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Artist Comment

Yeah, my wallpaper became the monthly team fav of October of the HnS-group "Roses of melancholy"...I am so happy ^_^

*FuLl ViEw PlEaSe*

Yuhu, finally a new wallpaper from me. This time: D. Gray-man.
Aaaah~~~ I love D. Gray-man...I love Allen Walker (but not as much as Fai :D).
After trying to overcome my creativeless situation (well, this wallie doesn't ooze of brand-new ideas but I like it though ^_^') and try to find a beautiful scan for my new wallie....this is the result...tadaa.
At the beginning, the bg should look totally different than it turned out in the end. I have no idea why my wallies often turn out different than I thought...well, but it is good this way ^_^.
I love the dawn-sky, so beautiful *_* especially my self-made moon (a little bit creepy).
The title "Cursed towN" is an allusion to Allen's state...poor guy. Because his left eye is cursed, he sees his world in a different way...more like the hell. It is helpful but no blessing though. The stars that decorate the title are also an allusion to "cursed". Those who know D. Gray-man will know what I mean.
I hope that everyone notices the magic circles and the chains that surround the town. ^_^' The tree in front of the scan is selfmade; many, many leaves to add O.o.
I do not know why this town seems to me like a town of Kingdom Hearts. I know that such a town does not excist in this game but it appeals so magical. ^_^
Well, I hope that at least some people like this wallie. It is not my best but also not my worsest one. (anyway, I think so)

---now, my beloved groups---






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  1. Morphee Oct 27, 2006

    ooooooh! d gray-man! i love it!
    cool wallpaper :) i like the roman numbers idea ;)
    great job!

  2. enchantment Oct 27, 2006

    wow, the wall looks so nice :) i love how everything comes together nicely and everything just fits in your wall :D i love the sky and overall, nice wall~^^

  3. annakee Oct 27, 2006

    cursed town... ideed seems like one. nice composition ^_^

  4. aqiaqua Oct 27, 2006

    Oooooh, awesome. I like how those magical circle thingys are surrounding the houses, and the spooky atmosphere as well! Fave from me ^_~.

  5. eternallegend Oct 27, 2006

    i like the nice magic circle surrounding the town XD the moon looks really nice with its creepyness :D i like how everything is portrayed and the sky looks lovely :) nice wall ^^

  6. BlueAngel17 Oct 27, 2006

    what a cool moon! haha.. so halloween looking! ^^ and i love the effects of time on it. nice one smagier-san! ^^

  7. MadoshiKurefu Retired Moderator Oct 27, 2006

    Beautiful wallpaper! It looks really cool!

  8. Rikkablurhound Oct 27, 2006

    Woah! Cool! XD
    I like it alot!
    The darkness! XD Argh! XD
    *excuse me please *coughs*
    I like the guy with the bloddy eye there... O_o
    The creepy moon looks good too XD
    Its very fitting & everything seems matching XD
    Its a really nice wall though I think its actually quite simple but I like the whole compose of it^^
    Especially the scan u chosen! XD

  9. ikki333 Oct 28, 2006

    Great! I like so much this wall...
    The background is excellent and the shadows arround give a touch of misterious... and like said BlueAngel17, the effects of time are so cool.

  10. Kiako Oct 28, 2006

    nice wallpaper, the scene is good, i like all the things you put in the bg.

  11. starrliteangel Oct 28, 2006

    Hmm...interesting concept. I really do like the scene and bg. I see a couple problems though...
    -while the characters are more of a sketchy style, the bg is rather solid and vector-like. my suggestion to fix this is to "clean" the scan (even though it doesnt really need cleaning, but by using the cleaning method, you may be able to get rid of those sketchy lines and make the original scan look more solid)
    -the twigs overlapping the moon at the top are very pixellated.

    other than those 2, i think this wall is really good! Sky color is quite interesting, and Im liking those chains and time dials around the buildings.

  12. sakurals Nov 03, 2006

    Hi mi little friend!
    Sorry for not came before to sign this wallie...
    I really like it!
    A lot!
    The character looks gorgeous!
    Also, the opening that you send me via Youtube is excellent.. i like it! Hope than someday i can see it...

    Kisses and tons of hugs!

  13. enchantressinthedark Nov 20, 2006

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Enchant's sooooooo stoopid that she forgot to comment Magier-chan's wall which was a looooooong time ago ^_^' I just found it buried in the depths of my notifs @.@ Anyways, another lovely D-GrayMan wall! :D Eh? Allen Walker? I thought you love Tiki? XD The numbers you did and the patterns you arranged them are brilliant! I dunno why but I've always loved Roman numbers ^^ Nyaaaaa the moon, I love the moon XD Creepy but in a cute way! Keep it up!

  14. CuteSherry Nov 23, 2006

    I used this wall as my desktop wall for a while but forgot to review ^^;;
    I LOVE it XD XD XD
    I'm a huge fan of D Gray-Man and can't get enough of it :P
    Love your moon and the sky and and! everything!

  15. rollingmreg Nov 29, 2006

    By animation and comics, there is different charm each.

  16. Ryouko Dec 26, 2006

    awesome wallpaper. I luv it. Great job! :)

  17. shiwei Jan 26, 2007

    nice wallpaper, like the background very much..
    the moon and the white effect is great.. ^^
    keep it up, +fav

  18. scarletamethyst Mar 11, 2007

    Awesome wallpaper, thanks for sharing.

  19. CronIcLeZ Mar 19, 2007

    Cool wallpaper...!
    i like the background part..!
    nice effect...!

  20. OnyxNightlord Nov 12, 2008

    Uuuh! This is... endless great! O__O
    Very good work! Thanks for sharing

  21. FlameMasterAJ Nov 27, 2008

    Allen is so awesome I want his eye and arm!

  22. Opiolenion-san Jun 27, 2009

    Allen looks really cool here! Blowing by the wind!

  23. msnall25 Oct 07, 2009

    belo wallpaper

  24. rad430 Nov 03, 2009

    so cool.thx you for sharind

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