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This is a gift for a close friend of mine. Referenced from a scan.

I worked under the supervision of SilentNymph, whom I've chosen to be my art teacher, although she refuses to assume the responsability hehe ^_^'
This is the first time I've drawn curly hair (critics are very welcome) and it was really painful to do, so after I was done with it, which seemed like forever, I wanted to know nothing about it so, as you can see, a lot of details are missing.
Thank you Irina for your support and thank you all in advance for your words!


Chosen by flyindreams and euna

This is an example of perfect pencil work. It is very clean and precise in its work with just the right amount of detail. The shading work must not be forgotten either. It is absolutely flawlessly drawn and cleaned.

Proposed by flyindreams and highlighted by euna.

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  1. bromithia Retired Moderator Oct 16, 2006

    Absolutely gorgeous drawing you have here. The girl sort of reminds me of Hina-Ichigo from Rozen Maiden :D Good job!

  2. SilentNymph Oct 16, 2006

    Me loves it and you knows it XD
    I belive you've heard enough from me about this but I am really happy you finished and as I said it was well worth the work ^^

  3. Rorschach Oct 16, 2006

    Dude....Her hair is simply amazing, but her eyes are a litte weird...but is just that, the eyes, the face gives credit to the title (she surely seems very arrogant and spoiled, that's difficult to express !) and again congratulations to you and Irina to such marvelous job on that masterpiece, we can see how hard it was to make that hair on the draw !

  4. wingsofsteel Oct 16, 2006

    i really like the hair and the eyes. they're really detailed.

  5. Danielly Oct 16, 2006


    i think i told it would end up perfect, didn't i?
    it's incredible ^^ i loved her hair and her eyes ^^ your shading is awesome...
    aaaahhhhhh i want to shede like you!
    i woth a million favs!

  6. studio Oct 16, 2006

    Kyohimura <3 The hair is rather nice plus the top is nicely drawn. But the eyes could be a little better - another simple curved line over the top would look better... I think :)

  7. flyindreams Oct 16, 2006

    Simply gorgeous pencil work x.X It looks so beautifully soft, and I think there's just the perfect amount of details in to make you go x.x but keep a really nice clean look.

    Really really lovely work... :D

  8. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Oct 16, 2006

    Excellent doujin kyo! The curls are lovely and the shading is very well done! I agree with bromithia that she looks like Hina Ichigo, but with Suigintou's attitude. X-P Keep up the great work!

  9. fidiou Oct 16, 2006

    There is long time that you have submitted drawing and i understand why! You was to training lol. More serious wonderful work. You can see in my drawings that the hair are very important for me (i love it!) and hear your work in the hair are perfect for me (lightning, shading, stroke...). The buckles are very perfect but it's true that the central hairs are less good make to level (sorry for the bad english but it's difficult for me to write a long text in english) of stroke in generally and shading. I differenciated bad the shading of brow and the strokes of hairs, and i think that the shading dark is too dark. You wanted a detailed comment, you have it. High respect for the buckles who are very difficult to make and i imagine the painful to do it!

  10. freaks Oct 16, 2006

    dunno the reason,but...it makes me...FEEL...

  11. Milkiyo Oct 17, 2006

    my my, I like the bratiness of this :S

  12. Ardenta Oct 18, 2006

    I absolutely like her hair ;) And the expression from her eyes - some spleen and fed up with something; impressive.

  13. kokuyu Oct 20, 2006

    true, the detailness of her eyes potrays well her attitude. and ya, her hair. fantastic lines :)

  14. ether92 Oct 21, 2006

    I really like the look of her eyes,
    remind me of someone,
    perfect drawing you got,
    keep the good work ;).

  15. Hellsing15 Oct 23, 2006

    The drawing is amazing! her curly hair looks great there was nothing to worry about i love her eyes it looks like she is daydremin the detail and shading is amazing it must have taken alot of time to finish you can tell it was worth the work nice job

    merged: 10-24-2006 ~ 12:05am
    The drawing is amazing! her curly hair looks great there was nothing to worry about i love her eyes it looks like she is daydremin the detail and shading is amazing it must have taken alot of time to finish you can tell it was worth the work nice job

  16. pjwin Oct 23, 2006

    tats some pretty good skill there
    all the curly hairs and her facial expression

  17. kiokorenay703 Oct 24, 2006

    Holy shiaaate man! XD WOW, this is ASSOSOASOSO freaken cool. The curlies are just right! very nice, and crisp. The shading is like Uwsom! then the face, and the proportions are very nice as well. Everything looks just right, and its totaly COOL! :)
    Favs for me!

  18. jinky Oct 24, 2006

    cool~! its real good. it's very detailed she looks like a doll. +favs XD

  19. ShiXon Oct 24, 2006

    wow i love the hair <3 and the eyes, they're mesmerizing.
    you've done a good job and i wonder what it would like if it were colored with color pencils? : )

  20. fredsmart Oct 24, 2006

    Very cute added her to my favourites Thank You

  21. originalanimelover Banned Member Oct 24, 2006

    your quite an artist this girl is very well done and she looks alot like Hina-Ichigo from rozen maiden i love it

  22. bloodskitzo Oct 25, 2006

    how long did it take you?

  23. m4a1hammer Oct 25, 2006

    As a self taught artist this is one nice peice of work i admire you;r subject matter and you'r technique in executing this picture i will add it to my favcorites

  24. johann12345 Oct 26, 2006

    WOW man AMAZING what a master man, you got to teach me those pencil skills! i was like DAMN! when i saw on the front page ! LIKE serisouly I love your drawing man! its so neat and clean i always want to draw like that but i mess up with the eraser!
    is it from the top of your head or referenced? neither way its sick

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