Noriyuki Matsumoto Wallpaper: Heian Jidai

Noriyuki Matsumoto Wallpaper

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(I think this is from the Heian era, hence the title)

This is a preview wallpaper for paint-O-rama's first grand opening contest
It fits the requirements like so:
-It's a wallpaper
-The theme is ancient Japan
-There are nature elements: mountains ftw
-Tis painted.

easy? :D

I will provide a tiny walk-through of how I recreated the cropped horse head from the original scan (because yes it was missing half). This is the only thing that doesn't fit with the contest, because the participants should show a walk-through or tutorial on how they painted their vegetaion or whole wallpaper, not another element. :[
thanks to taterz and gids on that btw

now onto serious business:
This wall is hawt. I love it.

1600x1200, 1280x1024 res. and special sepia version are available here. OR MAYBE ANISTUDIOS.COM WILL BE UPDATED! OMG CHECKITNOW KTHNKSBYE
scan used here.

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  1. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Oct 24, 2006

    This won me over simply for how you fixed up the horse. That alone is worthy of great praise, but here you go and make a godly wall that rules over all. This is probably one of the best walls I've seen in a long time. A looooong time. I keep looking this over for anything that could possibly need improvement and every time I do so, I fail to find anything wrong with it at all. Just a gorgeous looking wall with great scenery and a beautiful scan. Excellant work, Candy-chan.

    My only regret is I couldn't write a longer comment for you :(

  2. w00tazn Oct 24, 2006

    Too much negative space!


    All in all this is an awesome recreation of the scene from the scan.
    A lot of work seems to have went into recreation the missing parts and it shows.

    Personally though I would've liked some more detail in the grassland behind them. Like more texture on in the blades etc.

    The sky is fine as is, but again since im a hater of the simplistic, a texture could've been used to make it look more painty? Oh well it fits damn good with the scan anyway.

    In the end, this wall is just awesome, and I think more people should get inspired to try out painting in their wallpapers. This is seriously a style that we are all forgetting, and it is essentially one of the basic fundamentals of art.

    That being said, everyone should join paint-o-rama so we can have a grand time painting things and working together to be better people! ^^


  3. xenosagafreak Oct 24, 2006

    Where can I get the 1600x1200 version?

  4. kyokujitsu Oct 24, 2006

    Wow, that got a fav from me even before I clicked open the thumbnail XD The scan is beautiful, though a little unusual. I can't agree with the combination of clothes and accessories that she's wearing ^_^' Great work on the horse head too, it's impossible to tell that it was recreated. I think it would have been better if the background was a little more flashy, but it does well within the boundaries of the walling contest. So great job and thanks for sharing ^_^

    *Adds to Favourites*

  5. eternallegend Oct 24, 2006

    wow, the recreation of the head looks amazing :D the background looks lovely and gives of a nice atmosphere :) i like the nice colour scheme you used and you did really wonderfully on the painting XD the flowers add a nice touch and i like the theme you protrayed in your wall :D amazing wall ^^

  6. Yina Oct 24, 2006

    i can't see the horse's mouth, cuz it's covered with a flower XD XD
    i wanted to wall this too, but i didn't know how i should manage the missing parts of the scan x__x
    anyway, you did great job on this one :3

  7. BlueAngel17 Oct 24, 2006

    nice recreation, gosh.. no one wanted to wall this before because of the cut horse face (including me. ^^) vegetation.. err.. is sakura petals? hehe.. anyway, the painting is really hot! by brushes, as in brushes?!? gosh, you people are gods.. ^^

    *snoops off to see the group contest announcement*

  8. moonfire Oct 24, 2006

    It's a very gorgeous wall..
    The scan was recreated very nicely. I love the colors and hues, and the bg is very pretty, not an overwhore nor too plain, just right, simple, and sweet.
    And I love the flowers. They look so cute!

    Beautiful wallie, candy-chan! :D

  9. cheza2283 Oct 24, 2006

    Wow! I love this wallpaper! Thanks for such a great wallie! Keep up the hard work!

  10. MadoshiKurefu Retired Moderator Oct 24, 2006

    Beautiful! I wish I could make such wallpapers! XD *favs*

  11. mico-de-avi Oct 24, 2006

    Oh my Gosh, I just love the scan and I really wanna make a wall from it but I totally can't... >.< Ouh, this wallpaper is such peacefull and calm, and the girl is very beautifull too. You did a great job painting the half of horsie's head, alltough it looks kinda fat. But it's okay. :D The colors are very calm and peacefull, the flowers are like glowing, so beautifully. And the hills are beautifully painted. Awesome job! Keep it up!

  12. HaWaIIofHoaI Oct 25, 2006

    very well done. it's crazy how detailed it is. O_o crazier how you did the rest of the horse and all the sakura

  13. flyindreams Oct 25, 2006

    You did it! Looks great XD

  14. Melisandre Oct 25, 2006

    Oh God! It's so beautiful, I know the scan you made a great work with it, it's great :D Congrats +fav

  15. frozenwilderness Oct 25, 2006

    prettyyy ~~ and you repainted part of the horse's head? wow.. that must have been quite a bit of work X__x

    Personally I think you should given the mountains a bit redder tone to fit with the sky, but other than that this is gorgeous <3

  16. supermonchi Oct 25, 2006

    Now this is definitely an example where painting comes very useful. Awesome job on extending the horse, love the glowing flowers and the hills on the background looks good - great soft colour choice.
    Simply beautiful, congrats! ^^

  17. Kiako Oct 25, 2006

    nice wallpaper, the colour of the sky is very pretty and the scene is very good.
    keep it up

  18. dr69on Oct 25, 2006

    cute ass man love the pic

  19. MuZ0NaZ Oct 25, 2006

    Simple, soft and clean as a decent wallpaper should be. But certain someone was blaming ME for using xbox huge scans <_____<

  20. sweetsleep Banned Member Oct 25, 2006

    yeah, that night ,i like it,you make a background is very nice
    i like it
    add fav

  21. annakee Oct 26, 2006

    absolute beautiful and this time you dont gave me time to say *spechless*
    so impressive the nice feeling that emanate of this work. amazed and glad for your share ^^

  22. HeartFulSkies Oct 26, 2006

    a genius wallie ^_^ i love how you recreated some of the missing parts of the scan! =D A definete favorite from me, hehheh~

  23. Rikkablurhound Oct 26, 2006

    Wow! Very good! @_@
    Its simple enough & everything looks good here! The painting was done awefully well & its just brilliant!
    I just thought the flowers looks a lil odd on the horse's nose... ^_^'
    But its still really pretty! XD

  24. sky2 Oct 27, 2006

    I love the detail!

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