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Greetings all, featuring above are my Weapon of Choice: the scythe. I love this weapon and all of the images above are my original work so gock away. Around the whole image or the boarder are the first scythes I ever made all of them are of the divine element, which should be obvious seeing as that they are covered by crosses. In the middle are my more detailed scythe works as in have depth and shading. Took me forever to make any one of them because I only have Paint to work with but I love them all regardless how many times I killed my wrist and suffered from floaters headaches.

I am sure that some of you do recognize some of them like the Chaos Duel-Blade Jester Mage Scythe, Blue Scythe-Winged Butterfly and the Moon Summoners Scythe well that is no accident. They are after all the work I put up in here first in MT as abstract art. You will also see some new ones (which do not include the boarder scythes) the Divine Hand Summoners Scythe, the Divine Scythe Divinity and the Summoners Scythe. Okay here is a little bit of info on all of the images within the larger image itself. Starting from the left corner the weapons will be described in Dark and Light order. Smaller images will be provided as they are shown on the larger image to elevate any confusion.

The original size of the wallpaper was 2800 x 2000 and was 2.98 MB. If you would like the original wallpaper in its original size, I will e-mail it to you. You only need to send me your e-mail address via PM or in my UP or just e-mail me and then I�¢?ll have it well you know how it goes. In its original size it looks awesome. Wooo hooo! Original inspired by the Anime, .Hack//sign Key of the Twilight, my weapon of choice comes up more in that Fan Fiction than anywhere else so if I ever get my novel finished look it up and you�¢?ll see for yourself.

Holy Weapons of Darkness
*The "Dark" aspect of the weapons below mean the wielder can only attack with holy elements most affective about dark or unholy enemies. Blade WILL cut.

Divine Ribbon Chain Scythe Dark:
Location: Upper Left Corner.
About the Weapon: The Divine Ribbon Chain Scythe Dark a.k.a. DRCS_D I loved doing this scythe and it looks just so cool when it is smaller because the small red scythes adorning it actually look like red ribbons.

Divine Scythe Dark:
Location: Inside the DRCS_D.
About the Weapon:The Divine Scythe Dark a.k.a. DS_D This was one of my first scythes and is fairly simple in design but still very attractive and cool looking.

Divine Scythe II Dark:
Location: Right of DRCS_D.
About the Weapon: The Divine Scythe II Dark a.k.a. DS-II_D. This was actually the second version of the first scythe I ever made I only called it �¢?II�¢? because it is more intricate than the one I said was the first one I made.

Divine Pinwheel Scythe Dark:
Location: Under the DRCS_D.
About the Weapon: The Divine Pinwheel Scythe Dark a.k.a. DPwS_D. I loved doing this scythe and as it neared it completion, I found that it would be a very difficulty weapon to wield I do believe you would be cut all up to hell before actually mastering it.

*The Weapon below the DPwS_D is another DPwS_D.
*Under the second DPwS_D is another DRCS_D
*Inside the second DRCS_D is another DS_D
*To the right of the second DRCS_D is another DS-II_D

Holy Weapons of Light
*The "Light" aspects of the weapons below means the weapon in question is only of the healing and resurrecting aspects of the holy magics. Blade WILL NOT cut.

Divine Scythe II Light:
Location: Right of the DS-II_D.
About the Weapon: The Divine Scythe II Light a.k.a. DS-II_L. The actual very first scythe I every made and loved doing it.

[u][u]Divine Ribbon Chain Scythe Light:
Location: Right of the DS-II_L.
[/u]About the Weapon:[/u] The Divine Ribbon Chain Scythe Light a.k.a. DRCS_L. Just like it�¢?s darker version I loved doing this and it looks like it has ribbons on it wooo hooo!

Divine Scythe Light:
Location: Inside the DRCS_L.
About the Weapon: The Divine Scythe Light a.k.a. DS_L. Just like it�¢?s darker version simple but still attractive.

Divine Pinwheel Scythe Light:
Location: Below the DRCS_L.
About the Weapon: The Divine Pinwheel Scythe Light a.k.a. DPwS_L. Just like it�¢?s darker version and the whole cutting yourself to hell but this time it would be a benefit seeing as that the blade heals and dose not cut.

*The Weapon below the DPwS_L is another DPwS_L.
*Under the second DPwS_L is another DRCS_L
*Inside the second DRCS_L is another DS_L
*To the right of the second DRCS_L is another DS-II_L

Intricate Works of Scythe Art:
*These weapons took me forever to do and I lost my hand in the process of doing them all. Tee hee hee just kidding but still hard work pays off when you are doing something that you love.

Chaos Duel-Blade Jester Mage Scythe:
Location: Under the DS-II_D.
About the Weapon: The Chaos Duel-Blade Jester Mage Scythe a.k.a. CD-BJMS. In my long life of creating different scythes and images, I experiment with different add-on image, blade colors and so on and so forth most of these I do not use in my final product. So one day finding nothing to do, I took all of the best looking images I did not use and threw them all together and the end result is my Chaos Scythe. Really cool!

Blue Scythe-Winged Butterfly:
Location: Right of the CD-BJMS.
About the Weapon: The Blue Scythe-Winged Butterfly a.k.a. BS-WB. Actually not a weapon at all but an image I created for my Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex inspired poem �¢?Blood and Butterflies�¢?.

Summoners Scythe:
Location: Under the BS-WB.
About the Weapon: The Summoners Scythe. My second actual shaded and completed work it took me forever.

Divine Scythe Divinity:
Location: Left of the Summoners Scythe.
About the Weapon: The Divine Scythe Divinity a.k.a. DSD. This is one of my most favorite of my scythe collection. I especially like how electric it is and how the blade floats away from the staff.

Moon Summoners Scythe:
Location: Left of the DSD.
About the Weapon: The Moon Summoners Scythe a.k.a. MSS. I really love this one. It took me a while to figure out the color of the blade but gray on gray felt and looked right. The hardest object to place would have to be the red-pink sphere that sits in the moon part, which I think is gorgeous.

Divine Hand Summoners Scythe:
Location: Left of the MSS.
About the Weapon:The Divine Hand Summoners Scythe. This actually comes in a pair but I could not fit its mirror double in the image. I love how the mostly red of the whole scythe makes the blue around it electric. I also love how the blade is fat and cute.

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  1. inuyashalove04 Nov 07, 2006

    Wow...JenosydesWhisperMatrix. This is really good! So much work...and the detail in each drawing is amazing. Very nice work.

  2. mirada Mar 19, 2009

    good work,..it 's so hard to draw, i can't make it, cry cry

  3. OctaDiamond Dec 08, 2010

    talk about making a good effort.. amazing.. thanks indeed for sharing!

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