Mahou Shoujo Ai Wallpaper: inner secrets

Mahou Shoujo Ai, Ai Kagano Wallpaper
Mahou Shoujo Ai Series Ai Kagano Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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hey everyone~~ [;
finally felt like finishing a wallie. so here it is.

a stock from here
it took a while to finish cuz it was just kinda there. u get those feelings when you just dun feel like doing anything :P and then it ends up taking this long to finish it. haha. it was also a bit wierder for me this time, cuz i did the bg before finding the right scan. it just made it harder. =___= still kinda amazed i did something to finish it. XD

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  1. Tama-Neko Nov 09, 2006

    The lighting on the character doesn't match the scenery at all. In fact there is no lighting on the character at all! The scenery shows a very strong light source in the center of the image creating the sharp shadows on the columns, yet the girl is evenly lit throughout. With such a strong light source, you would expect the girl to be almost entirely in shadow with minimal lighting moving across her body from left to right creating a sort of glow effect.
    The same is true for the birds. Also, they look really, really large - the perspective is very strange. The birds in the center are almost as large as the girl yet they appear to be behind the girl, which should actually make them smaller (as they are further away from the viewer). Also, slight color variances in each bird would help make them separate entities instead of a single multi-bird blob. And the glow around them separates them far too much from the background - they just float above the background instead of being integrated.

  2. Sabbathiel Nov 09, 2006

    I like this wallpaper because I think abut it in other way, that Tama-Neko does. I think about this girl and bird as something from fantasy word, something unreal, ghost's, mirage.... Something like that, with this work I have such feeling, that they are very, very far away, even when thay are so near and huge. The background looks really nice. That smuge.... it could be WIND in our imagination ^^ In mine. ^^ And what about light? Tama-Neko has right and doesn't have it at same tiome. All depends of our imagination. I wonder... does this wallie be a realistic work? hmm... I haven't write such long post months :p
    Let me tell you one more time: I like this work, as it is. Have a nice week

  3. ttwen Nov 09, 2006

    hmmm nice work but some shadings need to be done.

  4. Kuro-kun15 Nov 09, 2006

    Oh,I really like this!

    It's so.... Different. I don't know what it is about it that I like, but I do like it. ^_^


  5. Lionhearted911 Nov 10, 2006

    MY GOD...it is beautiful
    i am seroiusly enchanted now! and captivated and mesmerized!
    + fav for sure!

  6. iorimayor Nov 10, 2006

    Well, I'm not an expert in art but I think this is a great one. I would rather a colorful wallie, but even in this, with not so many colours, I think is very good.


  7. enchantment Nov 11, 2006

    wow, i love the colours you used and the background looks really nice :) i love how you composed everything :D nice wall~^^

  8. Tzakey Nov 11, 2006

    I do like it. It reminds me .. of a picture of somesort. Kinda like a painting. And you know what .. i really enjoy the light, the brightness. It's something different and i like it for that :) Good job

  9. shadowVII Nov 11, 2006

    awesome! nice work!

  10. Nickisherenow Nov 11, 2006

    cool. i noticed ur gallery is full of this sort of tenshi work. good work there...ok EDIT: im wrong its not tenshi work, just looked like it from the thumbnail =)

  11. Seiba Nov 12, 2006

    woo o.o good job, I like your wall thanks for sharing!nn

  12. animefairy Nov 12, 2006

    Wpw...that's so pretty! Your style is just so amazing! XD I love the colors and the cool effects. Awesome job, nightstar3! ^^ Keep it up and thank for sharing! ^^

  13. cruciare Nov 12, 2006

    very nice work :)

  14. mewchoochoo Nov 12, 2006

    I liked this wallpaper from the moment I saw it ^^
    Amazing background, I'm still trying to figure out what you did XD
    Anyway, excellent wallpaper, my fav for sure! :)

  15. gabysango2011 Nov 13, 2006

    i luv it..i luv the scan and also the colours u use here are awesome..
    i love everything here!

  16. JKLeganes Nov 13, 2006

    All your walls are amazing, but this one is specially good. Everything fit so well :D Thanks for sharing!

  17. LunarHolic Nov 14, 2006

    I like its colour, it's beatiful one! >_<.

  18. FluffyNeko Nov 14, 2006

    Beautiful colors and textures. Also love the way the light comes in. ^_^-b

  19. lthnadml Nov 15, 2006

    The background is really very beautiful! To some parts it left you with your mouth open . . . i really really like the work you have done. The only strange is the lighting, it seems like it has pass the character without touching her . . . otherwise i think it is an excellent work.
    Thank you so much for sharing it with us! XD XD XD

  20. suri-ka Nov 17, 2006

    i like the light detail, but i think her pose is kind of awkward. anyway, it looks cool to me because she looks transparent...good job!

  21. ayane-heine Nov 18, 2006

    hmm.. not sure about the rest.. but i kinds like this wallie from what i've seen... the BG is great.. That's typical of knightstar3.. You like to make wallie of such texture and i rally like that alot.. About the light part, i think that since strong light is shining from the left.. maybe you can create some shadows or make her abck looks darker.. that'll make the trick.. ^^ I kinda think that the scan and the BG blended very together.. great job on that.. i like it alot.. :D thanx for sharing an awesome piece of work..

  22. angelgurltally Nov 20, 2006

    I love the background! The shadowing seems a bit off though... like the girl should be a bit darker, she looks a little drowned out. I still love it though! ^_^

  23. Lirael Dec 25, 2006

    hey! i really like this wallpaper, but for some reason i cant decide why i like it so much. i think i like how nothing has much color, except for her eyes which stick out with their bright red... i also like the strange light that seems to eminate from everything! thanks so much for sharing this!

  24. cuz Jan 04, 2007

    oh,, good...

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