Fruits Basket: Yuki x Tohru - Halloween

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Also can be seen here at my account on deviantART.

One day late, oh well. It would've been worse if I hadn't stayed up until midnight yesterday coloring what I could. I was so worried I'd get caught, I had to skim over a lot of details & stuff. I even had to cut Kyo the kitty out of the pic! He looked so cute too... *sniff*

I even brought this to school to try & work on since one computer in class has PS3, which I hAtE; people kept looking over my shoulder & I started feeling self-conscious.

Anyway, happy late Halloween to all! It's been so long since I've drawn any Yukiru stuff...so here it is! For once, I don't think it came out worse then the original sketch. I don't know who I feel worse for though; me & my PMSing & lack of sleep or Yuki for having to suffer for my lack of color coordination ^^; Originally, I had tried to do Yuki in Takaya's style, but it's just so hard! It didn't work out, so I wound up drawing him like this. He looked happier before I redid the lineart though...

I think Tohru came out cutely though! Doing their hair was the funest part! Adding all the zippers & straps on Yuki was fun too! I'm aware that Kyo probably would've been better suited for a Halloween pic, but never in my life would I be caught dead doing a Kyoru pic unless it was a request for a friend. So ha ha on you.

I'm also aware that the anatomy sucks ass & that I forgot to draw Yuki's other hand, but I'm fed up & I'm not redoing it. You can critique on anything, just not their anatomy. Or the background. I hate it because I copied it off of this wallie I made because I couldn't thik of anything better.

Originally, Tohru had her hair down & I was going for a gothic lolita sort of thing, but when I stopped & looked at it when I finished, I thought "zomg, $h3 100k$ 1ik3 @ $1ut!111eleventy!" so I settled with this. I'm very happy with how Yuki looks, especially his wings : D *pokes*

Okay, I think that's everything. Please spare me the rotting cabbage & tomatoes that are bound to fly at me. *flees in terror*

Remember: Comments = 5 pounds of Halloween candy, Yuki + Tohru = Life

Oh, & if you're reading this Julia, ignore my rant & proceed to flatter me. ;)

Sketched, scanned, 5 hours on PS3 & 7
Fruits Basket (c) Natsuki Takaya
Fanart (c) Black-Meteora/The-Eve-Of-Witches 2006

Please DO NOT alter, edit, trace, claim, or redistribute this image without my permission

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  1. skye Nov 02, 2006

    its a cute pic. i love the pumkins. yah yuki looks a lot happier on the close view. their costumes look really good too and you did a great job with colouring :)

  2. KyoFan368 Nov 02, 2006

    That is a really cute picture! You did a really nice job. The costums are cute too! Thanks for sharing! :) :D :pacman:

  3. IzumiChan Nov 05, 2006

    Oh, Tohru would never be a witch... she'd cry only when thinking about what they do~ XD
    But yeah, she looks cute on that outfit. :)
    And Yuki is a demon? In this case, Kyo would fit better the role... XD
    Cute pumpkins! :D
    And great work! :)

  4. RikuRox Nov 05, 2006

    Aww, this is SO cute! I'm glad to see there r still some Yuki/Tohru shippers out there, even though it's starting to fade from me, too :'( N e way, I LOVE Tohru's dress! It's soo kool, I wish I had it, hehe. And Yuki looks adorable ^.^ Great job! :D

  5. UchihaTaijiya Nov 15, 2006

    this is adorable!
    you did an incredible job!
    ^.^ :favs:
    Thanks for sharing

  6. DarkPriestessKikyo06 Oct 07, 2007

    This is such a cute artwork! It captures the spirit of the season and the spirit of "Fruits Basket" itself. Thank you so very much for sharing it! :) :)

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