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Murakami Suigun, Hourglass of Summer, Kaho Serizawa Wallpaper
Murakami Suigun Mangaka Hourglass of Summer Series,Visual Novel Kaho Serizawa Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I'm crossposting this work from AnimePaper. YES I KNOW, TRENDWHORE. BUT I LOVE TRENDWHORE PIECES XD, or atleast those that redefine quality and creativity. I tried to make my own trendwhore piece with the grass, star and sky. XD

It also comes along with a poem I wrote 2 years ago. Yes, I wrote the poem :) Hope you guys like.

You were right...
When you said
That I wasn't meant to be here
When days have become into years
And I feel lonely without you

I have skipped the longest nights
Crossing the deserts and seas
Experiencing and touching
The snow on the Sahara
Like feathers enriching

As I walk by
I hear the rain pouring
Along the sidewalk I stop
Seeing days without you
There was just something missing

I want to travel through time
I want to be your surprise
I want to hold you so tight
I want to kiss you goodnight
You're presence is nearing

Gazing upon the sky
Though it seems like its going to rain
Clouds forming into buds
Pearls are falling from the sky

So I go, seeing things are fine
The bricks I'm walking still feels alright
The days have passed by
And Saturday has come
Though I still feel sighed

Everyday seems pretty ok
I still go to work often
And I still do my job well
But there is still something missing
There's is still that longing

I want to travel through time
I want to be your surprise
I want to hold you so tight
I want to kiss you goodnight
You're presence is nearing

Dripping through the spaces in between
Flowing and forming moss in spleen
Foggy mists and haze are cool
The weather is grim
Cozy, slim

I reckon the days you said goodbye
For its been a while
I reminisce and remember
The days I sought without you

Over hear is where I am right now
But after being moved by you so
I will be bold, I shall be brave
I will take the steps to take
Blazing in the open streets of Milan

The church passes through me
Like in a thought, a figment
In reality, of relativity
As though I run but I don't move
It is as if those infront me move

I want to travel through time
I want to be your surprise
I want to hold you so tight
I want to kiss you goodnight
You're presence is nearing

Pack my bags I shall go
For my mission doesn't end here
Nor would I be forsaken if so
I will find you, look for you
Leaving behind everything
For I need to be with you

Stopping by the bus stop
Saying I need a ride to Rome
Taking the train station
Changing my clothes as I got home

I called your name
Silently inside the cabin
As though you were there but yet
You weren't
I just can't wait
I am so excited
I want to touch you
Right this very moment...

I want to travel through time
I want to be your surprise
I want to hold you so tight
I want to kiss you goodnight
You're presence is nearing

Oh, so beauty oh so deep
I doze off a bit
And falls asleep
And in my dreams
There you stay
All I'm doing now is waiting
Waiting until I wake up
And see your face

I will travel through time
You will be my surprise
I will hold you so tight
I will kiss you goodnight

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Browse Hourglass of Summer Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Ayamari Nov 19, 2006

    Oh my stars xD! I luv this wallie! I like the poem as well ^__^
    +fav from me! XD

  2. forlorn-faith Nov 19, 2006

    Gorgeous wallpapers and poem as well! +fav!

  3. ViktoriaVampire Nov 19, 2006

    My! that's so nice! -Adds to Fav-

  4. Sinever Nov 19, 2006

    I love it
    the sky looks so beautifull

  5. moonescape Nov 19, 2006

    I remember you posting this on animepaper too. I forgot to comment so I'll comment here. I really really like how you made the scenery in here. It's so pleasant yet it's in the darkest night. The stars and different colors for the sky just seems so mystical. The clouds blends so well and the it looks better how you made the girl dress in white than in green. It's wonderful and absolutely fantastic. It's kind of hard for me to put in words. Though I'll remember at night and pray as best as I can for your Uncle Tito. ^_^

    Your poem was so long though I like how you put some of them into words. I almost thought that maybe you did that poem today because if you did then I would've been like (O_o).

  6. quantixar Nov 19, 2006

    I absolutely love it! BG, colors, everything! Nice! :)

  7. N9e1 Nov 19, 2006

    What a pretty wallie! Nice poem too~~~ I do see the connection here~~~
    Great job! :D

  8. MadoshiKurefu Retired Moderator Nov 19, 2006

    I love it! This is too beautiful to describe it with words!

  9. Rella Nov 19, 2006

    Oooh, another great work from you. I love the whole scene but I especially like the bottom part of the wall. Good work!

  10. Ninjutsu Nov 19, 2006

    the flowers and the butterflies remind me of Unstolen Jewel by sammo :), the way you put them with the character is great xD

  11. semanga Nov 20, 2006

    :o this looks awesome
    boy u suprised me anytime with your walls
    u are so talented wow
    this wall looks wonderful like all the other walls befor but tell me
    what is your secret for all the wonderful walls which u did ?
    ohh and see u like this colors becourse u use it very much
    maybe u should try some other colors it would be interesting
    ok i dont want to much nerves you
    so i will add this to my fav and good is :)
    keep it up ;)

  12. enchantment Nov 21, 2006

    wow, pretty :) it looks really magicalish :D i love the background and everything looks really nice :) lovely wall~^^

  13. BlueAngel17 Nov 21, 2006

    hey koi! don't forget to introduce your works to hoteru-no-shiki! i was wondering what happened to you cuz you don't introduce them there anymore..

    anyway, this has a weird background.. large planets with clouds above grass. Let's imagine then that there's grass on the moon. ^^ anyway, unlike the last wall i commented in, this has better extraction. but the moon looks too realistic. better want to work more on that for a more spacey atmosphere.

  14. Rhonda21 Nov 22, 2006

    OH such a beautiful wall! I like how you added the flowers/butterflies/bird/cat at the bottom. Matches well and looks cute. The planet looks great and really cool! The whole sky looks really awesome. And of course I've alwasy thought that was a pretty scan. Well great job! I really like it. :D

  15. AngelKate Nov 22, 2006

    You saw my comment on Daisuke. ^_^ Absolutely beautiful. I'm glad you made the popular walls with this, it deserves it. Wonderful work!

    (I'm SakuraSweetie by the way XD)

  16. mystvearn Nov 22, 2006

    nice wallpaper, seen the character used before, in a green theme, this one is white.

  17. gabysango2011 Nov 22, 2006

    i really like this...the girl is cute and the bgr is really well done...the big planet looks really realistic...and the stuff u put down is really nice...
    + fav

  18. Kyo26 Nov 22, 2006

    eeeee....its so beautiful! >.< i like every aspect of it, the background the style...everything! nyuu~~

  19. Lumiv Nov 23, 2006

    so beautiful i luv this pic

  20. Kouta-domo Nov 23, 2006

    Good Job. :)

  21. animefairy Nov 23, 2006

    Oo...I love it! ^^ Your poem was so sweet and touching too! The wall has pretty colors and cool effects! I just love that girl scan! It's perfect for any walls! LOL. XD Awesome job and keep it up! *adding to favs*

  22. pooolj Nov 24, 2006

    very beautiful, exelent job

  23. bella-ella Nov 24, 2006

    Oooh, the scan is so pretty @_@. I love the colours you've chosen, too; they compliment her outfit and they work really well together. Definitely favouriting =D.

  24. Lionhearted911 Nov 24, 2006

    enchantng...both the pic and the poem...

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