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Der Jen Mangaka

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Artist Comment

Well, okay! I dunno this artist is called Dazhen, and MT doesnt have it so i uploaded it in other section. You can find these PNG's, and also just scans in Aethereality.net. I used one of there's PNG for this scan, thank you guys it was very greatly extracted, and very clean as well. Anyways, back to the wall. I used a stock for the Bg, made my own clouds, my own sky, and just some stars in the bg. UUUU i love the moon, It was very grey when i got the brush but i changed all the colores, and added some shine to it. The scan has been fliped around, and changed in color as well. It all was in shadow of green, and i made it a lot more blue, so it will fit the bg.
The butterflies, oh i love them. I took them froma set of brushes that Elfe-Noire made, and extracted the rest so there'll be only the butterflies. Then added again all the shine, and the blue colores. I also in the bg, re did some of the parts. There were people on that beach lets say. I took them out, and also added some more blue color to it. The hardesy part i think was to recolor the the gurl. She had some ruf edges, and i had to burn them, and dodge at some points. Anyways, i hope this will do it for now. I've got to study for my Scienve test right now, so ill be gone for a day or little but more. Oh well, please Enjoy, and tell me if there is anything wrong with it kay! Ill try to change it as fast as i come back. And also, the sparkles were a lot of fun working with, they look so blue, and shiny! ^^ i love it so much! :) lolz!

Well, Enjoy!

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  1. starrliteangel Nov 06, 2006

    yay! finally found a feature! hehe

  2. pamkips Nov 07, 2006

    ish preety and very celestial
    nicely done~

  3. pikac Nov 07, 2006

    oh, wow, it's so beautiful,
    the positioning is all so perfect
    i love it
    the girl is preety too
    good work

  4. enchantment Nov 07, 2006

    wow, the background looks really lovely and splendid :) i love the moon and how you made everything blend in nicely :D i love the background with the clouds and i love the butterfly :) lovely wall~^^ +fav

  5. muneera Nov 07, 2006

    I really like the way you made it..
    its awesome....

  6. eternallegend Nov 07, 2006

    everything looks so nicely composed XD i like the nice background with all the clouds, the moon and the sparkles add a nice touch :) i like the butterfly and it helps add character to your wall and the colour scheme looks lovely :D i like how you made her suit the background and overall wonderful wall ^^

  7. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Nov 07, 2006

    Lol it's actually Dezhen.
    It's pretty nicely done. You've done well with the realistic kind of art style Dezhen has :)

  8. Cheza1982 Nov 07, 2006

    Wow, a wonderful wallpaper.
    It's a real piece of art.
    I love the background, the clouds and the moon. Awesome work on it.
    The butterfly is also really nice done.
    Everything is tone in tone. I love that.
    Btw, great choose of colors. Like the blue style very much.

  9. MadoshiKurefu Retired Moderator Nov 07, 2006

    Wow! It's beautiful!

  10. Rhonda21 Nov 07, 2006

    oh how pretty. love the image of the girl first of all and how you did the whole background! The background and the girl go great together! You did an awesome job!

  11. simo Nov 07, 2006

    Very beatifull! It's wonderfull!

  12. EldaLacus92 Nov 07, 2006

    Kyaa~! XD It's so pretty! It's so icy blue, I'm so into icy themed wallpapers/colours now >.<
    Though it's a pity that the scan is little low in quality... or is it on purpose?
    I love the moon, it look so realistic.. actually pretty identical to the one I'm seeing now outside the window (*lol* It's night now :) ). It's so pretty I totally love it <33

  13. Milkiyo Nov 08, 2006

    hoho! *featured at free--wallers* ;)
    something about that butterfly makes this wall felt loved :3 well..the quality of the girl seems a little different but that doesn't change the fact that this wall is gorgeous :D

  14. Kuro-kun15 Nov 08, 2006

    Ooh, very pretty. Fav. ^_^

  15. Milkiyo Nov 09, 2006

    hoho..though the style is normal, the girl is hot :P *puts in hot gallery* and thanks for putting the banner ^_^

  16. kokuyu Nov 09, 2006

    my princess!~

    very fantastically done. quite a monocromatic work.

    i like the mysticalness of that butterfly under the moon

  17. Lionhearted911 Nov 09, 2006

    very pretty, enchanting, yep, it is amazing...great work!

  18. gabysango2011 Nov 09, 2006

    i love this wallie....the girl is really nice...and also the bgr u didi here is pretty..
    this one is really lovely...and i like the expression is her face...
    also the colours are great..
    very nice job...^_^

  19. animefairy Nov 10, 2006

    That is so cool! I love the blue and white colors. The ancient girl looks so beautiful and pretty! XD This is like the best wall I've seen from you! ^^ Keep it up and thanks for sharing! ^^

  20. Oyazi Nov 10, 2006

    blue moon indeed :)

    really nice

  21. guaxinin Nov 12, 2006

    WOW...This wallpaper is Beautiful! :D
    :) Good work and very nice wall! ;) ;)
    Thanks and byebye! -_-
    PS: All wallpapers this website is amazing! OX

  22. Elven-Inccubus Nov 12, 2006

    In a few words:

    EXCELLENT WORK. NICE AND SMOOTH AMBIENT. It makes me feel so confort...

    Congratulations! One of my favorites definitively! May the Valar be with you ^^

  23. larsha Nov 13, 2006

    I love it! So Japanese. Good luck with those to come.

  24. kiokorenay703 Nov 13, 2006

    THanks to everyone! OH WOW, i am so happy that this wall is being enjoyed by so many peopl! :) THank everyone! I really Apprecciat it! ^^

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