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Hi everyone! I have a new, awesome Halloween wall! I really like how this came out. I found the scan here on MT. There was a copyright on the scan that said "August" so that is where I placed it. I hope that its right.

I got the idea for the background from the scan itself. In fact it looks very much like what I have created. I redrew the church on the side, and took the bats and crosses and little bit of fence you see from the scan. I vectored over them though. I added in trees since I thought it gave it a more spooky look. There was also a huge archway in the scan that looked cool in there but I tried to re-create it and failed miserably. XD So I just left it out. The sky is also a little bit different and so are the houses on the left. The windows on the church are supposed to be crooked, so don't tell me that they are :-P

Original scan is here if you want to compare:
Halloween by Georgie22300

This took me about 5 hours (the scan took forever to extract) and it has 25 layers.

This is also my contest entry for the Colorful Wallies Halloween contest

Happy Halloween and enjoy my wallpaper!

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EDIT - Wow! Thanks for all the comments and faves! *hugs everyone*

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  1. silentdestroyer101 Oct 24, 2006

    Oooooh.. This is a really nice wall. I like how all the colors blend in well with each other. It transitions smoothly from one side to the other.

  2. SupermilkchanChii Oct 24, 2006

    OOO! this wallies is really adorable!
    I love the character..well everything!
    GREAT job!
    This is indeed an awesome halloween wallie!

  3. fallenangelwblackwings Oct 24, 2006

    it is so kawii! i love halloween.

  4. Yoshima Oct 24, 2006

    Lovely wallie! *squeel* x3...++to favs!

  5. BlueAngel17 Oct 24, 2006

    tee hee, she's cute. ^^ her face swallowed the whole wall. >.< and the perspective is good. ^^

    i like her hat.. reminds me of the 'Sorting Hat' in Harry Potter. ^^ I wanna have one too.. >.<

  6. kince Oct 24, 2006

    I've got a wallpaper from another place a few days ago.... exact scan exact position as the one here....

    only difference is the words and a slight difference in the background (feels like the background used for both come from the same picture, just different spots

  7. enchantment Oct 24, 2006

    wow, the wall looks soo halloweenish XD i love how you aranged everything :) i love the bats and the pumpkin and everything looks really nice :D lovely wall~^^

  8. aqiaqua Oct 24, 2006

    Waaaah, so kawaii! I love how the trees and the houses are tilted to match the scans angle. So clever. And all the orangeness and witchyness...Hope you have a great halloween Kate-san ^_^.

    Fave from me ^_~.

  9. eternallegend Oct 24, 2006

    i like the pumpkin XD the bats add a nice touch to your wall expecially to your halloween theme :D you portrayed your theme well and the colour scheme suits the halloween theme you are portraying :) i like the composition of the background and overall nice wall ^^

  10. kyokujitsu Oct 24, 2006

    Whoa, look at the favourites shoot up. I wonder if this wall will break the 100-favourites barrier too ^_^ That would be a sight to see.

    The scan is cute ^_^ I especially like the witch hat XD The pumpkins and shadows of buildings are well done too. Thanks for sharing ^_^

  11. ShiXon Oct 24, 2006

    wonderful~ i like the orange color scheme, bring on the halloween spirit! xD
    heeheehee <3

  12. catcrazy Oct 24, 2006

    HI, it is cute :-) good luck with the contest ;-)

  13. Shinseiki Oct 24, 2006

    I love pumpkins and i love anime girls in it. I especially LOVE them together placed in a wallie.This wallie is fabulous.. every aspect of halloween (now wheres that candied apple?) could be seen in here... pumpkins , witches , bats , dead trees and the "sorting hat" ?

    Maybe it might just be me but one thing is, that I spotted that on her 2nd eye which is the one to the right seems to have an extra white spot just right beside her right eye.It seems to be a reflection to me or a snowflake(wait .. this is not a winter theme right?)?

    I suggest maybe you can fix it by enlarging it according to the girl's left eye(or just ignore me T.T ) .

    Other than that , this is perfect , one of the best Halloween theme anime wallie I've seen :D

  14. Rhonda21 Oct 25, 2006

    oh it's great seeing these Halloween walls. :) And what a cute scan you used. THe background looks nice and it's just so halloweenish. And well crookedness makes things more spookyish so it all matches well. Nice work!

  15. Spoo Oct 25, 2006

    Oh I love the fish-eye look of it! That is VERY Halloweenie! I think for an extra touch I would have given the jack-o-lantern a different face though, just something whimsical maybe, with one eye bigger than the other, and a squiggle mouth...I like to incorporate anime faces whenever I can ^_^ Great job, definately a fave.

  16. sakaji22 Oct 25, 2006

    KYA!SO KUTE!*adds to favs*

  17. punixer Restricted Member Oct 25, 2006


    it will be my new wp :)

  18. funkybass Oct 26, 2006

    Uwaaaa~~ Kawaii~~ this is the cutest wall i've ever downloaded... Nice Job! and I love those spooky things..!

  19. Mayonosuke Oct 26, 2006

    woah nice :D
    i want to use it for my halloween wp <3

  20. aqua-cat Banned Member Oct 26, 2006

    all you need to do is make one for christmass too that would be cool and other halidays then it would be an awsom set any way thats a sujestion and the wall is just incredable i love wnat youve done with it i hope to see more cool pics from you soon

  21. zerosnow Oct 26, 2006

    may be i should use it for my hollowen
    great job
    TQ for sharing

  22. Juneice Oct 26, 2006

    wow the first halloween wallaper this month its so nice i like the theme. The character is so cutee thank u for sharing keep up the good work

  23. titePnayR Oct 27, 2006

    i love this wallpaper its the pirfict halloween theme

  24. Elven-Inccubus Oct 27, 2006

    Just love it! It reminds me of Nifelheim city on the game Ragnar

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