Pita Ten Wallpaper: The Dark Night's Wanderer

Koge Donbo, Pita Ten, Shia, Nya Wallpaper
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Artist Comment

Zomg 200 faves! I LOVE YOU DUDES! Thank you 200th faver who I do not remember...



Kyaaaaa I'm featured! *does happy dance*


Edit: Tried to fix up the leaves. Made them less transparent.

Ah I almost forgot! This is my entry in the group Day-Dreamerz Halloween Wallie contest and the Colorfull Wallies Halloween Wallie contest! Wish me luck ;).

Hehe~ One of my 2 halloween wallies. I know I'm submitting a bit early, but anyways.

I've just read volume one of Pita Ten (as thats the only one the library has at the moment) and its sooo cute! And Shia-chan is so awesome too. So went hunting in the Pita Ten scans section and came across this. And I thought the pic would be so perfect for a halloween dark-y wallie!

~About Wallie~

Shia - Scan took ages to extract, as it was so huge! But worth it. I also had to redraw the end of the tree branch. I also drew her wings with the pen tool.

Sky - It's all wavy with them stripe things. I wanted to try something different. Made it with the pen tool. And the cute little stars!

City - the blur is intentional, as it brings focus to Shia and to make it seem in the distance. I redid the city 3 times as I kept changing my mind.

Leaves - Mostly black, but with a bit of Green for colour. Hope it looks alright.

Faves and comments are much appreciated!





[URL=http://hoteru-no-shiki.minitokyo.net]http://i41.photobuck<br />

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  1. pikac Oct 11, 2006

    wow, i love ur style

  2. Arashii01 Oct 11, 2006

    Its simple, yet cool! gr8 wrk! favs*
    yay! early halloween!

  3. tephy Oct 11, 2006

    Shia-chan is soo kawaiii ^,^

  4. EldaLacus92 Oct 11, 2006

    That's absolutely kawaii <33 Everything blends wonderfully together and all :D You chose a very good scan ;) <33

  5. mico-de-avi Oct 11, 2006

    Wow, this wall is fantastico! The character quality's such high! And extracted wonderfully! aww, and cute kitty! Allthough it kinda gives me the creepes... O.O The leaves give her a lonely feeling, I don't know why.. o.0 And the bg is soo cute & wellydone vectored! XD Greaaat job! Pita-ten's created by Koge-Donbo, right? Koge-Donbo's artwork are just like, SO CUTE! XDXDXD

  6. schwindelmagier Oct 11, 2006

    Great wallie, Aqi ^_^

    nice concept, nice bg, cute character and the stars really fit to her...the idea with the night sky looks wonderful...from a dark colour to a little bit brighter gray.....^.^P...yeah
    fav from me

  7. Kuro-kun15 Oct 11, 2006

    Oh, wow. It's so pretty! Fav for me. Nice work. Love ya! ^_^

  8. quantixar Oct 11, 2006

    Omg, that is so cute. :D

  9. Aimee1991 Oct 11, 2006

    its soo kawaii! ^_^

  10. Jim3535 Oct 12, 2006

    It's great to see another awesome Pita Ten wall since that is one of my favorite shows. I like the dark, cell shaded theme you have going. The wings are an interesting touch as well considering in the show, Shia has bat like wings. However, they look nice and fit the wall well.

  11. Sakuyai Oct 12, 2006

    This is aweeesome. I love the way you did the wallie.

  12. starrliteangel Oct 12, 2006

    AHHH! so cute ^-^ I dont think its ever too early for Halloween! (or christmas!) I think youve improved SOOOO much with this wall. it looks fabulous. GREAT job aqi!~ The only thing I think the wall could have done without (and I personally think it ruins the wall) are the leaves. The rest of the wall looks really solid and vectored, but the leaves are transparent and look a little too realistic - which doesnt match that great with the cute quirky feel youve got going on with the sky and the city.

  13. CuteSherry Oct 12, 2006

    I don't know much about this manga but this is definitely a nice wall ^__^
    It's very neat and clean; and the bg is TOTALLY cuuutee! XD XD XD XD

  14. AngelKate Oct 12, 2006

    This is really cute! The background is so adorable. I love the sky and her wings. Great job extracting too. Awesome wallie! Happy Halloween! XD

  15. eternallegend Oct 12, 2006

    aww, cute wallie XD it seems to radiate a solitary and mysterious atmosphere :D the wings are a nice touch and the background scenery looks nice :) you did well vectoring :D i like the composition and how everything is placed in your wall XD you made a wonderful halloween wall ^^

  16. BlueAngel17 Oct 12, 2006

    ahaha! this is one improved wall! nice extraction, not a CLAMP art (wahahaha, except the cat almost looked like suppiii! >.<), and i like her wand that looks like a lolipop with vanilla flavor. XD nice, nice, nice! wonder why a bell is sticking out of the lolipop... :D

    the only thing that i wish was that i wished the leaves were vectored (?) too like the way you did it with the cityscape and the wavy sky.

    i'd love to fea this is WL, but i remembered you were a judge there, thus you're not a member, bwahahaha. wonder where we can fea this in CL instead.. XD

  17. aishiteraburu Oct 12, 2006

    oh u already finished your halloween wall aqi
    I still haven't started
    Anyway have to agree with everyone
    Its a really cute wall
    The sparkles and the stars are the cutest
    Best of luck for the contest

  18. x-lawss Oct 12, 2006

    This is nice! The feeling is there!

  19. AWOL Oct 12, 2006

    Thats both an interesting wand design and wing structure; the untouched colours of the wings and the sillhouette of the city accompanied with teh well shadowed tree makes an unnatural, yet compatiable duo.

  20. Acuni Oct 12, 2006

    what can i say
    great wall
    i like the chara and the cat
    the bg goes well with the chara and the effects are good to
    hope to see more

  21. longlivekakarot Oct 12, 2006

    this is a wonderful wallie and its really cute and amazing work out there i like the background and its going to be my favorite wallie keep it up and keep creating such wallies and thanks for sharing your work here.

  22. moonfire Oct 12, 2006

    Aqi-san! :D
    Not only are you good at userpages, you;re good at wallies too!
    This is a beautiful wallie, I can feel the cold breeze and cackles of the witching hour of midnight on Oct 31. :)

    Nice background and blending too.
    Keep it up! :D

  23. enchantment Oct 13, 2006

    i love the city :) the background looks really nice :D i love the composition of your wall and everything is nicely placed :) nice wall~^^

  24. KittyCyn Oct 13, 2006

    Awesome! I luv this one girl! ;) Halloween is comming! XD yay! +fav

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