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Katsura Hoshino, TMS Entertainment, D Gray-Man, Allen Walker, Timcanpy Wallpaper
Katsura Hoshino Mangaka TMS Entertainment Studio D Gray-Man Series Allen Walker Character Timcanpy Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hi all. :pacman:

Just started watching D.Gray-Man. It's good ^_^
Love the manga's art style tho X-P , and so, decided to make a wall.

a simple wall.
I wanted Allen Walker to be the main focus. :)
so I removed the faces that were in the original background. ^_^

uhm..o_O....can anyone tell me who's that woman behind him?

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  1. Devilet Nov 17, 2006

    Ohhh, this is very cool. I like the abstract kind of look. And it's simplicity.
    Nice style you got here, good quality too. Don't have much to complain about this work.

  2. shiningdays Nov 17, 2006

    wooho dgray wall :D

    pretty much cool, seems a little low effort but you did what you wanted to do

  3. Chloe Retired Moderator Nov 17, 2006

    Very cool. I like the simplicity and I love the "bg". Dunno who the woman is though. I only have volume 1 of the manga and we haven't seen her yet in the anime :\

  4. Sinever Nov 17, 2006

    its a cool one
    you have done it well

  5. eternallegend Nov 17, 2006

    i like how the background looks nice and simple and the colours suit well :D i like the concept of your wall and you portrayed it well :) i like all the bits and pieces in your wall and overall nice wall ^^

  6. MadoshiKurefu Retired Moderator Nov 17, 2006

    Cool wallpaper!

  7. Yina Nov 17, 2006

    kyaaa... very naisu composition and idea! XD
    I really like this one! it's quite different form the wallpapers here..
    favie :3

  8. rythem Nov 17, 2006

    ahh very simple but I love the composition and the style used for the bg . a lovely work altogether ~ :3 <3

  9. enchantment Nov 17, 2006

    wow, i love the composition :) i love how you placed everything and everything goes nicely together :D lovely wall~^^

  10. bluSake Retired Moderator Nov 18, 2006

    Simple but stunning. The scan is very dramatic, and the bg really compliments it. :)

  11. saaraneth Nov 19, 2006

    I think the woman behind him is an akuma?

  12. schwindelmagier Nov 19, 2006

    nice, simple wallie of D.Gray-man ^__^
    the little piece of bg behind Allen looks really cool.
    Sorry, I don't know it either. Maybe it is a person (!) that he met before he arrived at the Black order, after all it is the cover of the reverse books that tell the story of the characters if I am right. She really looks like an Akuma but at least a level 2 one, maybe even a level 3.
    well, fav from me

  13. pamkips Nov 19, 2006

    simple but nice
    great job

  14. flyindreams Nov 20, 2006

    You always say you suck at simple design walls, but I don't know man... this looks pretty sweet to me XD Love the colors you picked for the background and it definitely looks wonderfully stylish ^^

  15. CuteSherry Nov 23, 2006

    Simple but very lovely wall of Allen :)
    I'm huge fan of this anime/manga too ^_~
    Keep up the good work!

  16. Scaryanna Nov 23, 2006


  17. pahpot Dec 01, 2006

    That. is a really awesome wallpaper. And it just about large enough to accommodate my screen resolution, too! x33 Thank you!

  18. moon99 Dec 09, 2006

    so awesome wallpaper it is so cool i love the anime are cool ^^

  19. Elves Dec 14, 2006

    This is really nice! :) I like how you took the character out of the scan and made it your own, but still managed to keep the same feeling of the original artwork! Nice.

    I like the white-shadow mirrored image of the character that you've placed on top of the background - it seems like there's a ghost within the background without actually being part of the background. I also like how the character appears to have walked out from behind the background, sort of like he's cut a whole through some plain paper and now the viewer gets to look behind/into it. There is some jagged edge on the top part of the circular part of the background-breakthrough part on the left (right beside/under the yellow talisman-thing). It could be smoothed out a little - other than that this is perfect. I really like the simplicity that looks so complicated. Awesome work! :pacman:

  20. euna Retired Moderator Dec 24, 2006

    I feel bad. I didn't even notice this for 5 weeks u_u
    Yeah, that is really simple, but I like your new style. Never thought I'd see grunge from you. But it looks great. The focus is lovely and I like those swirly things in the bg as well. Looks cool *goes to update antique*

  21. Ryouko Dec 26, 2006

    awesome wallpaper. very nicely done. I love it very much. *downloads and puts as background on desktop* Keep up the fantastic job! Thanks for sharing with us. ^_^

  22. haingis Jan 10, 2007

    realy good, this is the best D.gray-man wallpaper i've seen

  23. ReBeKiCHii Jan 16, 2007

    it looks really cool XD nice work!

  24. Lycan Jan 18, 2007

    I didnt know what this was from, but its really nice.. very cool.

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