Air Wallpaper: A Terrible Wind Approaches .:[Dedicated to: EldaLacus92]:.

Key (Studio), Air, Misuzu Kamio Wallpaper
Key (Studio) Studio Air Series,Visual Novel Misuzu Kamio Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

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Hello Everyone! :D

Oh okay the only reason I have this is because I was on a mini trip to the state Alabama and I got a picture of some beautiful clouds that sparked some artistic vision I wanted for this scan, because It was going to be all blue and just clouds but I really like this version better. :) Sorry if it isnt happy and bright enough for you dearest Elda.

This wallie is a present for my dear Elda XD, she is such a sweet heart to me! We have such fun chats together and she is such a great person *attacks ya with a hug*

Haha Oh Gosh Im still working on my ANC wall, I was just so tired and needed a break ^_^'. So Starr was like work on the other scan you wanted to wall then for a break, so I caved in >.<, and started on that Air scan for almost two days. We were having a walling race which she won if you all didnt know OX, haha next time i'll be a better opponent Starr X-P *hands ya a cupcake*.

Humm about my wallie... I used a scan in the bg and changed its hue and saturation and levels, then I extracted it out and got rid of the fishes on this scan. Made the bg's sky with the clouds brushes with lots and lots of layers of blend modes of different colors. Oh okay its offical now, Starr and I are addicted to textures XD I was going to make this wallpaper be a black/blue one, but i placed a brown texture on it and fell in love with it and didnt change it, so I have two textures on blend modes on this wallie with another overlay of a cloud stock of mine very gently on it. I've always wanted to have a destruction or debris scene in a wallpaper and now I finally have one :D, dont worry my ANC one will be so Happy and Colorful though. I love the new font I got for this wall thanks to Starr, and I duplicated the text layer and gave it a wind effect to look cool. It was such a pain to take my time extracting everything out haha it felt like forever! Plus the expression of the Main Character scan's expression is one of deep sorrow or thought I felt from it, and i just wanted to capture that feeling in this wallpaper XD!.

Brushes Used from Deviantart, and thanks again to My best buddy's Starr's help on my wallie *hugs*, without her motivation and strong will to remind me to work I might not have ever gotton this done and probably soon my ANC one to LOL, and her great advice! your the best. Thanks to MadoshiKurefu for the bg scan used. Also thanks to Starr and Eternally-Asuka for keeping me company while I did this XD if it weren't for them I would have gone loco lol.

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  1. starrliteangel Oct 17, 2006

    hey, just reserving my first-to-comment spot. will be back later and update my comment! (after full viewing the wall for the 5th time)

    HAHAH i cant believe i got a comment spot earlier than liz. lol anways...feature at CL! and Sam, just so you dont get the wrong impression, im not featuring this becuase we are friends...its because i think it really deserves it! its very unique, and not like the usual walls ive seen with this scan

  2. thingperson Oct 17, 2006

    oh my gosh i love this so much..its so cute..i love the background..and the scan its so pretty it goes with it so good..wow i love ever part about this..i love the colors..wow you are so talented..*smiles*..i love this so much...*smiles*.

    From your real life twin Sister,

  3. pamkips Oct 17, 2006

    your evil for reservin' the first spot >_<
    it's so beautiful, I love the tones and textures (kawaii is a total texture whore >___<) used ^__^ soo pweety

    great job

  4. rafaellaGP Oct 17, 2006

    wahh i see the different colors... many colors! *.*
    i love it!
    so beautiful this background! *.*
    the scan are so pretty! ^^
    favs! ^^

  5. kaisui1tatsu Oct 17, 2006

    Good job on it Pinkprincesslacus! I see that the debris idea didn't work out, but it is still a pretty nice wall either way! *gizzymo grins*

  6. carrin Oct 17, 2006

    another wallapaper of misuzu ! nice !

