Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Wallpaper: Peace at Last

CLAMP, Bee Train, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Sakura Kinomoto, Mokona Wallpaper
CLAMP Mangaka Bee Train Studio Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Series,OVA Sakura Kinomoto Character Mokona Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment


...a happy ending to this chronicle.

'Least, I hope that's how it'll end. I miss all the good ol' days...

Anyways, back onto the wall. Repairing that darn image took forever! So much stupid text and whatnot on it. I considered vectoring it, but repairing it was a job in itself! It took me about 4 days to fully repair the image. Then about another 4 days to redraw the side of the rocks, which I screwed up, but hey, it's my first time, so I wasn't so sure how to do it...
I then extracted the image, fixed it up a bit, then made the background. I started with the sky, and added all the sparklie lines from some new brushes I downloaded, made by a member of MT which I can't think of right now. Then I made the water, which I think is the best water I've made even though its so crappy. I have no idea how to make it better though, so links to tutorials or pointers will be appreciated!

Original scan link (one of those images that I see, then I say "Zomg must wall it!" [Fye's just so hot there <333])

Traveling Together by joviality <---thanks Jov-chan!

Ugh, I really got to get to work on my other wallies...

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Browse Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Blueheart Nov 20, 2006

    very cool!
    nice job!
    it's hard to find images with the all group.
    nice job.

  2. joviality Nov 20, 2006


    Aqi-chan! This is such a lovely wallpaper :D I'm putting it up on my desktop immediately, hee.

  3. milla-chan Nov 20, 2006

    YAY, you made a wallapaper whit that scan, and it's AWESOME XD
    Thank you thank you thank you :D

    Clamp-fanatic ;)

  4. EldaLacus92 Nov 20, 2006

    Ho~! I get a frosty feeling from that wallie :D Makes me even more impatient at waiting the Christmas :D

  5. schwindelmagier Nov 20, 2006

    oh, a cool wallie, Aqi, love it <3 <3 <3
    yeah, Fai loks really hot on it and he smiles, not this smile to hide my true feelings, a smile full of warmness, that's it.
    Great repait of the scan, I know how it loks so I can say that, really a great work. ^_^
    Although the rocks are looking a little bit too sharp, really strange rocks ^o^. BUT, BUT, BUT the sky is awesome. O.O
    the sparkle lines are sugoooooooooooi beautiful and the light is cool, the water too.
    fav from me

  6. enchantressinthedark Nov 20, 2006

    Whoa, what luck I have today XD I just decided to check my notifs (its still bursting x_x ) and here's a pweety wall by Aqi resting in it XD Ahhhhhh you walled the scan! Beautiful! That background of the sky's the best sky you've made so far ^^ I love it very much! And you even redrew and missing part of the scan O.O All the more reason for me to salute you! :D But I think you should apply some filters to it to make it more grungy looking, it isn't that realistic looking compared to the background ^_^'

    Still a pweety wall ^^ *admires Fye* <33 Keep it up!

  7. aishiteraburu Nov 20, 2006

    Aww such a cute wall aqi
    I love the sparkles and Syaoran XD
    The background is just really peaceful
    Going to my fave and my new desktop wall Good Job ^^

  8. AngelKate Nov 20, 2006

    I love that scan too! You did such a great job! The repairing looks great and you did good drawing the rocks. I suck at redrawing too so don't feel bad. Yours actually looks really good though. ^_^ I love your skies as always. :) Great job!

  9. Ebelin Nov 20, 2006

    Cooooooooooool wallpaper! The scan is very good and the background is wonderful :).

  10. pamkips Nov 20, 2006

    THE COLOR TONES! O____O I suddenly want to use the color blue O___O

    fabulous job aqiaqua~

  11. eternallegend Nov 21, 2006

    you did a nice job fixing and repairing the image XD the background looks nicely composed and i like the nice colour scheme of your wall :D the clouds look nice and i like the nice atmosphere radiating from your wall :) nice wall ^^

  12. enchantment Nov 21, 2006

    wow, pretty :) i love the sky and the background looks really nice :D the scenery looks really calm and peaceful like :) nice wall~^^

  13. BlueAngel17 Nov 21, 2006

    oooh.. i don't want to comment on it.. but it's already an HnS fea, so just look at what i wrote there. lolz. ^^

  14. rollingmreg Nov 22, 2006

    Four people and one of them are the most attractive wall paper in prepared wall paper.

  15. CuteSherry Nov 23, 2006

    Very nice wall!
    You used the picture to it's utmost and made the better of it adding a very good looking sky and sea to complement it ^__^
    Love it!

  16. LunaTsukino Nov 23, 2006

    OMG! *O*
    As always, aqi-san is PERFECTLY WONDERFUL! *-*
    Yeah! Fye-san is just the best in this image! *-*

    I loved everything... I'm a big fan of yours, aqi-san! ^-^

    Can I add it to my Favs a million times? =D

    merged: 11-24-2006 ~ 04:58am
    Almost forgot!
    What's the name of the font you used? *-*
    (I've been looking for it since ever... *O*)

  17. starrliteangel Nov 24, 2006

    very nice! I love those magical line thingies.. heheh i dunno wat to call them. The water is definitely the best one youve made so far. it looks a tad bit blurry but I guess thats because its in the distance. You did a great job repairing the rocks. Clamp artwork is pretty hard to repair. Anyways...humm....I cant seem to figure it out, but the wall itself just seems a bit basic you know? Scan, ocean, sky, birds, clouds. Now, Im definitely not saying that you didnt put alot of work into this, because just the repairing itself loosk like it could have taken a while. But I think the wall could have done without the sun ray brush because Ive seen it in 2 of your other walls, and maybe the seagulls need to be more solid. OH! I know whats bothering me. Sakura and Syaoran (sp?) dont realy match the wall. Fye is pretty much the only one that looks happy (and he looks happy in almost every scan), and I think the scan colors are rather more...depressing? Fye's outfit is nice and blue, but sakura and syaoran have colorless outfits. So heres what I think - make the bg more colorless and depressing, and add a texture over the wall. I would also take the sun out because I dont see super obvious lighting effects on the original scan. Hmm..and maybe some snow because it almost looks like they would be in a barren snowy landscape. ?.? I dunno just my opinion. the original scan just doesnt look like a very happy scan to me.

  18. sakurals Nov 25, 2006

    OH MY!

  19. Joancagalli Nov 25, 2006

    love the sparkle lines n the blue sky... very beautiful n suits ur theme very much thx for sharing n a fave frm me

  20. animefairy Nov 27, 2006

    Me loves it VERY VERY VERY much! XD XD I love the pretty skies and cool sparkling stuff! >.< The scan is awesome too! Keep it up and thankies for sharing! *adding to favs*

  21. paintmearainbow Nov 28, 2006

    Lovely wallie and the colours are really soft that it really gives the peaceful effect you want to achieve^^ I really like the background too!
    Keep up the good work -grins-

  22. silverdragon Dec 03, 2006

    I've seen your wall in the tsubasa group and I absolutely fell in love with it :)
    It's gourgeous! the colours, the pic, the feeling... all of it is great!
    keep up the good work :D

  23. moonelf313 Dec 04, 2006

    Great job on the wallie, it is beautiful, great extraction and kudos on the fixing up of the image, I can't tell! I love the background you used...:)

  24. samhks Dec 15, 2006

    cool and nice wall,keep up the good job...

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