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There! At last the clock strikes 12 AM....*click*-entering Jigoku Tsushin~

Having learned the shading/drawing techniques & styles from lecturers in my university, I've decided to apply them into my favourite anime [Jigoku Shoujo]. All thanks to them :) .

The features in this doujinshi are among the prominent ones known in this anime, in which I choose to use some of those not yet been well used in this gallery. Besides, its style posed here are 'broken & hidden', that is, not fully shown but still well understood by viewers. Some of the objects are deliberately arranged to project significances in them . As you see, this picture introduces Enma Ai. The background indirectly portrays her characteristics. There are:

upper left: flower = Enma's mystical powers to deport sinners to hell.
lower left: spinning wheel = Used by Enma's grandma (her caretaker relative) in spinning treads
centre above: voodoo straw doll = The item sent by Enma to help avenge her client. Note-The cobweb in ray-like form around the straw doll means the trap Enma's client will have to endure once the red tread is untied.
centre below: lighted candle = By untying the straw doll's red tread comes the compensation of submitting one's soul to hell, which locks his/her destiny in a candle.
around the cobweb: willow tree leaves = Symbolizes loneliness.

The uniqueness I've created would be Enma's partially-shown face, in order to emphasize her eerie red eye(s). This is to re-inforce her uncanniness within the innocentness of a child like Enma Ai. At the same time, the mist around the background signifies the mysterious aura of such Hell Girl [Enma Ai].

The vertically written calligraphy reads [ENMA AI] ('Enma' in Kanji characters while 'Ai' in Hiragana characters), while the horizonly pencil-written words reads Enma's catchphrase "Would you try dying for once?" [ippen, shinde miru?]

Time: 4 hours of planning & sketching; 6 hours in perfecting it (3+3)
Materials used: Art block paper, graphite pure 6b pencil, 2B pencil, tissue (for smudging & shade tones), eraser (for glowing white lines within darkness), Chinese ink and medium-sized Chinese brush (for calligraphy)
Credits: Japan Aniplex's ANI-COM 2005 special autumn issue magazine.

Fot your information, this doujinshi is related to my next one>>>Sakasama no Chou

Comments are welcome! Hope you'll enjoy this! Domo arigato gozaimas!~

~O miserable shadow clad in darkness! Hurting and disdaining people, a karmic soul drowning in sin...Would you try dying for once?~

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  1. plastickleo Nov 15, 2006

    WOW Great Work!
    The back images are great and the Eye are very nive and you have a good Calligraphy ^^

  2. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Nov 16, 2006

    A very well thought out piece kokuyu! I love how everything in your artwork is symbolic. The shading is quite well done so that everything kind of blends together... Your calligraphy is also really good! I wish I could get mine to look that good! XD (Though the "i" character seems a little scrunched at the bottom of the page there... ^_^') Keep up the great work! :D

  3. Toya999 Nov 16, 2006

    ara ara.....great drawing.....so nice.....kawaiiiii.....so evil too...i like it lots....to ma favs definately....great work Kokuyu-kun.......very pretty drawing.

  4. Yu-huang Nov 18, 2006

    Wow! I am amazed at what you learned at your university. Maybe I should transfer to your school and learn how to draw like that.
    Keep up the amazing work.+fav

  5. royaldarkness Nov 20, 2006

    Another great work from you!
    This is really amazing, I'm practically drooling over your work lol XD
    Good job as usual!

  6. enchantressinthedark Nov 23, 2006

    Nyaaaaaa Manda directed me here to your beautiful artwork! *____* SUGOI NEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I didn't know that you're soooooooo talented in drawing! You should be on my watchlist, cause I can keep track of your beautiful works XD The calligraphy writing is awesome! And I love your concept for the background, all the important things in the show ^^ And you drew Enma Ai very well, especially her haunted big eyes ^^ Keep up the good work!

  7. xxcopyright Dec 01, 2006

    ohh, what a lovely drawing XD

    me need to learn how to draw like that O__o (the eyes are always the hardest) >.<

    anyways, wonderful work xD Hope to see more!

  8. Melisandre Mar 15, 2007

    Lovely piece I like the girl's eye, very enigmatic and really well done, great work!

  9. yukiyo Apr 29, 2007

    now why does this remind me of myself? O___O

    i really like this drawing~! i was immediately drawn to her eye

    you have awesome calligraphy too :) :) :) i need to brush up my calligraphy TTOTT

    this goes in the favourites :)

  10. mentis May 11, 2007

    I like this piece quite a bit. It reminds me somewhat of a painting I did a while back (Uyoku). Although the styles are somewhat different, the composition has a similar feel to me.

    I think the face is especially good in this. Your lines are clean and sharp, which lends a strength to her expression. Nice work :D.

  11. beyondmeasure Dec 18, 2007

    Creepishly, superbly done!

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