Utawarerumono Wallpaper: Invoking Heaven

AQUAPLUS, Utawarerumono, Eruruu Wallpaper
AQUAPLUS Studio Utawarerumono Series,Visual Novel Eruruu Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Soo it's a wallpaper I did since a long time but I forgot about it and Pinkprincesslacus *cough* bribed me to submit it so here it is XD ahahha

So I was watching utawarerumono and I liked the picture in the opening so i vectored it from the screenshot i did


I drew the missing part so we can see her full body because I loved the pose and I wanted to do something with magical circle and all.. hmm don't know if it looks well together :p ahahha hmm afte thinking alittle i don't think if u know the anime the bg fit with the character....but i love it anyway :p

I read a tutorial on imanimetions to do the wing and I used stock for the mountain and thunder and I tried to filter it and blend them with the background
I used brush to do the clouds and also texture. I used filters to do the background

Oh almost forgot the thx part to thingperson pinkprincesslacus and eternally-asuka for the title they are helping me so much

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  1. thingperson Nov 19, 2006

    Oh my gosh i love this so much the vector is so pretty your so talented in making them..and she is so pretty i love the background its so creative..with the magic cirles and the lighting and the clouds and the rays..oh my gosh everything just looks so pretty i love this so much..*smiles*.

    ta tendre et meilleure amie,

  2. PinkPrincessLacus Nov 19, 2006


    Ahhh I love it, and yes YAY Im glad I bribed ya into submitting it LOL come on its great! X-P. I mean omg your a pro at vectoring and drawing OMG AMAZING GREAT AT IT o.O so much its scary lol j/k hehe. I love the magic symbols and mountains and clouds they are just so pretty and the atmosphere is great, YOU DID A GREAT AND WONDERFUL JOB ON THIS GIRL! *runs around scream, master is the best*! *adds to favs no doubt ;)*.

    Your Student,
    ~* Lacus *~

  3. Kaede-chan Nov 19, 2006

    Wah, the background is amazing. I love the colors. Nice work! :)

  4. Ardenta Nov 19, 2006

    You must be very creative, and your effort is worth it. This wallpaper became a really good one ;)

  5. Northy Nov 19, 2006

    That wallpaper was very good, so if I come across as rather nitpicky, blame it on me having watched the series.

    But yeah, I think a forest or a countryside village would have suited this wallie better, preferably with no wings and no magic effects. (Eruru was a doctor/herbalist. And no drug jokes, please. ^^;; )

    Oh well, I'm still downloading it and faving it.

  6. rollingmreg Nov 20, 2006

    It is clean wall paper.

  7. kyokujitsu Nov 20, 2006

    Wow, that is amazing ^_^ On first glance, I thought it was just another pretty character-turned-angel wall, but then I noticed that it was a vector. That is simply awesome ^_^ I can't believe how well you vectored that anime screenshot, and redrawing the scan to complete it is just wow o.o The vector alone is worth a favourite XD The background is beautiful as well, though I think it jarrs slightly with the vector. But overall, it's beautiful. Thanks for sharing ^_^

    *Adds to Favourites*

  8. eternallegend Nov 20, 2006

    amazing, everything is nicely done :D the wings look lovely and add a nice touch to her :D you did an amazing job with the vectoring and it looks wonderful :) i like the nice colour scheme and the background looks really nice XD i like the magic circle and how your wall seems to radiate a magical atmosphere :) overall lovely wall ^^

  9. rubenz Nov 20, 2006

    oh my kan chan I love this a lot, the wings are great and the bg is magical :D

  10. tayots Nov 20, 2006

    its a fav! nicely done on it!

  11. starrliteangel Nov 21, 2006

    wow awesome vectoring! not only did you vector the character, you added on areas that werent there originally! That requires skill ^-^ however..erm...the bg colors are very nice, but it seems a bit simple, and the girl is a tad bit too dark for the rest of the wall. I think she would have fitted in better if you duplicated her layer and set the top layer as screen or something. >.< but that is just my personal opinion. but the wings look great, and the transmutation (lol too much FMA heheh) circle looks really good!

  12. Kenichi Nov 21, 2006

    nice vectoring, something that not everyone good at..
    background seems like its missing something but since your attention to making a heaven wallpaper.. to me it still looks wonderful.

  13. enchantment Nov 21, 2006

    wow, the vector is done really nicely :) i love the background with the soft colours :D i love the wings and overall, lovely wall~^^

  14. Kairi-Hearts Nov 22, 2006

    so beautiful
    the pose is really cool!
    I'm happy that you did the full body since that's what I would do too^.^
    anyway, the bg is soooo pretty and I love the wings! So lovely
    +fav :D

  15. moonescape Jan 07, 2007

    Whoa! The vector was well done and I like how you made the character brighter in here. the concept is wonderful. Adding those magic spells wih glow is wonderful. Your photoshop techniques have improved a lot. This wallpaper is so eye catching and overall your best wallpaper you've done so far. The title of your wallpaper was so creative and I like the idea (thanks to your friends for giving the idea of it ;).) Keep it up! :)

  16. aznprianime Jan 09, 2007

    the color that u used and of course the amazing details and effort u had put into it! the picture came out and clear, even though the surrounding colors were bright ( luuuuvvv the idea of it ;) ) it is just waaaayyyy tooo awsome XD !
    even though i wish to say not to mak it ~toooo~ bright, BUT IT JUST LOOOKS TOOO AMAZING! ahem ~coughs~ & cools down of excitment :)
    i ment to say, that the way u composed this wally was done profesionally(spelling) and i look forward into seeing mor
    BRAVO BRAVO! ~claps a round of applause and gives a BIG hug~ i shall add this to my favs without a question :D

  17. pooolj Jan 11, 2007

    awesome, it looks very good, the colors, the back ground are very nice, very good job!.

  18. whoa Nov 11, 2008

    wow awesome! good job!

  19. aqito Jun 06, 2010

    wow! beautiful! this picture is so awesome!

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