Serial Experiments Lain Wallpaper: Walking Up

Yoshitoshi Abe, Serial Experiments Lain, Lain Iwakura Wallpaper

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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I was inspired after seeing this over at devART, called "Out of Bounds" type of photo manipulation. It looks so cool that I wanted to try it myself (btw, I used this tutorial as a guide) :)

So I went through my files for the perfect picture, and I came upon this one: Lain_on_stairs by minebann , and you know, after working on it, the idea really fits the series ^__^

I think this is the first wallpaper where I didn't vector anything... though I did use the pen tool to extract...

Some hue adjustments to make it more sepia-toned, changed her arm to make pose more suitable, lots of masking here and there. Listened to "Duvet" by BoA (Lain's opening theme btw) while working on this (I'm kinda addicted to the song...).

For inspiration project at Simple-ism.

Btw, do you think it'd look better without the text? I kinda hesitated to put it in, but seems to need something in that corner to balance things out...

Oh, and sorry about those circular gradient lines in the background... JPG hates gradients apparently...

[Edit] Changed colour of frame, softened scan slightly, removed text. Also, removed gradient, as those lines were really annoying!
version before:

[Edit (again)] Replaced gradient, added texture to background.

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Browse Serial Experiments Lain Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. EldaLacus92 Nov 17, 2006

    O_O Ohh how pretty <3! I love it that it's simply so simple ;) It's not always necessary for a wall to have many many things in it to make it look nice, since sometimes it make it look crowded so this is very prettty just because of it's simpility. Though the scan is little bit low in the quality.... O_o or is it because of texture...?

  2. Odeena Nov 17, 2006

    Interesting concept! Even though I *do* think that it could do better without the text... but then again, that's just me, the final outcome is for you to decide.

    Keep up the good work MapleRose-senpai! *bows*

  3. eternallegend Nov 18, 2006

    i like the simple look of your wall and how the colours seem to balance out well :) the title suits well and even though there were gradient lines, they still helped add character to your wall XD overall i like the atmosphere radiating from your wall and overall nice wall ^^

  4. flyindreams Nov 20, 2006

    The concept is great, but there's a bit of a blending problem... because Lain is drawn in a painty style, the stark background makes her stick out in an odd way. Texture over the entire thing might help... or vectoring xD

  5. moonescape Dec 02, 2006

    This may have been simple, but I really thought it was wonderful how the focus is on the picture only. A nice concept though I thought it might have looked awkward because there wasn't a text so the newer one you made looked better. A definate fave.

  6. UchihaTaijiya Feb 13, 2007

    So cool!
    Thanks for sharing this!

  7. aplastictree Mar 04, 2007

    asidjf;isd foisjdfsd Lain.

    This is such a rockin' concept that's just so awesomely amazing and *breathes deeply* Yeah. I'm a sucker for concept walls.

  8. theremosster Nov 08, 2008


    merged: 11-08-2008 ~ 07:40am
    very epic wall

  9. Ganksquad Jan 19, 2009

    Mmm I like the pic is quite thoughtful, but I love them all to do with having lain

  10. lain-san Nov 09, 2009

    Ooo! I can't believe how good this is! And the level of applicable metaphors is just too staggering to mention! Like Lain transcending reality, etc. Damn! Man, this is just too good for words!

    merged: 11-10-2009 ~ 10:49am
    You know, it occured to me, that if you want to do it really right, Lain's shadow needs some adjusting. The low end of the stairs, from what we can tell, is about ca. 50cm below the back end of your wooden frame, right? Which means Lain's shadow, when it hits the wooden frame, should be shifted to the right proportionally. Lemme give you a very, very rough outline of the idea:


    That way you get a truer sense of depth associated with the stair case, which is important in this image, as you want to stress the 'going up' feeling.

  11. daniticha Dec 29, 2009

    So sweet! On this wall, she seems like a small child ^_^
    Thanks for the wall!

  12. Lynxss Aug 08, 2010

    Simplistic beauty, maybe too bright, but that's just a minor detail.

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