Lovely Idol Wallpaper: Snow Angel

Aoi Nishimata, Lovely Idol, Yui Arisugawa Wallpaper
Aoi Nishimata Mangaka Lovely Idol Series Yui Arisugawa Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Snow Angel

Dedicated to: Ayasal <3

Wow...a month of this...heh I was doing alot of work mostly on the reaction to the sun and its direction. Perspective is a pain but I hope you enjoy it. Alot of heart went into this because of my angel Sally has given me alot of inspiration in my works and this one is for her. I hope you love it sweetheart :) *Chu*. About 200 layers and alot of patience and almost doing an all night with this. Its finally done. There is alot to see....oh and just for you guys there is just a plain background version here:

Snow Angel: Background Edition

Ill even show you the sunset I was using for the WTC but sadly the file was too big and I didnt want to waste something of a big accomplishment. Here is the sunset background:

Sunset Background

I hope you enjoy the festivities this comming Christmas. There wont be any walls for awhile because I will be working mostly on vectors or Signatures and start fresh. I also hope you enjoy this wall as much as I did making it :)


Spread the happiness of walling:: http://img236.imageshack.us/img236/7414/kobatojo7.gif

1st Place at Feathers of Eternity! OMG Im so amazed that I won XD thank you so much ^^

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  1. entity1660 Nov 08, 2006

    Marvelous work. So realistic, it makes me want to inspire making one of these one day. Fantastic job, indeed! ^^

  2. KyoFan368 Nov 08, 2006

    That is so cool! You did a great job on this wall! I love the background and the way you have incorporated the girl into the background! It makes the picture so much more real! It is a really fantastic job! Thanks for sharing!^_^ :) :D :pacman:

  3. Kyelor Nov 08, 2006

    That perspective is amazing! The lighting looks like you've done a lot with it as well. It's such a nice, warm feeling wall!

  4. pikac Nov 08, 2006

    200 layers, oh my,
    real good work
    i love the background behind the windows
    yur wall is so neat
    the wings are a bit bright
    and i like the colour
    nice technique used
    + fav

  5. BlueAngel17 Nov 08, 2006

    haha. as usual. beautiful!

    i think i'm gonna start being a fan of Jason9811xAyasal works! XD this couple rocks! ^^

  6. enchantment Nov 08, 2006

    wow, i love how you did the class room and made it look really lovely :) i love the feather and the girl matches nicely :D lovely wall~^^

  7. chibi-lizard Nov 08, 2006

    whoa ! the bg is superb ! i was totally speechless when i first saw it. the classroom is very well made. and the lightings ish nice. i especially love the sunset :D great job on that ! i'm totally awed with what you did.

    err .. maybe i have problems with one thing .. very minor stuff though ... the title of this wall ^_^' i can't seem to figure out why it's called 'snow angel' when the theme of this wallie isn't related with winter or snow at all ^_^' ahaha .. but it's just me i think >.< kudos on this !

  8. muneera Nov 08, 2006

    I really dont know what to say...I am speechless...
    its wonderfull....& I love it

  9. EldaLacus92 Nov 08, 2006

    Kyaah! That's wonderful <3, it looks so absolutely realistic, except for the anime character ^_^' but anyways; that looks fantastic...<3

  10. Jason9811 Nov 08, 2006

    Quote by chibi-lizardwhoa ! the bg is superb ! i was totally speechless when i first saw it. the classroom is very well made. and the lightings ish nice. i especially love the sunset :D great job on that ! i'm totally awed with what you did.

    err .. maybe i have problems with one thing .. very minor stuff though ... the title of this wall ^_^' i can't seem to figure out why it's called 'snow angel' when the theme of this wallie isn't related with winter or snow at all ^_^' ahaha .. but it's just me i think >.< kudos on this !

    Lol if you look outside you'll notice ^_^; Thanks Chibi appreciate it ^^.


  11. eternallegend Nov 08, 2006

    wow, amazing, everything looks so nicely done and the girl suits well with the background XD i like how everything is arranged and the colour scheme looks lovely :) the background looks wonderfully done and overall amazing wall ^^

  12. gabysango2011 Nov 09, 2006

    this is just amazing...i lov it...i love the angel...and the bgr is really nic...i just can't understand how can u draw thos awesome bgrs with tables...a perfect perspective and many others things...
    i would like to learn how to do it..^_^
    + fav of course

  13. iorimayor Nov 11, 2006

    Well well, this is really something.
    First of all, I have to say I'm impressed. I really like the way the wallie made me feel, the big classroom, the sunset, the wings...


