Anime Wallpaper: Silence in Deathly

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Credits and Special Thanks:
Stock Item Created by : Temoc
Stocks and Textures by: Resurgere
Textures : Misc_Text, Oil_Package, Package_Spooky all credit to Resurgere.
Special Thanks goes to Afwells, The11342, and all those who loved my Sodomy wall. Special thanks also goes out to Jason and the gang at Jaysondesigns.

Originally, this was a funny subject, I did not wanted to create nothing new, I dunno what I was doing, but funnily enough, I was not exactly inspired but made this.

The theme was really spooky I guess, the walls of a dark place, locked in a place unseen, woman holding dead lover in embrace of death, and in damnation love took place between two unlikely persons.

The wall itself was a new skin, it is up now on my page, I love it...
I felt it could be a darker side of me willing to work this out, it was really simple I guess, took around 4 days, dunno what to do with it and decided to just fiddle with PS until I got the right tones, there was a generated sample of 8 pieces, being indecisive me... I guess I just took the most obvious and most lovable one.

The textures are all pieces from variable packages by Resurgere, I took pieces out from a lot of them, and mangled them all into unholy trinity. And thus, this really dark piece, excellent for the Emo you and me.

Come one come all... to the house of Devildude, you can come in, but you will never get out..... *Plays Hotel California*

Aspiring Mafia Plug:

Artist: Erdbeermilch
Artwork: Listen to the storyteller
Reason: Excellent work of vectoring, combining soft with a story to tell.... who doesn't want to hear her voice?

Devildude Designs:

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  1. HunterX17 Nov 19, 2006

    Nothing would best describe this than, "Grim...", I like.

  2. Phantec801 Nov 19, 2006

    very grim wallpaper, the background texturing could use a little work, but overall it expresses its general feeling very well.

  3. enchantressinthedark Nov 19, 2006

    Haha 'grim' ish correct XD But its a beautiful piece, dark and spooky but in a really nice artistic way ^^ Keep it up!

  4. annakee Nov 20, 2006

    Quote by Devildudeonce again I proven I make walls nobody likes except for me.

    that's not true ^_^ at last i came here because i liked your wallie for the thumb... but a full size is so much better ^^
    really nice and goes to fav!

  5. Milkiyo Nov 20, 2006

    woman?! I thought she was a hot guy ;_;
    lol...that song is so..80's or something :3
    hmm....I dunno what to say about this wall =_=" erm...real "sadistically" emo? :P

    merged: 11-20-2006 ~ 09:41am
    O.O annakee's posting at the same time! XD

  6. Rhonda21 Nov 20, 2006

    oh thats really scaryish or freakyish. I don't know but it looks really cool. I like it. Well Done!

  7. Rikkablurhound Nov 20, 2006

    Its actually quite artistic in a way...
    I dont know why, but I can feel myself kissing the skull... @_@
    Too real for words... =_=
    will go check out your userpage
    It looks blur from the thumb, but it looks alot better in full.... XP
    its quite nice... and grim... :sweat:

  8. alterlier Nov 21, 2006

    stunning, sometimes, most of the times it is rather impossible to actually find a piece, an image, an artwork, a wallpaper whatever you want to call it, that truly express a feeling or a possible theme without read or know the description, even if I do not consider it as spooky, it has a melancholic feeling behind that makes the whole scene, or moment kind of sad.
    I like the textures you used and the fact that the background is not completely understanable.
    such a strange situation that went around your sodomy wall shows that people is just not ready to know more about themselves, even if you find great works, like this one.

  9. Devildude Nov 22, 2006

    christ... all it got
    is that little views...?
    Thanks to all who commented and appreciated it.

  10. mughi Nov 22, 2006

    Egad! Spooky! My first thought when I looked at your latest work. One thing I noticed is that the more you submit your work the quality within seem to shine out. Quite a contrast to your other work and I love it. I'll try to leave more comment (if nothing more than nice work) down the road. ^_^'

  11. shadowVII Dec 03, 2006

    cool! this this great, nice work!

  12. flyable Jan 01, 2007

    Hey Devil..
    It's been awhile ya.. Lolz
    I've been pretty bz these days.. So i didn't have time to come over here to check things out.. =p
    Anyway,I really like this new wallie of yours.. :D
    It's really quite different than the usual ones.. Just dropping by 2 say hi.. hehe

  13. chii0103 Feb 08, 2007

    waaaaaaaaa.. this one is very cooL! :) +fav for me.. :) omg.. i gotta check out resurgere.. ^___^ i love ths walliE.. ^^ u rock :)..

  14. eindgul Nov 14, 2009

    Kinda creepy... i like it :) Its cool

  15. Krycha Jul 17, 2010

    great work

    merged: 07-17-2010 ~ 04:21pm
    dark....silence i kill you!
    great work;)

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