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This is my first vector!
Im soooooo happy with this, I never thought I could start to make vectors >.<
I decided to make a version of Nekoland (Im sure neko lovers have thought of Nekoland at sometime:))

The nekos are based on bottle fairy and azumanga daioh neko style (they look sooooo cute)
I tried to make some toys for them so I did some balls, mouse toys, yarn balls and some fishies cookies.
My favs are those brothers that are lying down on the grass.
And thought that neko land has no birds Just catbirds (funny weird idea)
And they like to see at the sky, sometimes there are fish shaped clouds (they get so happy when they see them :))
The sun is very interesting.hmmmm I guess their planet has the same shape to..
Hope you like it, comments and suggestions are really really appreciated.

Thats all, many thanks in advance
Bai-cha :nya:



Chosen by kuroimisa and bromithia

Cats, cats, cats! This has to be the cutest wallpaper I’ve ever seen. This is xangel0’s first vector, as well, and it certainly doesn’t seem like it! Everything blends really well together, and seriously, who can resist so many cats in a wallpaper?

Proposed by kuroimisa and highlighted by bromithia.

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  1. Tiddelz Oct 13, 2006

    ..WAUW, this one is so cool
    Loove the purriez
    ahaha *favvieee* =D

  2. annakee Oct 13, 2006

    watashi wa neko siames? WaAAAAaaAAAAaaaAAA! =^_^=
    domo arigato-nyaa! eres muy gentil en recrear mi patria-nya!
    jaja. esta genial y muy requete creativo. no hay criticas porque esta hermoso.
    .-este fue el comentario de annakee desde Nekoland-. *lol*

  3. Melisandre Oct 13, 2006

    Me encanta! Es precioso, parecen todos tan felices, adoro a los gatos y es una pena que no me dejen tener cientos, seria la persona mas feliz del mundo, pero mi madre piensa que uno es suficiente X-P Ahora, en mi ordenador puedo tener cientos no? Y estos que tu has vectorizado y creado se vienen conmigo..., o me voy yo con ellos a Nekoland? :D

    Ahora en serio, me parece un trabajo excelente, y no solo el vectorizado, si no los detalles mas simples que has aniadido, como ese sol en forma de neko o los ratones, con sus tuerquitas para darles cuerda y me encanta el siames, es precioso. Maravilloso trabajo :) Felicidades ;)

  4. enchantment Oct 13, 2006

    aww, they are soo cute :) i love the cats and their little toys :D its really nicely done for your first vector and aww, the sun looks cute :) ohh, fish cloud XD cute wall~^^

  5. SupermilkchanChii Oct 13, 2006

    I love Cats!
    Definate fave!

  6. Elves Oct 13, 2006

    This sure is cute! Kawaii desu yo!

    I'm not sure about the texture on the sky - it seems like the cats need something textured on them if everything is going to have a pattern/texture. Also, if you could add some grass in front of the cats (like they're laying in the grass they wouldn't appear to be floating. ^_^' I know that's what the shadows are there for, but they all still seem to be floating to me. tee-hee.

    Awesome vector! Great coloring/blending on the cats. Also making all the toys for them - that must have been a job! I really like the wind-up mice (they're cute too!) What a wonderful original land you came up in which all the nekos live. :)

  7. starrliteangel Oct 13, 2006

    OMG! SIMPLY ADORABLE! omg I LOVE THIS! Its sooo original! And even better that you handmade everything, becuase gosh, it looks awesome! its unbelieveable that this is your first vector. Just the eyes of the cat in the front are scaring me a little (the green eyes). hahah I thought his eyes were see-thru for a sec there. lol. and I think the catbird is the best! I loooove it. hey, i wanna make a userpage for myself with this. Is it okay if I use your wall?

  8. chubbykitty Oct 13, 2006

    CHUBBY KITTIES! I absolutely LOVE this! All the kitties in this are sooooo cute! I really love the one thats up close. :33 And..your first vector? Well congrats, you did an amazing job! Keep up the good work!

  9. eternallegend Oct 13, 2006

    aww how cute XD i like the nekos :D the clouds looks so nice and fluffy :) the;r toys with the balls and the yarn and their fishes are so adorable XD cute fishy cloud :D i like the overall composition and the vector is wonderfully done :) the colour you used look nice and overall adorable cute wall ^^

  10. BlueAngel17 Oct 13, 2006

    Oh. My. Gosh.

