Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny: Athrun - Hypersexy mode

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OMG! I'm finished XDD after 2 days vectoring i'm finally finished!
*happy is* XD
i exhaust.... *yawn* it's midnight here in Germany XD
XD I'll share this vector of Athrun (hypersexy) with my dear Liz (thingperson) it was fun talking to you today XD but now my left shoulder is aching auauau ^^' and i'm tired....

Layers:~ 50
Time: 2 days

'cause my photoshop is annoying i'll update this vector later XD

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I changed the background 'cause it looked stupid XD but i liked the colors so they're the same ^^
i even put a light effect on it
i think it's okay now, ne? ^.~


and for the ones, who already gave comments THX!

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  1. thingperson Nov 07, 2006

    OH MY GOSH he is so so so so sexy there ..oh my gosh..you are so talented in vectors and you are the best for making this vector with the best scan..oh wow no shirt athrun...oh so sexy...your so talented oh my gosh..i love it..hehe oh i know your such a sweet heart...thanks for talking to me to...*hug*.. oh my gosh im still in shock over this vector..wow your so talented..*smiles*.


  2. moonescape Nov 07, 2006

    Wow! I must admit that this vector of Athrun is so smooth. When I see the details they're great and the vectoring you did out of it. I love this picture of Athrun. I mean he looks sooooo SMEXY. I can't believe that'a the first time I typed that word. I sais SMEXY. This is a definiate fav. ;)

  3. PinkPrincessLacus Nov 07, 2006

    Oh this is such a HOT and GREAT Vector! XD I mean OMG its so very well done, the water is so amazing, and oh wow the suit is SO GREAT!. I love it, you did such a great job on this. Your so TALENTED! XD *adds to favs duhh* X-P

    ~* Lacus *~

  4. Kan-chan Nov 08, 2006

    awa it's soo good u did a really good job on vetoring it :) Athrun is soo hot there hehe :D

  5. kaisui1tatsu Nov 08, 2006

    Great work! 50 layers is a whole lot! It looks really good though!

  6. Sebur Nov 08, 2006

    WOW, this is the best vector I've seen.
    I'm gonna start doing vector images so
    I was wondering if you had any tips or if you know a good tutorial?

  7. laurent Nov 08, 2006

    YAY, you finished it ! I knew you'd make it look great, after seing that preview. It turned out really wonderfull. The outlines, the colours, the whole vector, it's all perfect. Hehehe, nice title too. I'm not gonna start saying "ow yeah, OMG, he's hot ..." like in all the previous comments. As a man it's a bit strange to say a thing like that XD so ... :D
    Anyway, awesome vector. One of the best I've seen so far. This goes to my favs of course *clikeys the button* Thanx a lot for sharing ! Ja-na *hugs*


  8. audeaya Nov 08, 2006

    nice work my friend, athrun is so sexy like that XD
    nice vector like always +fav XD

  9. EldaLacus92 Nov 08, 2006

    Kyaah! XD Sakura-chan that looks fantastic <33
    Though I hate to spoil your fun but you need to click Vectory in order to look the rest of my comment ;) *wink, wink* This work is highlighted in Vectory :D

  10. Milkiyo Nov 09, 2006

    *adds to hot gallery* ;)
    the words behind him are a bit distracting though but nice work on the muscles :D

  11. HotaruZala Nov 09, 2006

    *hugs* U totally rock Saku!^^ I love this vector..so gorgeous!^^ I love the title too...hypersexy...oh yeah...that defiantely works^^

    Member of The-Red-Knight
    Member of The-Princess-Of-Orb
    Member of Asucaga-Fanworks

  12. citrus27 Nov 09, 2006

    GODDDDD Athrun! so Sexy..... must fav!

  13. enchantressinthedark Nov 09, 2006

    ZOMFG You vectored this image out! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *fangirl screams* I hope you didn't die vectoring this, not because of the tiring work, but of Athrun's hotness! XD You did a really great job! Athrun half naked ish love <333

    merged: 11-09-2006 ~ 05:42pm
    Highlighted at the AsuCaga group! :D

  14. AyumiNemoto Nov 09, 2006

    OMG! *nosebleeds* since when did Athrun get such a hot pose?! Awesome job! Your a very talented vectorer ^^ Keep the great work, your efforts totally payed off! =D

  15. eternally-asuka Nov 09, 2006

    ok now tell me who wouldn't fave this master piece? XD God, how lucky is Cagalli!

  16. amyamy Nov 09, 2006

    Athrun is a godsend!

    thanks so much! I think I can die in peace now....

  17. UchihaTaijiya Nov 10, 2006

    OMG, Athrun is so hot! This vector rocks! Thank you for sharing..

  18. MapleRose Retired Moderator Nov 10, 2006


    lol, did you have fun vectoring this ;)

    anyway, awesome vector once again! It's so clean, both the outlines and the colouring :) I esp like how you did those water (sweat :D) drops ^___^

    nice work! and congrats on the highlight ^__^

  19. iarly Nov 13, 2006

    Good heaven... I'm so glad no one is here to see my eyes pop out of my head!
    And that way, I can fangirl as much as I want! And drool! And fangirl! And... I better shut up before I say something... ahem... inappropriate...
    Ok, people, three easy steps... download... fave... keep forever! Athrun, you're MEGASEXY! And you're all MINE! XD XD XD
    Thanks for the vector! You have loads of talent... and very good taste ;)

  20. TTTELEVEN Nov 15, 2006

    great one.. is hard to see athrun mood like this.. thanks ya..

  21. LacusClyne06 Nov 16, 2006

    Oh I like that. Yummy :) Adding to favorites.

  22. Rikkablurhound Nov 17, 2006

    Kyaa~ *fangirl screams*
    Thats the sexiest best-vectored Athrun vector I ever see!
    *dances around!
    Lovely! XD

  23. LoveBug Nov 18, 2006

    Wow... that IS sexy... <3 <3

  24. glassheart Nov 19, 2006

    That is an awesome vector! Everything is absolutely perfect in my opinion- the lines, the colours, and the layout! Simply stunning!

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