Ouran High School Host Club Wallpaper: .::Welcome to Ouran!::.

Hatori Bisco, BONES, Ouran High School Host Club, Takashi Morinozuka, Mitsukuni Haninozuka Wallpaper

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

hihi you guys!
its been a while since I last submitted a wallpaper! *cheers*
This is a Collaboration wall with boyfriend Jason :)
CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! MAUAHAHA! IF you dont then i will haunt all who don't in their sleep buwahaha! okay... enough of that XXD

anyways! this collaboration has been ongoing for quite sometime now... I donno... 4 months?(seriously) XD LOL thats pretty sad XD since the file he gave me was so big XD I had a hard time opening it (took about 10-15 mins to open) and then when it finnally opens, my computer freezes LOL XP so... yea.... today I got lucky that I got to open and not freeze XXXXD

CLICK HERE FOR HIS COMMENTS! ----> http://www.animepaper.net/gallery/wallpapers/latest/item42977/

OKAY! Jason did the lovely background XD hes so good ;__; Baaaa
and I did vectored the scan(VERTORING THE SCAN TOOK FOREVER! >_>) took me 2 days anyways :P thats forever for me XXD LOL . Added the roses and edited the sky and added some some extra prettyful effects on it XD and blahh blahh yea XXD
okay enough of my blahhing so ill shut up now XP
I hope you guys like it! we worked really hard on it U.U
so... if you say it sucks... ill remember all the hard times I had with this...(nearly dieing) LOL
ill tell you that you suck XXXD and now everyones happy XXD LOL yay! :) :D :D ;)

JOIN OUR GROUP: http://i76.photobucket.com/albums/j40/Rikkablurhound/FW-banX.jpg


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  1. aqiaqua Nov 05, 2006

    Oh wow, that's amazing! The background and the vector..wow...all I can say is wow... So clean and lovely, and amazng detail! Fave from me and my new desktop bacgrkound! And no you don't suck :P.

  2. Milkiyo Nov 05, 2006

    Haha :D
    I might have a feeling you're gonna say that I partially suck cos the roses seem rather distracting..I see that you want to put the view from a rose bush or something but it's still distracting :P
    Other than that; I just love it :3 lol..I like the sky and your vector's pretty good :)

  3. rollingmreg Nov 05, 2006

    It is well-done wall paper.

  4. MadoshiKurefu Retired Moderator Nov 05, 2006

    Wow! Amazing! I'm speechless! Beautiful!

  5. shiwei Nov 05, 2006

    very nice wallpaper...
    the bg is great, i like the sky very much.. good vectoring too.. ^^
    kepp it up, +fav

  6. enchantressinthedark Nov 05, 2006

    Jason and you do make a good team! One an awesome background designer, another an awesome vectorer, the result is magnificent! :D This is by far, the best Ouran wallpaper I've seen so far ^^ Keep up the good work you two! ^____^

  7. akazookin Nov 05, 2006

    wow~! love the sky! :D :D

    wahaha everything's so clean!
    ganbate! :)

  8. Rella Nov 05, 2006

    Wow, it looks awesome~! You guys are a very good team. I love it. The background and the scan matches wonderfully and both are done well. Good work!

  9. yukispicygals Nov 05, 2006

    very cute wp

  10. sakuya-sama Nov 05, 2006

    I really loved this wallie, the bg is really beautiful
    and the scan is very nice with the bg ^^

  11. Chloe Retired Moderator Nov 05, 2006

    Yay for Ouran! I flippin' love this series!
    Really well done, I love the bg =D Keep up the great work! (Both you and Jason ;))

  12. anjo Nov 05, 2006

    it's so good! adding to my favories! i love ouran! the manga and the anime! nice work! keep it up! XD

  13. ardi Nov 05, 2006

    FUll Team! I like It...

  14. Lady-Lotus Nov 05, 2006

    OMG! this is just so adorable! I like the roses and the sky background. it looks really good. what a nice collab. great team work!

  15. N9e1 Nov 06, 2006

    WOW amazing! Well done! I love the beautiful details you put into this Ouran wallie~~~ :D

  16. Jason9811 Nov 06, 2006

    Wow it didnt notify me that you submitted this! Lol you did your part sweetheart and you did wonderful :) Thank you for supporting me too ^_^; you really didnt have to put all thoes links to my webpages ^_^;. I am so proud of you though...and Im sorry I gave you such a big file XD I didnt think at the time and thats my fault for being such an idiot T.T. You're really great and I couldnt of done this wonderful wall without you Sally *chu*. I really had fun doing it with you :).

    I Love you and good work again sweetheart :)

  17. IzumiChan Nov 06, 2006

    I'm curious about how boys can be interested in Ouran, this is not the first case I hear... ^_^'
    Anyway, you two did a pretty good job. I wish the colors were a bit less contrasting tough... *my eyes~ >.<*
    Tamaki-sempai's expressions yells ''pervert''... beware, Haruhi! XD
    Great work! :D

  18. enchantment Nov 06, 2006

    i love the background with its fluffy clouds :) the vectoring is really nicely done and overall, really lovely wall~^^

  19. Hotaru89 Nov 06, 2006

    Wow... Indeed a great wallz
    Impressive Tee he he~!

  20. eternallegend Nov 06, 2006

    wow, everything is done so nicely XD the vectoring is wonderfully done and the background looks lovely :D i like the nice blue clouds in the background and the roses on the sides add a nice touch :) you made a wonderful wall ^^

  21. Animezealot5140 Restricted Member Nov 06, 2006

    Whoa! :D
    Itz so awesome..........
    luv it a LOT! Tha bg is gReaT! :)
    OuRaN hiGh sChoOL hOsT cLuB is dA bEsT! XD
    +fav. aRigAtoU gOzaimAsU!
    hOpe 2c mOre aMazInG Ouran wallies........

  22. aneres Nov 06, 2006

    It's a very nice wallie XD With a lot of effort but well worth it. Host Club is crack love! XD

  23. AngelKate Nov 06, 2006

    *passes out* *gets water splashed on face* *wakes up again*

    Whoa...what happened...oh yeah. I passed out from the amount of awesome radiating from this wall. I'm dead serious. The background is just....wow. That must have taken Jason forever to do. But the time really paid off. Everything just looks perfect. The perspective, shadows, details, lines, vector work...everything. Your vectoring on the scan is just awesome too. Everything is smooth and clean and sharp. I especially love the eyes! Wonderful job to both of you!

    Faves x 10,000 O_O

  24. xSiLeNtAnGeLx Nov 07, 2006

    wo0ow beautiful wallie! the lines are so clean ^^ great job well wrth the time indeed! ^^ and the background is amazing cookies for both of u! hehe *fav*

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