re-CG ing =) the artwork looks interesting.. one comment though, the sandhill looks bit too blurry compared to the cloud's crispness, kinda too smooth IMO.. but good job n thanks for sharing ;)

  2. enchantment Nov 22, 2006

    wow, i love the background scenery :) the re cging is done nicely :D lovely wall~^^

  3. akazookin Nov 22, 2006

    the artwork's really crisp ne :)
    love the sandhill O____O

    hmm some interesting characters too :)
    well done! thanks for sharing! ^^v

  4. Elves Dec 14, 2006

    Now that is some nice artwork. Very nice job recreating everything - the characters are very nice and crisp. Just as you said. :)
    I do have a tendency to agree with tareren about the ground being a little too blurry to go with the crisp clouds, but at the same time I think they create a nice contrast. And I know that you're mimicking the original scan, but the dark gray on the mountain is so dark compared to the rest that I keep thinking it's a big gray blob of something (or an airplane wing for some reason) so maybe not quite such a contrast might improve the depiction of the mountain. As far as the color blending overall - awesome job. You've really captured sand dunes' texture (at least that's what I assume they are). Very nice job there.
    The one jumping critter (the one in the middle of the foursome) I think needs a slight shadow under him - it took me a while to realize that he was on the same plain as the others.
    Overall a very well made vector and wall, and you've managed one other thing...creating more hype. I WANNA SEE THIS NOW! XD So thank you for that. ;)

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