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Ai Yazawa, NANA Wallpaper
Ai Yazawa Mangaka NANA Series

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Artist Comment

hum...this time you can call this a combination....if you really look at it you'll see that all the styles", the common stuff in my wallpapers until now are there, the shadow with the stroke, the weird shapes all over, the words that I usually write with my hand, and the textures....
kind of strange was the actual result...I leave it to your taste.
when I first started I was thinking in a wall for the inspiration project of simple ism ....and the idea that I was trying to recreate was about the romance of sid vicious and nancy spungen..and I was gonna use a Nana scan ....but I never found the right one....and if I dont have the thing I that need ...I better dont do something that is not gonna like me....so in the way....I thought about that of combining all the things that I normally do in a wall....and guess it got kind of messy but nice (right?)
the thing there is that ...well...they live through the music and the music lives through them that's why they are as a cover of the cd and the words are meant to be the lyrics.....but they actually are some random words of me,when I was listening some music.

the thing that I used (you cant call scan to this) was this:


hope you all like it






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  1. PinkPrincessLacus Oct 12, 2006

    OMG your imagine is amazing! I mean wow how do you come up with this stuff! Is so abstract and different I like it :D. I love the layout and concept of your wallpaper so much, Great Job on it! XD

    ~* Lacus *~

  2. HeartFulSkies Oct 12, 2006

    so awesome >< i tottally love this! +faves your concepts and ideas always amaze me so much O_O

  3. starrliteangel Oct 12, 2006

    heheh, like everyone above - where do you get these concepts and ideas from?! theyre really amazing. I love how abstract this piece of artwork is, and how the vectoring isnt just absolutely clean and perfect. The scribble outlines are very different from what we usually see with vectors. And I like the idea of the CD. Great job!

  4. Devilet Oct 12, 2006

    You have a good eye for coming up with a total different result from a scan. It's remarkable how you incorporated all those styles together. Each texture has it's own spot and adds just a little more depth to the piece. Indeed a very interesting wall, with monotone colours. I like how you place the words going around in the cd shape, it really works and doesn't look out of place. Truly a good piece of work from you, still keeping with your twisted and funky style. Good work, man. Keep on walling!

  5. BlueAngel17 Oct 12, 2006

    first of all.. i love the title! the irony of it really caught my attention, and made me laugh too. i've watched Nana and this wallpaper really fits the atmosphere of the series - something very true about some life aspects and such. this is really cool, and to think the words is put in a CD it's as if Nana's song was itself can be read throught it. Gee, nice one. This my most favorite wall from you. I knew it you're gonna do good with Ai Yazagawa work like what i commented before.

  6. Revan Retired Moderator Oct 12, 2006

    My... the watch add already paid off :o

    The colors you've used are what's caught me the most. It's a great combination. I've also enjoyed the way you have played with the text, the phrases portray so many thoughts all at the same time giving a sensation of randomness. Which I think really fits the mood of this piece.

    But what I really love is the sketchy outline you did for the scan.

  7. DREAM Oct 13, 2006

    i really must give you credit. i have a "thing" with text and fonts- i simply find that they usually aren't used properly in art-works.

    i love how you contained your "thoughts" and text to the cd insert. using the cd as a sort of confessional was brillant.
    "So lets keep dreaming".....

    although i would have liked to see the Nana and Ren vectors a tad cleaner [more contained] that is a minor crit and they fit the abstract nature of the bg..

    + fav
    i admit i enjoyed the live action movie.


  8. Misato-Kun Oct 13, 2006

    Again, extracting a scan and turning it into something amazing and different; your talent is incessant. Great idea and combination with the texts, everything just fits with each other in this wall. Thank you so much for your hard work; it is clear that your effort is porportional to the outcomes, as such.

  9. Regenbogen Oct 19, 2006


    Sorry I have been away for some time. I think you submitted more than just this wallpaper... I will look at all your submissions soon. ^^ I really like this one... and I wouldn't want the vector any cleaner... It's perfect like this. Very original and creative as usual... Oh I am lacking ideas at the moment. -_- Well I'll write more soon... now it's bed time for me. I'll add this wallpaper to my favs of course. :)

  10. airam13 Nov 19, 2006

    It's MUSIC...OF COURSE i LOVE IT! and of course evrybody liked it!... NO MUSIC NO LIFE! .... Mar

  11. RuKya Dec 04, 2006

    yaw.... I like it very much: simple, great sense of stle in it... the theme, image and feeling is well interwined. Great work!

  12. Lulubelle17 Nov 21, 2007

    This wallpaper really is amazing, I love the abstract feeling it gives off. Even just reading the words on it, they don't fit together and yet they do at the same time (if that makes any sense to anyone haha) I really do like this, good job ^_^

  13. SeePastHer May 10, 2009

    I like the way how the CD and the case is designed. I'm not familiar with the manga, but this wallpaper has gotten me interested. ^^

  14. momo88 Oct 27, 2009

    omg! this is amazing!
    A wonderful art work *-*

  15. Mielka Jan 18, 2010

    It's great !

    good job :)

  16. marito55 Mute Member Apr 26, 2010

    nana is a very good series. thanks for sharing ^ ^

  17. imagorawronyew Aug 16, 2010

    awesome wallpaper! thanks for sharing :D:D:D

  18. yoyilee Sep 01, 2010

    I adore nana! It's one of the greatest series i've seen!

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