  14. guaxinin Nov 12, 2006

    WOW...This wallpaper is Beautiful! :D
    :) Good work and very nice wall! ;) ;)
    Thanks and byebye! -_-
    PS: All wallpapers this website is amazing! OX

  15. yems Nov 12, 2006

    looks so peaceful.. comfort to d eye

  16. Toya999 Nov 12, 2006

    wow, lovely wallie.......great and lovely colors.......to ma favs

  17. mewchoochoo Nov 12, 2006

    200 layers....HOLY COW!
    Now, that's *really* lots of patience!
    Well, I guess that's why your wallpaper looks simply beautiful.... I just love this combination of sunset and her wings, looks almost surreal...my fav, of course! :)

  18. mystvearn Nov 12, 2006

    great work. Keeping this

  19. rafaellaGP Nov 12, 2006

    wahh beuatiful!
    cute angels! i love angels! >_<
    relly beautiful wall!
    I loved your concept, colors, background... ^^
    the scan is so pretty! ^^
    gerat wallie!


  20. Kaede-chan Nov 12, 2006

    Aw, cute wall. I love the lighting and the glow of her wings is amazing. I like the setting too :D

  21. Zeuz Nov 12, 2006

    Beautiful work, Love the background setting, must have taken hours for the shading Great work!

  22. himura088 Nov 14, 2006

    Very pretty! THe background is great! THanks lots for the effort! :)

  23. starrliteangel Nov 15, 2006

    hi hii! sorry for the late comment >.< Wow, haha i can imagine how hard it was to do the perspective on this one. But yet again, youve done a great job! and I see that you payed attention to details as usual with the black board eraser and everything (ohhhh, and even the time on the clock matches the scene!)

    hmm just a couple things
    -the girl seems a little too much on the side. I like how shes not centered or anything, but shes the main focus in this wall (im assuming), so maybe if she was moved over to the left a little instead of looking a little left out all the way over there.
    -the snow outside seems a bit irregular. it looks like its falling in little erm.."clumps" of pieces. maybe if it was a little more evenly scattered out, might look a bit more natural. On the waay left side, next to where the window ends on the left, the snow looks okay, but towards the right, closer to the viewer, it just starts to look a bit clumpy.
    -the desk surfaces seem to have just a little too much detail/texture. The girl and most of the wall doesnt have such defined texture (especially the girl), but the desks look like they have too much. if they were a little more blurred and smoother looking, i think it would match the rest of the wall. i do understand that the desks closer to the viewer obviously have more defined texture because they are closer..hm...i dont know how to explain this >.< oh, i dont know if this way works, but like, im not saying the desks should have less detail, just that the detail is a little too sharp. most of the wall has a smoother feel.
    -i think the feather on the desk should be lighter. it looks fine the way it is now too, but the girl's wings are so very bright and white, but the feather is kind of dark. hmm..i dont know if you meant it to be percieved this way, but im getting the feeling that you are trying to make her wings look more surreal and celestial, and the feather on the desk more realistic and something you would see in the real world. >.< but thats what im just guessing. If youre trying to show that feather as a feather from the girl's wings, i suggest making it brighter.

    lol im so sorry...my comments are always so long and it feels like im only criticizing your wallpaper. >.< But i hope you dont get the feeling that i dont like this wallpaper because i really do like it, and i think its gorgeous. out of all the sunset scenes ive seen you do, this one is definitely the best because of the snow and the blurred city in the background. i just really love that view. I wish i could go to that school too. ^-^ hehe. it almost looks like new york city.

    oh, i was looking through your gallery, and I saw that many of your walls are either night-time walls, or sunset walls. Im assuming you like to play around with lighting, because the lighting in all of them are amazing. if you ever get the time, i would love to see a daytime wall by you ^-^ just to try something different, you know, and im sure it will be gorgeous! (there is still lighting in daytime walls too...for example, i think some great scenes you could do with your lighting skills could be ones like sunlight shining through trees in a forest, or a vast landscape with light pouring through breaks in clouds)

  24. foreverforgotten Nov 19, 2006

    Gorgeous work <3

    lol I didnt notice the snow much till I looked out the window, but I guess the sunset sort of makes the falling snow less noticeable ^^; nice, I wish the scenery outside my classrooms was like that... I like how the girl isnt centered, though if she wasn't so much to the side then it might be better.. and she seems a bit far away >.<' if she were larger/closer she'd be more noticeable. The wings are too bright for me, but heck, the classroom is wonderfully done, I wish I could make something as nice as that xD

    Good job ^-^

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