Fate/Hollow ataraxia Wallpaper: Tribute to the Dead

TYPE-MOON, Fate/Hollow ataraxia, Dark Sakura, Saber Alter Wallpaper
TYPE-MOON Studio Fate/Hollow ataraxia Visual Novel Dark Sakura Character Saber Alter Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hello dear readers ^^ This wall is my submission for Day-Dreamerz's halloween wallpaper contest :)

Okay let's see.. The hardest part was probably the background.. All because I didn't know what to do XD But as you can see, I finally found something that flows well with everything else ^^

The picture of the two girls are Saber and her assistant. I forgot her name.. Geraldine was it? I'd laugh my bum off if my guess was way off the actual name XD I forgot where I got the picture though.. Possibily a picture result from quizilla? XD Well, if anyone knows where the orginal pic is located, please give me the url so I can credit it ^^ The brushes are from deviantart :)

EDIT: The girl behind Saber, in all likeliness is Angra Mainyu from the original Fate/Stay Night game. She was responsible for Saber's transformation into Saber Alter. But I can't be too sure since I've never played the game.

Well.. Compared to my other wallpapers, I'd say it's the best one I've made...

Compliments, critics and all other types of comments except for spam are always welcome ^^



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Browse Fate/Hollow ataraxia Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. ZhuangQuan Oct 15, 2006

    Background is nice but don't you think there is a bit too much red blood? Anyway just don't mind what I say.
    All I want to say magnificent :)

  2. ORANGE-RANGE Banned Member Oct 15, 2006

    wah! so cool nicely done ^_^

  3. kiokorenay703 Oct 15, 2006

    Very nice done! ^^ i like it, its very dark, but very intereting! :) i SHALL add this to my favs! i also like the moon up top! cute!

  4. enchantment Oct 15, 2006

    wow, nicely done :) i love the background with the moon and the trees :D they fit in the background nicely as well :) i love the atmosphere, with its darkishness and everything XD and the title suits the wall well :D lovely wall~^^

  5. eternallegend Oct 15, 2006

    i like the composition of the background and the title is really interesting :) yay the moon all nice, big, round and shiny XD i like how the colours help add to the creepy like atmosphere :D and how the trees help add to a spooky effect and overall nice wall ^^

  6. Tilz Oct 15, 2006

    The scan and the BG fit very well, I can feel the darkness here =3
    The bottom of this wallie is a little bit too reddish.....

  7. quantixar Oct 15, 2006

    Sugoi! Wow, very nicely done wallie. You keep amazing me with your talent: :)

  8. Ardenta Oct 15, 2006

    It is a very impressive wallpaper, and the Moon looks great there ;) And those branches along the dark sky. It is great ;)

  9. Melisandre Oct 15, 2006

    Oh my God! It's gorgeous, so delicate and fascinating, the bg, the charas, the colours. Great work :D

  10. Phantasm Oct 15, 2006

    yah, cool work. use of red and black is nice. shadow of the trees also.

  11. aishiteraburu Oct 15, 2006

    Geez I'm the only one who hasn't even started my halloween wall
    Anyways Yup your right
    This is indeed your best ever
    I like how you've created a spooky background and a very unique scan to go with it
    Going to fav of course
    Good Job

  12. raymi Oct 16, 2006

    Yop mely ^^

    This message is a spam,
    this message is a spam,
    this message is a spam,
    No I joke ^^

    Well I like your wallpaper because it is really your best for the moment! ^^ My only critic is I found yours characters can be more bestly integrate to your backgroud...

    Anyways, it's a good work! Continue and keep it up the good work ;)

  13. Kuyashisa Oct 17, 2006

    Nice 'Dark' wallpaper, very sweet ^^ , so cuuuuuuute, nice job :D

  14. Milkiyo Oct 17, 2006

    ok, this is byfar your best although I like the composition of the previous entry better, nice trees and sky :)
    I'm gonna give you a +fav for your efforts :3

  15. drastikhate Oct 18, 2006

    Wow! I like everything about this wally! It's like blood is radiating due to the moon light. So nice...

  16. dworm Oct 31, 2006

    nice~~ ^^!
    like everything about it~~

  17. mtgaaa Nov 06, 2006

    The background is good
    but the expression quite strange
    but I like it^^
    Good job!

  18. Kitaan Retired Moderator Nov 29, 2006

    This is a fave scan of mine,
    haven't got enough guts to try
    and wall anything with it yet.

    Love the bg, nice dark mood,
    and the moon blends in good with the
    sky, along with the trees, which look there
    but don't stick out so there's no
    Great job <33

  19. saikyou Feb 10, 2007

    Wow... I've never seen this scan before but suddenly there's a wallpaper like this... Well, i like how everything goes naturally... You've done a really good job on composing this picture, love it! The only thing that bothers me is the red color all over the bottom part of the pic... A little too much maybe? Not that it's bad though...

    Well, i gotta say this is one of the best FSN wallie out there... So i shall fav it... Great job! Thanks for sharing with us all ^^

  20. reload Jun 28, 2007

    oh yeah! black color!

    nice blackground and very perfect wallpaper!

  21. blacklistgenesis Jun 05, 2008

    iT Has a killing aura...diz wall is definitely a fav!

  22. selemental Banned Member Nov 11, 2008

    They look like murder buddies! It'd be a lot of fun having one close buddy and you're just going around makin havoc in an anime series or namely.. online video game +_+ speaking of, I've gotta go play mine! *leaps off*


  23. wesleyes Dec 25, 2009

    Very nice.Thank you for the upload!

  24. karameikosbr Aug 03, 2010

    Saber as a Death Knight: Total Party Kill.

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