    *in a neko haven*
    *hugs xange0*
    Thaaaanks for making this wall! omigosh! i really love the kawaii kitties! weeeeee! *struggles to hug at least one of them*
    What can I say? It's overflowing with kitties, it's my fav of course!
    If I can fav it a thousand times, i would have done it! ^^

    *fav* + desktop!

  11. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Oct 13, 2006

    This is absolutely adorable >_< And you made these based off other things... I can't draw animals even if my life depended on it XD But really, I like the texture and how the clouds look so soft and watercolourey.
    Great work!

  12. iarly Oct 13, 2006

    So kawaii! I love kitties, so this would be my perfect paradise. Thanks, angel-chan, for this lovely wallie!

  13. OriginalQueenofAnime Oct 14, 2006

    Ah! Cute little kitties everywhere! XD I love this! Especially the cute kitty up in the front! :D

    +fav! ;)

    ~ The 'Original' Queen of Anime ~

  14. mikan-sakura Oct 14, 2006

    kawaiii !
    wth? first vector? :o
    u sure have talent lol ^^
    cuteee keep up the great job ^^

  15. bromithia Retired Moderator Oct 14, 2006

    A lovely wallpaper you've got here. Great work! :)

  16. Rikkablurhound Oct 14, 2006

    Very well done for your first vector^^
    Did U drew them first or something? O_o
    cause its all very nicely done^^
    Well... the cat in the sky looks alil lonely though T_T
    But its a pretty piece, & I really like the upside down cats XD

  17. Shinseiki Oct 14, 2006

    Aren't they adorable..

  18. Bluearth Oct 15, 2006

    your first vector?! they certainly don't look like it! great job on the wallpaper :D Everything from clouds to cats to texture, fits together and blends in nicely. Creative idea you got there. the cloud... it looks like a fish :]

  19. Haohmaru77 Oct 15, 2006

    Oooooh querida, highlighted item! FELICIDADES! EST

  20. EvoIIICE9A Oct 15, 2006

    excellent job on a first vector, Im not a big fan of cats but this is overly adorable. I love the texture style on the wall it makes it well looks great :D

  21. IzumiChan Oct 15, 2006

    Xan-chan, you were highlighted! XD XD
    Congratulions, I'm so happy for you! :nya:
    I looked to this cats for like 10 minutes until I realized were I recognized them from... the Basis is it's Bottle Fairy girls' mascot, isn't he? ;) [I hadn't read the part of your comment that said it is, and I felt so smart discovering by myself... >.< ]
    The twins lying down were the ones that made me recognize... (you know, I'm making a Bottle Fairy wallie and the cat is included too~ XD )
    Anyway, very cute details you spread around! The mouses, the balls of yarn, the fish-shaped cloud! XD
    My favorite among all of them is the flying one. ^.^v
    Cute grass too... and the shading is good, although I think it's a bit too difuse... the light (from the ''sun'') is supposed to hit all of them on the same side, right? The way you made, it looks like there's a lamp or something like this... >_<
    Anyway, super cute work! Keep up the vectors, you're very good on them! :)
    Congrats again! ;)

  22. auel1124 Oct 15, 2006

    nice! I like it a lot, the cats are really cute and you vectored everything well, and I cant believe it`s your first vector, it`s so perfect... I have added it to my favorites after full viewed it

    you speak spanish right? si es asi, te felicito en espanol, en serio me gusta mucho tu wallpaper, y a mi siempre me han gustado los gatos (aunque ahora me gustan mas los perros xD) asi que me encanta... sigue asi!

  23. ayane-heine Oct 15, 2006

    Nekoland? those cute little things are neko? XD But it does look more like a neko when i see more.. keke!~ this is your first vector.. omg!~ i must say that you didi a great job on it.. And adding small little toys in it.. *_* i like the way you make the texture on this wallie.. It looks just like a piece of art.. <33 it.. Thanx for sharing.. :D Great job done. I hope to see more of your great pieces..

  24. ShiXon Oct 15, 2006

    how cute <3 bunch of cats with cute round heads <3 *hugs cats*
    good job, it's an adorable wallie~

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