Shingetsutan Tsukihime Wallpaper: The Grunge:: Save Me

TYPE-MOON, Shingetsutan Tsukihime, Arcueid Brunestud Wallpaper
TYPE-MOON Studio Shingetsutan Tsukihime Series,Visual Novel Arcueid Brunestud Character

1152x864 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Imagine yourself with a flashlight wandering around the alleys at night when your flashlight suddenly stops at a sight like this. What would you do? **Full view if you can't see well*

Copied and pasted from AP:
Halloween is nearing.. and I feel I should make one to celebrate it. Unfortunately, we don't celebrate it here, and I dunno if Halloween has a deeper meaning or something. I've noticed many cute wallpapers.. but I wanted something more serious.

Here in our country, we celebrate All Souls Day instead, on November 1, to commemorate the dead. So much in spiritual beings and ghosts, this wallpaper symbolizes more of our beliefs instead of Halloween. So gomen. Its kinda like rudely made.. kinda messy too.. =_=

Info on the wall:

The wall came from this stock photo: http://www.sxc.hu/photo/532510 and the scan is from Scary Arcueid by BlueAngel17 - my own upload. ^^

The title: well, it's kinda ironic. 'The Grunge'.. because it was kinda like 'The Grudge' with grunge art. XD If you watched this series, you would think Arcueid wants to be saved. If you did not, you would think she killed someone who wrote that message on the wall.

Brushes from DA, HG, and.. wherever I picked it.. >.<

This will be my entry for the CW contest, that is, if they accept it.. >.< it's still our beliefs of Halloween. >.<

More resolutions at painted-feathers. Yes, it's up. You can also download rebirth. there. Thanks for the support on it. ^^

And my group parade...









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  1. Chloe Retired Moderator Oct 27, 2006

    I'd run as fast as I could in the other direction OX That is one scary face.
    Cool bg and I love the rusty colors. Great job!

  2. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Oct 27, 2006

    What would I do? I'd give Arc a BIIIIIIIIG hug <3 Arc FTW!

    But seriously, I'd probably be freaked out by the 'demented' Arc, but still, she's still Arc and that doesn't change anything. Now, let's get down to business. First off, I really like the title. Very fitting (even though the first movie is suppose to be so bad it's funny, at least from what I've heard). The background? Well, it most certainly is very grungish, that's a fact XD. Greatly reminds me of Daybreak's work when he was first starting out grunging (which isn't a bad thing, I really liked his early work) and as for the text..well I absolutely love it. The whole wallpaper as a whole is a great accomplishment that you should be proud of, no matter what anyone says.

    It's a favorite for me. Absolutely amazing =D

  3. asinine Oct 27, 2006

    LOl actually the wall looks pretty weird then scary at thumbnail form XD... lol it kind da spook me at full view XD
    Hehe anyway what i really like about the wall is the background XD dont ask me why ... it sort of appeal to me...

    Imagine yourself with a flashlight wandering around the alleys at night when your flashlight suddenly stops at a sight like this. What would you do? **Full view if you can't see well*
    Thfor the reminder now i cant sleep properly....

  4. twilightofrose Oct 27, 2006

    I got freaked out when I saw it on full view. Thank God it's morning now, I would have had a horrible nightmare! Gotta love it!

  5. schwindelmagier Oct 27, 2006

    wahaaaaaaaa ^_^
    creepy...nice work, BlueAngel-san
    the position of the chara is very well done, half in the darkness...
    I am sure, I do not want to meet her in the night ^o^

  6. eternallegend Oct 27, 2006

    wow, i like the grudge like background and how your wall seems to radiate a creepy and mysterious atmosphere XD the colours help enhance the creepyness and especially the eyes, they help portray your theme well :D its really interesting especially with the save me words written on the wall looking as though it was blood XD nice wall ^^

  7. MadoshiKurefu Retired Moderator Oct 27, 2006

    I love this! It looks so cool! And I love her eyes and the background and the atmosphere! It's a wonderful wallpaper!

  8. nolove Oct 27, 2006

    arhhh ms Arcueid XD
    long time no see a nice Tsukihime wall in MT :)
    great in the grungy work ^_^ yup me love wall with grunge and...well...not too special and it can be called simple and nice
    well then, i dont really like the vampire form of Arcueid, but yup nice work here ^_^
    keep it up :D

  9. gabysango2011 Oct 28, 2006

    i like it...it's just amazing..and she's really scary...^_^..
    the bgr is nice
    i really like it...

  10. FyeDX Oct 28, 2006

    Hehe, nice Halloween wall. You keep getting better and better walls ^^

  11. Rhonda21 Oct 28, 2006

    oh grungy. How very scary cool. I like it. And well I would think anything scary would go with Halloween. XD On tv they keep showing a bunch of scary movies. Anyways, really freaky wall! Great work.

