Wild Arms Wallpaper: Wild Arms [W]

Wild Arms 4, Wild Arms, Yulie Ahtreide Wallpaper
Wild Arms 4 Game Wild Arms Game Yulie Ahtreide Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Fill view, please

An uncreative title for an uncreative wall :P

So yeah, I vectored this scan.
If you think it's too bright, put on some sunglasses or maybe lower your screen brightness, 'cause it looks fine on my screen >_<
Time: 4 hours
Layers: 32

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  1. Kiako Oct 21, 2006

    it is very bright but i don't think it's too bright, so it looks good the way it is and that's the most important thing right^^

  2. enchantment Oct 21, 2006

    wow, the wall looks so pretty :) i love the colours and its not too bright XD it looks really magical :D lovely wall~^^

  3. Rhonda21 Oct 21, 2006

    Oh this looks really cool. And well it's only that middle part that looks bright and it's not all that bright. Yeah nice colors as well. Great job!

  4. aznprianime Oct 21, 2006

    REAAALLLYY CREATIVE! i lik..no...LOV ur idea. the details and color r a verrrryyy good mix. mayb though(doesn't really need 2, but my perfer) try not 2 put tooo much brightness on one side. try 2 make the brightness on bothe sides. i luuuv the bottom half though, the mist.

  5. eternallegend Oct 21, 2006

    i like the composition of the background and the colours look lovely XD i like how it portrays a magical atmosphere and overall you made a wonderful wall ^^

  6. Milkiyo Oct 21, 2006

    it seems ok to me :O I luv da effects!
    if she keep on doing that, there might be a fire outburst :X
    lol..nice work :)

  7. anji Oct 21, 2006

    It's too bright... XD I kid I kid (I had to say that)
    Seriously... beside the glow around the girl that is too thin or maybe just too equal in my opinion, it's a nicely done wall :)
    GOOD job on the vector XD Is it really vectored... o_O
    Yeah the vector is really greatly done. And I like the purples colors on the back too, nice mix.

  8. candy-chan Retired Moderator Oct 22, 2006

    wow you really really REALLY should remove those textures. Because everything looks low quality, and you completely lost all of the HQness of your vector, it looks like a grainy scan.

  9. chubbykitty Oct 22, 2006

    Vector? whoa, it looks like a scan! Great work Chloe-chan! XD

  10. candy-chan Retired Moderator Oct 22, 2006

    this is now coolness :D
    hope youre happier with the result

  11. Ephemeral-Garden Oct 22, 2006

    Hm... I don't know.. very much blurred. I know, picture in motion. XD But I think it's a little over blurred... I guess.. and the glow thingy.. looks quite hard and opaque. Mouse just doesn't wanna give us a chance to control the brush easier, darn it.

    But the whole composition looks great, I'd say. It's a nice attempy to copy the flow of her shiny power, great job.

  12. Yina Oct 23, 2006

    omg.. your description is just XD XD
    it looks fine to me, not too bright but too blurry x__x
    but still naisu work on the shining effects *_*
    a magic bishoujo, hurray! xDD

  13. Fran Retired Moderator Oct 23, 2006

    *Waits for the internet to donwload it* I hate so much wireless internet at this moment hmph
    Anyway....A vector! yay! I've missed your amazing vector works
    It look a bit, just a bit, blurred :<
    The efects are great!
    Keep it up Chloe-chan! + fav

  14. BlueAngel17 Oct 23, 2006

    wow, did you vector the effects too? >.< cool.. :p

  15. pegassuss Oct 23, 2006

    Lovely vector, it's really nicely done. Lines are clean and coloring is great too. The effects you put in her hands and bottom look very good. I like the contrast between dark and light. Great work! ^^

  16. flyindance Oct 24, 2006

    I dun tink it's uncreative
    in fact, all ur wallies r creative
    it's just nice, it's not too bright
    great one
    I tink the title fits it perfectly
    another wonderful job

  17. Alfonse Oct 25, 2006

    Erm, just one quick thing I wanna point out, this description is one of the few shortest descriptions you've done so far. xD
    Anyway, the wall is somewhat plain, not a lot of stuff done to it, 'cept the whole flashy dancing light comin out of the girl's hand.
    Pertty cool Chloe, and you've vectored the scan nicely, once again. n_n
    Welp, that is all from me. Keep it up aye?

  18. xianghua Oct 27, 2006

    Wow that's very nice Chloe-chan! Nice vector and sweet effects!
    Amazing work! Hope to see more!

  19. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Oct 27, 2006

    First off, I'm glad someone FINALLY did a Wild Arms wall. It's been WAY overdue and what better than to use a scan of the gorgeous artwork that's in Wild Arms 4. I saw both versions of this wall and I must say the changes you made, are amazing. Not only does this look so much better, but now I dare to say that this wall is completely flawless.

    I also agree with you as well, the brightness is perfectly fine and well, if you don't like it, then too bad for you cause this wall is the shiznit XD. A very interesting design for the background and beautiful lighting makes this wall win, big time. I absolutely love it and it's a favorite for me, hands down my favorite of the week.

    Btw, that vector, is absolutely amazing, I could of sworn that was a hq scan..but then upon closer inspection you can see it's a vector. =3 Well, that and your description. Either or, you really outdid yourself on the vector, that ALONE deserves a fav.

  20. fukushuusha Oct 31, 2006

    Although I think the glows are a bit too much and heavy; damn it's awesome seriously

  21. paintmearainbow Nov 19, 2006

    Wow! The wallie is really eye-catching with all the effects and all. It's not really very bright, I think it's rather beautiful :D
    Great job as usual! -grins-

  22. enchantressinthedark Feb 24, 2007

    The background looks pretty blurred, but the effects are amazing! Lovely vector too~!

  23. animenintendo Sep 03, 2009

    an impressive color effect, and the background is great and the way the girl is presented is also very good, apart from being very pretty

  24. goodcat May 26, 2010

    Very good wallpaper! Loved it! Thanks!

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