Mushishi Wallpaper: Mushishi: Mata Itsuka

Yuki Urushibara, Artland, Mushishi, Ginko Wallpaper
Yuki Urushibara Mangaka Artland Studio Mushishi Series Ginko Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

The Mushishi walling project continues.
This wall started with a simple trace of the ending illustration to Mushishi 26. With the calligraphic brush style I thought I'd make a wall similar to Oyako. Then I thought I'd do some coloring in Painter. Then it became an entirely watercolored image of Ginko. Then I added the canvas texture, one I used to use extensively in my Kino walls. Then I tried to paint a background, but it failed miserably, so I went back and dug out some vectored grass (from the Okama wall Hunter in the Grass and blended a few stocks to give some depth (but no detail) to the background.
The text was the original text on the image, Mata Itsuka, which translates to We'll Meet Again (Someday).
I WOULD have submitted this to Paintorama (I was already 80% done when Candy announced it) but by the time I was 85% done she ALSO said that a wall of Ginko alone didn't count. Well BOO-URNS you, Candy. BOO-URNS!

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  1. candy-chan Retired Moderator Nov 02, 2006

    Who cares if this wall doesn't count for the contest, it's HOT
    I adore the simplistic, soothing, desaturated, clean look of the watercolour style it has. And still manages to fit with the sharp edges. Maybe it could have looked even hotter with a very subtle china-ink applied-on-paper effect on the vectored lines, but it still looks rilley damn nice.

  2. shiningdays Nov 02, 2006

    @ what candy said: that was what i was trying to say at AP, though i failed miserably.

  3. euna Retired Moderator Nov 02, 2006

    This is great. I love the simplistic style and the brush-style vectors. It's looks great on the textured paper. =D It's lovely.

  4. kyokujitsu Nov 02, 2006

    Haha, I love it ^_^ It really does give off a Ginko-ish atmosphere ^_^ Everything is just perfect. Thanks for sharing ^_^

    *Adds to Favourites*

  5. candy-chan Retired Moderator Nov 02, 2006

    I just realised your "tsu" hiragana really looks like a "he"
    maybe you'd want to tweak it a little

  6. Chloe Retired Moderator Nov 02, 2006

    Love the canvas texture and the simplicity of it. It's very Ginko-like =D

  7. chubbykitty Nov 03, 2006

    Oh wow! Awesome Tama! I love the simplicity/colors/textures...EVERYTHING! Great work!

  8. Milkiyo Nov 03, 2006

    looks like pure chinese painting, just love the feel of it!
    maybe more different shades of the colours to show where the lighting is? I can feel the hot sun right above him :P
    lol..at least your wall is not totally wasted, it is loved :3

  9. Zefie Nov 05, 2006

    really simple looking concept but it's still fascinating and neat. pattern of the wally really makes it look like chinese painting just like Milkiyo said. quite gray-ish colouring gives old feeling for it which makes it bit fragile. but then again it emphasize the feeling of the chinese painting. overall simple but effective, everything works together really well which gives balanced look. great work and thank you for sharing !

  10. o97o8l Nov 05, 2006

    Great work!I like this Wallpaper

  11. markjo Nov 12, 2006

    The colours remins me of a watercolour painting I used to have quite a long time ago.
    Great as usual.

  12. Elves Nov 15, 2006

    Awe, what would I do without you for my Mushishi fix? ;)

    I like the simplicity of just "ink" outlines, and the shading is great. I, personally, would have liked to have seen some subtle shades of color (more than what's there now - I had to really concentrate to see a difference between Ginko's skin tone and the box's color). Also, with the "ink" outlines the canvas texture really lends itself to making the wall an ink drawing. The idea is great. Keep it up!

  13. calystarr Nov 19, 2006

    Lurve this lots! Well done :)

  14. animefairy Nov 24, 2006

    Whoa! I love it! the graphics and everything looks so cool!

  15. paintmearainbow Dec 01, 2006

    Mushishi LOVE^^
    I really love that the whole image seems to be on textured paper, it's really beautiful! Simple yet so appealing :D The outlines are really wonderful, they seem just like ink drawing on paper.
    Great job as usual :)

  16. renaye Feb 06, 2007

    a very beatiful piece of art.

  17. WWLAOS Jun 07, 2007

    I love the canvas texture. It's a texture I see a lot, but /wow/ does it look good here. The color scheme is very subdued and natural, and that grass looks awesome. Amazing wallpaper you've got here.

  18. AniFre101 Jan 29, 2009

    Wow, nicely done.

    Great job. :)

  19. sumore Nov 10, 2009

    I love this. It's so simple and bold

  20. Devilcryx Dec 30, 2009

    Awesome! Ginko pwns! *----*

    merged: 12-30-2009 ~ 07:24pm
    Awesome! Ginko pwns! *----*

  21. avenger667 Jan 02, 2010

    Nice picture!
    Thanks for sharing

  22. Anna-UK Jan 20, 2010

    Gin <3! So simple but so cute ^^ I Like!


  23. Naty Mar 03, 2010

    The simpler the better.
    Love the brush!

  24. LainAlphard May 14, 2010

    Yes, it's simple but really beautiful. Gives a nice atmosphere.
    Thank you for sharing~

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