  7. enchantment Oct 17, 2006

    wow, the clouds look so nice :) the background scenery looks interesting :D i love the birds and the colour :) lovely wall~^^

  8. muneera Oct 17, 2006

    Cool...the bg looks awesome...I like its colors...
    good job

  9. eternallegend Oct 17, 2006

    the texture adds nice touch to your wall :) i like the nice colour scheme and how everything is placed :D the composition of your wall is nicely done and i really like the background XD the birds look nice flying in the air :) the title suits well with your wall as it does seem as though a wind is blowing XD wonderful wall ^^

  10. x-lawss Oct 17, 2006

    Another wallpaper from you, the colors is nice. I like this.

  11. Phantasm Oct 17, 2006

    wow, great back ground. i like this dusk color use.

  12. EldaLacus92 Oct 17, 2006

    Kyaa XD It's for me? It's for me?! Is it really for me?!?!
    Kyaa I'm so happy *practically hugging the computer* You're so sweet Sam! *hugs, hugs, hugs, hugs...*
    I love the whole wallie, the dark theme suits wonderfully for the scan >.<
    I love it *kisses you* Thanks you thank you thank you!

  13. BlueAngel17 Oct 17, 2006

    aha! you're now a texture addict too!

    kawaii chicken did also something like this.. but i never saw it in full view. ^^

    hum ho.. since it's textured, obviously the bg is nice and different.. something AIR is supposed to show, light and dreamy, became dark and you can find other words, haha..

    somehow the lightning doesn't fit right.. lightning in a quite light color of afternoon.. ah well don't mind me. but i like how the stock photo was altered too.. it has fit the scan alright.. maybe you should have made her ribbon hued into sepia toned too like her dress? ^^

    +fav of course!

  14. auraderecca Oct 17, 2006

    NIce job. Thanks for everything!

  15. Chingers Oct 17, 2006

    I love the motion, fluidity, and emotion conveyed in this wallie. I am very impressed by how well the image is incorporated with the grungy and somewhat textural background.

  16. laurent Oct 17, 2006

    HA, I knew it ! I had a feeling you had posted something new today ! ( hurray, I still have my 'Sammy-submits-something sence' :D )
    I must say, W O W ! Just when I thought you couldn't make any more of those beautiful wallies of yours, you come up with a new and even better one. I really like this one. The orange-yellowish colours are very warm and fit perfectly with the cute girl's hair. Very nice and detailed background ( very mystique ), and once again it blends perfectly with the scan.
    Another jaw-dropper, my love. You've done it again. And if I were able to, I would 'elite gallery' this straight away. But I'm afraid I'm only able to fav. Would I, or would I not ? ... Hmmm ... OF COURSE ! XD *flies towards that fav link and clicks*
    Great job my eternal love ! I can't wait to see your next creation. ( really, I can't ! :D )

    Your guardian angel, your loverboy, Kira ( aka me XD )

  17. moonescape Oct 18, 2006

    This looks very wonderful! I just love how you are improving with every wallpaper you have. This is wonderful and the clouds are just beautiful. The girl in the pictures matches very well and the background clashes together giving it a perfect wallie. This was wonderful. +favs

  18. HeartFulSkies Oct 18, 2006

    lacus, you've outdone yourself ^_^ this is such a pretty wallie heh heh i love all of your works X3 just beautiful! definete favie!~~

  19. eternally-asuka Oct 18, 2006

    WOW this is amazing! *--------* Love it Sam! XD sure Sam, i can keep you compa

  20. CaMiLi Oct 18, 2006

    Lacus-chan, this wallpaper is so gorgeous,..and gloomy love it,... and the creepy scenery,.. awesome,... want moooore *__*

  21. moonelf313 Oct 19, 2006

    Great job once again! I love the wallie, it is so captivating! You are really talented at this! +Favs and take care! *hugs*

  22. enchantressinthedark Oct 19, 2006

    Phew! Finally I can get to comment one of your walls, Lacus-chan! My notifs are just bursting already.... x_x Sorry ya! Wow, an amazing piece you have here! I really have to say great job on the extraction! Its a kiiler XD And the background just suits the title a lot, the way you showed that chaos is coming ^^ Featured at FW! ^^ Keep up the good work! ;)

  23. uchiha-vegeta Oct 19, 2006

    the only thing i could say is.....this is too good =D

  24. AngelKate Oct 19, 2006

    This is so cool! I love Air. You captured the mood of this scan really well. I especially love the sky. Great work! :)

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