  12. starrliteangel Oct 28, 2006

    WAAA! I HATE scary movies, and I HATE the grudge. *cries* lol but your wall is really good...even though it scared me half to death to look at it. T-T yea um...well first, i would NEVER walk though an alley. second of all, even if I was walking thru an alley, I would SO not go with a flashlight only. haha, and third of all, if I did see that.......well, lets just say you could probably find me in the obiturary section of the newspaper. Hahah, but its still a great wall! I do like the overall composition and idea - the wall itself is kind of plain tho. maybe if the wall had other faded graffitti or something in another color, it would add some color and detail. Or some water stain marks, or moss/mold, or even little pipes.

  13. Rella Oct 28, 2006

    Ooh, Warcueid! Awesome choice of character to use for a Halloween contest. She really matches your very dark background giving off a very spooky feeling. Oh and I love the font you used on the wall. lol, "save me", I will never forget that scene in the anime and game. Very very creepy. Excellent job, I wish you the best of luck on the Halloween contest! =D

  14. alterlier Oct 28, 2006

    creepy wall....jaja that's a weird....really spooky.....REALLY spooky wall.....actually attracts the eye in every way....so I'm sure a lot of people is not missing this....great idea of put the character almost in the edge of one side...and making it more darker, the grunge effect looks pretty cool but well like starr said is in some sort way kind of plain but that's maybe due the fact that the scan is in a position almost impossible to change.....in the top of that the quality in the scan is like another issue here....but is halloween so that's not important cuz in this time whatever you do is whatever you think....so great work blue, a freaking cool wallpaper for sure.

  15. HaWaIIofHoaI Oct 28, 2006

    BWA! hahahaha. i imagine her and myself doing that. BWA! XD

  16. aqiaqua Oct 28, 2006

    This is so spooky, I like it! GO VAMPIRES! XD Lol don't mind me. The grunge was placed well, and the light source actually looks like it's coming out of a flashlight. You did a good job on that. And her spooky glowing eyes...BRILLIANT! Lovin' this wallpaper, although I hope it doesn't give me nightmares! Fave from me ^_~. Only wish this was bigger so it'd fit on my desktop!

    merged: 10-29-2006 ~ 01:14am
    XD never mind found one at your site.

  17. Zoamel Oct 29, 2006

    Great grunge work! I love her expression :D
    She is really looking like a monster but she wasn't that violent if I imagine the anime right. I like the way the eyes are shining out of the dark *shiver* ;)

  18. Firemace Oct 30, 2006

    >.< I don't want to. No way. Warcueid ! You made it ! XD And it's perfectly in the shadows too ! :) So proud of the work for you.

    *Observes more*

    Good God ! You implement grains and noise for it. Nice touch with those for the Streetlit effect i commonly term them... XD X-P Dark and insidious i mean.

    Ironic. Are you trying to make us have Deja`vu for not saying the words "Grudge" with "Grunge" ? `cause your grudge...grunge work is impressive. O.o ( I swear i don't want to say that! )Faintly details yet blurry enough to add in the moonlit shadowed effect for the lights to Create an overwhelming Disturbed atmosphere.

    Alright. I believe i still own you your improvements XD However, that's for the raps now. Go Warcueid ! XD *Gasp* haherr..... *Turns Vampire*

    Nice Job.Er.. i mean Work. XD *Thumbs up*

    Improvements: You sure can use a hand in making the "Save me " alittle more bloody, prominent and fresh. Woops...i think i spill alittle too much. XD Love your works anyway. Keep them coming ! *Beckons like a madman* XD X-P

  19. pikac Oct 30, 2006

    my my, now this is something...
    great work,
    you are very talented waller,
    i think i'll add you to my watchlist

  20. Rikkablurhound Nov 02, 2006

    Wat Ill do? hmm... >_<
    Il probably stared then run then start screaming in excitement... XP
    Its an interesting wall overall...
    The grunge brushes are nicely used & the scan merges well into it... ^^
    Its really nice... XD
    But its a lil messy to me... >_<
    But Its still pretty XD

  21. animefairy Nov 10, 2006

    Whoa....that looks scary! T_T I love the grunge effects...they're so cool! ^^ I better run away before that girl kills me! Thanks for sharing.... *runs away*

  22. hofodomo01 Nov 19, 2006

    whoa...it's dark and creepy....the atmosphere is pretty much flawless. to tell you the truth, this wall is cute...in a very "different" way lol

  23. faiz138 Dec 20, 2006

    i don't know how i miss this wallie, this a masterpeice art. it's kinda scary but is a good work, i like the way you make the light effect.
    +Fav ... keep up and thank you for sharing

  24. Sakura-Dust Aug 03, 2007

    So creepy, love at first sight <3
    Another unique idea! I love the scan! I think I'll use it too.
    That's when I'll get a nice idea for the background...
    Anyways, it's a great wallpaper, well done!

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