Nahoo Lee Wallpaper: - Say it once Say it twice, Take a Chance and roll the dice -

Nahoo Lee Wallpaper
Nahoo Lee Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

this is halloween time oh yeah.....and because of that reason I'm really happy to present you my new wall, kind of look like crap at first sight, indeed....
but, but I'll explain and then if you want you cant still calling it crap...even if it really dont fall on that definition...

the scan I got it from DREAM's gallery and is this one


...actually.....there's almost nothing to explain.....I wanted to do something based on a childish painting style....cuz halloween is a great time to have fun...is a cool day to enjoy the boo yelling and is a perfect day to be just a kid guess it was a nice try....and even if there are no pumpkins or bats or whatever, there's my happy feeling of the day.
so the idea was making it look like crap...clever uh? (not really)

by the way this goes for the CW halloween contest and CL&FW group contest also






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  1. Dark-Urd Oct 26, 2006

    Haha... crazy wallpaper. I love it.

  2. Milkiyo Oct 26, 2006

    this wall really gives off a spooky atmosphere with its effects :D
    I love the changes you did to the scan; there's some resemblance yet a more interesting one :) *featured at free--wallers*

  3. shiningdays Oct 26, 2006

    nahoo lee's a cool artist :) great halloween wall!

  4. Chloe Retired Moderator Oct 26, 2006

    This is incredibly spooky. I love the colors and the changes are great! Excellent job!

  5. Kubrickfan Oct 26, 2006

    It almost looks like a SH3 picture you'd find in the game.

  6. eternallegend Oct 26, 2006

    wow, i like the composition of the background and the creepy like vibe coming from the wall XD it suits a halloween theme well :D i like the colour scheme and how everything is portrayed :) nice wall ^^

  7. enchantment Oct 26, 2006

    wow, its an interesting design :) really suits the halloweenish theme XD i love how you made everything come together nicely :D nice wall~^^

  8. Misato-Kun Oct 26, 2006

    Amazing! Such a wonderful and whimsical, but spooky wall. This fits perfectly with halloween coming up in a week's time; I simply can't wait to put it on the desktop! And again, it is incredible how you can transform the scan into something so befitting with the backround and with unparalleled imagination as well, in my opinion. Thank you very much for your hard work, alterlier, always appreciated.

  9. DREAM Oct 27, 2006

    finally nahoo lee's artwork has been walled... ^^

    actually your bg fits the style of her artwork.

    + fav
    + desktop

  10. SupermilkchanChii Oct 27, 2006

    Aesome wallie!
    I love it!
    I don't think it's crappy at first at all!
    It's one of the coolest halloween wallies I've ever seen!
    GREAT job!

  11. studio Oct 27, 2006

    Great for a desktop :) love the way you manipulated the scan, well done.

  12. Regenbogen Oct 27, 2006

    I like the additions you have made. :) It takes some courage to add own elements to a scan and in this wallpaper the result works really well. You keep the atmosphere of the scan... it's scary and dark, so a perfect Halloween wallie. Good luck for the contests. I really like this wallpaper so I'm adding it to my favs. :)

  13. nolove Oct 27, 2006

    nahoo lee.....ohh yeaa i'd better check out the gallery muaawhh ^^
    love the composition of the wall, firstly i guess you painted it from the scan but then it looks totally different just the same style >_<
    brilliant painting style with great choice of color
    good wall for halloween :)
    im gonna favee this :D

  14. semanga Oct 28, 2006

    damn this looks so cool
    the best halloween wall what i see until now
    it seems that i will vote for your work i reall like this thanks for share it
    fly to my fav and downloaded now

  15. starrliteangel Oct 28, 2006

    coolest halloween wall! *points at wall* definitely the most interesting halloween piece so far. hmm...it reminds me of that story book the purple crayon, where a boy draws things with his magical purple crayon and they come out of the paper. But yours seems to be a evil halloween version of that. The tiles falling apart at the end need a more gradual change...it seems rather sudden..the tiles closer to the complete walkway need to be more "together", like they are just starting to break apart. i hate saying this because it ruins the scary mood of the wall, but those ghosties in the front are CUTE!

    merged: 10-28-2006 ~ 04:14pm
    oh btw, your wall does somewhat fit with the theme of the FW&CL contest (which i havent announced yet T-T), but just so you know for the future, we are going to have themes.

  16. fawna-chan Oct 28, 2006

    This seriously creeps me out, since a bunny is usually portrayed as something cute and cuddly and is holding a pair of eyeballs! *shudders* The dimensions look really nice with the childish painting style though and it's a perfect halloween wallie.

  17. IzumiChan Oct 28, 2006

    Okay, forget cute girlies on witch clothes, this is really scary.
    I may even not be able to sleep tonight! See what you've made? ^_^' ^_^'
    Cute creepy~ The little ghosts are so kawaii! XD *hughs*
    Great job! ;)

    merged: 10-28-2006 ~ 06:34pm
    Oh, forgot to mention: I loved the title! >.<
    How do you come up with such clever things? So cool~ *___*

  18. mewchoochoo Oct 28, 2006

    Wow, it's so cute! XD
    This is going to be my halloween desktop, yay! :D
    I love it, it's not somehing you see every day, and you seriously did a great job with it! ^^
    Thanks for sharing it with us!

  19. Fran Retired Moderator Oct 29, 2006

    this is so spooky, but it looks so amazing!
    Love the title, really creative!
    what can i say....one of the coolest halloween wallies i've never seen
    definitely fav

  20. pikac Oct 31, 2006

    halloween special,
    cool one,
    nice wall,

  21. chibichibikaukau Nov 10, 2006

    wow! very nice! i LOVE it! >.< very good work!

  22. airam13 Nov 19, 2006

    It really looks like crap at first sight...but you know it was a clever kind of crap...so I give you my fav for that day...but you own my a boo...Maria love it! :D

  23. Iare Nov 20, 2006

    An amazing wallpaper, the composition is very original, also i like the colors and the essence it got.

  24. tennistensai Nov 29, 2006

    CUTE! Love this..

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