Magna Carta: Phantom of Avalanche Wallpaper: Breaking Free

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Breaking free from the hurt and pain, from what others say, unsure insecurities and uncertainty.
Breaking free from the past. And looking forward for the future. It isn't the end.

This concludes my Breaking Free Collection of seven wallpapers all devoted to the concept of love. And I believe that seven works aren't enough to sum up love.

There were many lessons, things I have learned towards the experience and all of it was good. It was a roller coaster ride if you'd ask me. Aside from making 7 wallpapers [and a couple others] trying to jampack them in 2 weeks [which is my sembreak, and rather ambitious I thought..], what was most memorable were the stories behind each wallpaper. Some were shared for all to see, while others, have been left unspoken, and sometimes, its best left that way. I have received a lot of feedback from different people. Some favorable, some not. And all in all, it really was a growing process in me. During this "experience" as I'd fondly call it, I decided to widen my horizons a bit. I tried doing minimalistic works, abstract and all that. I also tried for the first time to do airbrushing and speed painting which all came out well in my point of view. But most importantly I guess, are some of the people I've met during my stay here in this community [whichever it may be]. I learned. I did. And I think in more than one way or another, I grew up too.

What really inspired me in doing this final piece is this song. I don't want to spoil unto you what it is, but the moment I heard it on the radio, I pretty much was inspired to do something so raw and honest. But at the sametime, I didn't want this work to be specifically sad though, which is where I got the title from Disney's HighSchool Musical. Part of that show was the overlly cheesy song Breaking Free. Just what I needed to balance out the sadness. Breaking Free was a very optimistic song. The glimpse of hope that this specific work needed. On a side trivia, Breaking Free was remaked by Ms. Nikki Gil during the asian version. ^^ Ms. Nikki Gil goes to the same church I go too... lolz. XD

Anyway, this is my passion, and will always be I guess. Making wallpapers for me was my own definition of expression and at the same time, discovery. I think much like authors who use books or poems to write their own biography, I for myself, choose to paint them. And each one means something to me, whether other people like it, or not. Love them, or hate them, I'm not really interested in that. :p All I am interested in is making what I like and doing the best I can in each thing I would do. As I remember a friend of mine would say, "It's not about perfect. It's about living your life, and doing the best that you can." And she very much made a clear point. Nothing's perfect, but the beauty behind imperfections is being able to live with them and not being discouraged by them lolz. I guess this really has nothing to do with the wallpaper anymore, but then again, I believe that without these influences, things that I would be doing today would be very different. Which is why I regard the people who supported me important. Because without their blessing, things wouldn't be the same.

^^click to see the entirety.^^

In summary, I present my newest collection. My newest folio, Breaking Free.

Breaking Free Portfolio (several are available here in MiniTokyo)


Bonus Track

I'm not expecting this specific wallpaper to come to par with whatever expectations you may have. That's nowhere near my goals. Eitherway, thank you for either downloading, commenting or even faving. :) That I appreciate much.

It's almost like a goodbye wallpaper lolz, when apprently it might be. But I don't believe in goodbyes. :) I rather like the term, "see you later". This concludes my Breaking Free collection. And until the next one, I'd being doing other priorities and inspiration for any future stuff to come xD. Whenever it may be, I guess.

Every song ends. Its no reason not to enjoy it.

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  1. Milkiyo Nov 03, 2006

    whoa..this is one sexy wall :P
    I've seen another wall with the same scan but that was like stoned :X
    nice concept! I like how you mixed the waters and the bubbles are a neat feat ;)
    well...I think you've improved quite a bit even though u said it might not be up to par lol :3

  2. hren Nov 03, 2006

    Very interesting colour score

  3. jasaiyajin Mute Member Nov 03, 2006

    a very interesting concept off the original.. humm.. omoshiroii desu nee... ^__^

  4. pikac Nov 05, 2006

    amazing wall
    wow, you're a talented artists
    about your wall,
    oh i love all the effects
    the rays are good too, adds perfect touches
    the positioning is good too,
    and nice blending
    it all looks realistic
    + fav

  5. semanga Nov 07, 2006

    i made for a long long time also a wall from this scan
    but yours looking awesome one of the best walls from this scan really my fav
    keep it up i love it and put it to my fav

  6. Iga Nov 16, 2006

    I'm really moved, by this wallpaper, or rather a piece of art and your words. You are very talented (but I guess you already know that ^__^). When I heard that song for the first time (also in a radio) I loved it. I think that is suit your wall.

    Thank you for sharing your great pasion and talent with us.

    I hope it's gone be highlighted or gets to elite gallery 'cuz it deffinitly deserves it.

  7. Toya999 Nov 30, 2006

    great wallpaper...under the sea eh....great, i love the oceans......definately to ma favs.....great wallie, i love the texture, effects, everything....

  8. calgacos Jun 10, 2009

    Really nice use of a ripple effect here. Intense and yet without loosing the definition of the image.

  9. thuyxinhdep Dec 03, 2009

    Very very beautiful! Well done!

  10. KuraKaze Apr 05, 2010

    OMIGOSH its so beautiful... wonderful work. I am speechless at its beauty.

  11. borisaladin Aug 08, 2010

    thx for sharing

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