Aquarian Age Wallpaper: Alone far away

Broccoli, Aquarian Age Wallpaper
Broccoli Studio Aquarian Age Series

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Helloooooo :D
this is my first wallie....& Im not sure if it is good :(
well I used 49 layers..... I dont know where I got the scan -_-
& IS the fire works reflection on the water correct?
so please comment on it & I really appreciate any helps or opinions
see you all soon ;)

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  1. sweetsleep Banned Member Nov 11, 2006

    perfect, i like firework,very nice ,background is beautiful,too
    add fav

  2. muneera Nov 11, 2006

    the fire works are pretty
    well done

  3. jinky Nov 11, 2006

    wonderful though if i make it my wallpaper desktop i think my hurt eyes a bit ^_^' but its really pretty BG the girl i thought she was enma ai from jigoku shoujo ^_^' nice work ;)

  4. shadowVII Nov 11, 2006

    it's awesome!

  5. KyoFan368 Nov 11, 2006

    That is an awsomely amazing wall! The background is so cool! The fireworks are cool, and the girl is very pretty. You did a truely fantastic job! Thanks for sharing! :) :D :pacman:

  6. rubenz Nov 12, 2006

    oh for the first time its good :d the fireworks are great,and maybe u can add some text on it :d

  7. eternallegend Nov 12, 2006

    you made a nice first wall :D the background looks nice and the water looks nicely done :) the fireworks reflections are a bit off since there seems to be green reflections of the green fireworks towards the left of the water however the way you placed the reflections of the others it seems to be in the wrong spot or shouldnt even be there [sorry if i have offended you ^_^'] there doesnt seem to be much of a reflection from the clouds as it seems as though you concentrated on the fireworks reflections [please correct me if i am wrong ^_^'] there seems to be a strange glow on the horizon of the water and the mountains and her hair seems a bit strange at the tips ^_^' the flowers on the bottom left add a nice touch however they seem a bit too pixelled compared to the rest of the wall :sweat: the mountains in the background help add character to your wall however there seems to be a random black line running through one of the mountains near the middle [sorry if i have offended you ^_^'] the sky looks lovely and i like the nice moon :D i like how you placed the little nebula making it seem as though she is doing something magical XD overall nice wall ^^

  8. enchantment Nov 12, 2006

    wow, i love the background :) its really nicely done :D the sky looks lovely and the water looks nice :) i love how you added a little magical swirl thingy at her hand :D nice wall~^^

  9. Loverdollx Nov 12, 2006

    hmmm nice one for your first try... hmm could you teach me how did you work with the fireworks?

  10. annakee Nov 12, 2006

    truly amazing! (even if is your first try) nice background and lovely chara. those fireworks sure are something.
    congrats, neechan. very well done ;)

  11. gabysango2011 Nov 12, 2006

    is it really ur first wallie...it's really nice!
    i like the kimono (i luv kimonos)...and also the water is nice...(i remember my first water...was a totally crap...^_^)
    also...i like the fireworks...and all the things u add here
    u did a great job..
    also...thank u sweetie for adding me to ur WL...i will add u to mine too.^_^
    take care
    his wallie is a fav...of course

  12. chikage-kekinha Nov 12, 2006

    I like the firework! they are so pretty!
    The Miko is really beautiful! I like very much this scan!
    the water is great too. Her magic is very nice!^^
    the moon is pretty ( I love the moon)!^^
    The background is amazing! ;)
    Your first wallie is really beautiful!
    Thaks a lot for sharing!
    And thanks for add me to your WL I'll add you to mine! XD
    :) ~Add Fav~ :)

  13. sakuya-sama Nov 12, 2006

    I love this scan, I have it and I always wanned to do a wallie with it, but seeing your work, I sow a really magic wallie, it's perfect, it's a desire that turn truth ^^
    Thank you so much for sharing, loved everything ~~
    + faves

  14. starrliteangel Nov 12, 2006

    oh wow. thats a REALLY good wall for your first! Everything looks really nice. Just 2 things that might need some work - the papers (dang, forgot what theyre called) hanging from the shrine make it a little obvious that you either didnt extract it out very good, or you overfiltered it. Theres just little extra unextracted parts around the papers. Also, that flower next to the girl looks a bit grainy and blurry at the same time. but otherwise its a very good wall. +fav!

  15. Jason9811 Nov 12, 2006

    Awsome wall for your first I must say! :O This is definitely a fav for me. I really love the background with the fireworks! VERY festive :D. +Fav!


  16. Angi Retired Moderator Nov 12, 2006

    Very nie for being your first wall
    pretty clouds
    and nice colors!
    nice one!

  17. OriginalQueenofAnime Nov 12, 2006

    Wow! This is a very good try for your first wall! :) Love the clouds and the firworks. The character is extracted beautifully (except for the tips of her hair...). Love the colors and the way the wall blends perfectly.

    Very nice wall! +fav from me! ;)

    ~ The 'Original' Queen of Anime ~

  18. semanga Nov 13, 2006

    this is your first wall
    damn it is very good for your first if i remember my first walls -_- better not
    ok i wish u good luck for your next walls
    hope to see more walls from u
    keep it up

  19. iarly Nov 13, 2006

    Are you sure this is your first wallie? It's really good for a first one, really, really good. I think someone said it up there, but I'll say it again: the firework's reflections don't match the actual fireworks... dunno if you planned to do that. The water looks great, it's one of my fave parts. Also, the extraction is not perfect, but I'm sure you'll get better at it after a couple walls XD It happens to all of us. Anyways, very nice for a first one. I hope to see more of your work!

  20. kiokorenay703 Nov 13, 2006

    Oh wow, very interesting for a first wall. I mean my first wall was SOO Sooo sooo, simple! XD lolz, anyways, i like the way this all fits in. I mean the scan is nicely extracted, but as Stareliteangel said, sme parts arent done... so to say... Like yeah, at some points you can really tell you extracted this picture, and its not for the original bg. But in all i love the fireworks! They are so smooth, and look very relistic, and here thats great! I like the scan in all though. It might need some help with a little bit of coloring, i mean just try to make it a little bit more "Purple, or blue" i would think cos its like the bg is very colorful, and shiny. Also maybe... add not as much of the color.. ^^' sorry! but maybe some more saturation? Yeah it looks like its pretty blue-greay right now.... But anyways, i love this wallie its very simple yet not! XD Favs for me, its very artistic for a first wall. Actually i think its artistic, even if it would have been your first wall XD LOL! Thanks for sharing this, and sorry for confusing you so much! :)

  21. Melisandre Nov 14, 2006

    Great work, I like the fire works and the reflection in the water are great. Congratulations +fav :)

  22. Rhonda21 Nov 14, 2006

    wow. that is sure impressive for your first wall! the sky with the fireworks looks great and nice water. And cute scan. Great job!

  23. knightstar3 Nov 16, 2006

    >_< that is soooo good for your fist wallie! congrats! [;
    i really like the concept, how she's like reaching up and it's as if she can touch one of those nebula glowy thingies XD it's really and nice and i must say like everyone else already has :P the fireworks are beautiful. awesome job on them. the one part is that the extraction needs a bit more work, same with myself, i still find it takes lotsa work >_> . but other than that everything is very nice~~ :) i also like the flower on the bottom left. adds a nice touch X]

  24. Milkiyo Nov 17, 2006

    the wall's a tad blur and dusty, you might wanna clean that up ;)
    but the fireworks display is amazing, the reflection is just right and you might wanna adjust the lighting :)
    I just love tah water! :O

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