Yoriko Ito: a crane

Yoriko Ito
Yoriko Ito Mangaka


A book cover art by Yoriko Ito.


Chosen by Marissa and Revan

Proposed by Marissa and highlighted by Revan.

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  1. loxotronka Nov 16, 2006

    Really interesting art)))

  2. candy-chan Retired Moderator Nov 16, 2006

    lol why does she have a bowl on her head

  3. BlackRoses Nov 16, 2006

    Weird, but in some way beautiful :)

  4. MadoshiKurefu Retired Moderator Nov 16, 2006


  5. DREAM Nov 17, 2006

    absolutely beautiful lady markjo!
    that's not a bowl- lady candy-chan...

    i will wall this in the future; if only for myself.. maybe after i finish my current wall.
    do you have more Yoriko Ito artwork?

    excellent quality scan- 2400 ppi? yowsers. ^^

    + favs

  6. bromithia Retired Moderator Nov 18, 2006

    I love this scan. Thanks for submitting!

  7. Erdbeermilch Nov 18, 2006

    It's just perfect ,one of the most beatiful scans I've seen on Minitokyo so far.

    Gives my this "Wanna-wall-it Feeling" :)

  8. Regenbogen Nov 20, 2006

    I love this scan too. I see it already got some comments of familiar people... ^^ Thanks for submitting! I hope DREAM will really wall the scan in a future. I think the image itself is so perfect already... I wouldn't wanna change anything. So I'm curious what the wall will be like. Thanks again... and if you have more Yoriko Ito artwork... please submit it! ^^

  9. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Nov 26, 2006

    This is absolutely beautiful *.*

  10. Shaka Nov 29, 2006

    very beauty, the flower behaind is gorgeous, thanks for share, ciao. ;)

  11. Eliane21 Dec 07, 2006

    it's a great picture...it's very 'sensitive'

  12. CosmoStar Mar 31, 2008

    It's an emotional piece.
    Transmits a sweet and beautiful feeling of loneliness.
    Thanks for sharing!

  13. hamsterina Jul 19, 2010

    Amazing girl!
    ????? ???????? ????! ??? ??????? ? ?????????? ???? ?????...?????? ????????? ?????????!

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