Fate/stay night Wallpaper: Saber Goes Commercial

TYPE-MOON, Fate/stay night, Saber, Product Placement Wallpaper
TYPE-MOON Studio Fate/stay night Series,Visual Novel Saber Character Product Placement Meta

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I was playing around with textures and thought: "hmm, maybe I should try making a tin sign...". Anyway this image was perfect for advertisement xD. Before anyone says the scan is not extracted well, it is... it looks that way because its embossed like everything else in a tin sign. I looked around for ideas in vintage signs =]. $1.29 is what pocky costs in the store where I buy it... I don't know what the price is anywhere else =p. Anyway, this is a poduct of experimenting around, I hope you like it. ^^


Chosen by flyindreams and candy-chan

This is what you call an original wallpaper. Execution is good, composition is balanced, colours are well chosen and you can clearly see that this probably needed a lot of planning. Embossing is an old PS technique only a very few would be courageous enough to use and achieve properly. This wall is a very nice addition to the highlights for it's originality, don't miss it.
Cheche115 is definately a rising artist you should check out on MT! And Who doesn't love pocky <3

Proposed by flyindreams and highlighted by candy-chan.

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  1. AWOL Oct 11, 2006

    Adorable~! I wanna pocky too~
    For a comercial, it looks cramped and overloaded with text which are a little too close to the edges.
    By the way, Pocky costs $2.00+ over here due to inflation of oil prices. o_0

  2. sukumei Oct 11, 2006

    thats the best pocky ad ive ever seen wow lol. nice scan there too. Oh and pocky costs 1 dollar over here... if you know where to get it...

  3. eternallegend Oct 11, 2006

    wow, interesting idea XD its really creative with the whole ad layout :D i like the colours and they match well with saber and blend well with each other :) i like how everything is portrayed and the style for the wall XD yay pocky XD i like the concept of your wall and overall you did a creative, interesting and nice wall ^^

  4. Devilet Oct 11, 2006

    Damn, didn't get the first comment as I scroll down ... Anyways! When I saw Pocky, I had to see this. Very very neat idea, it does look vintage, and the emboss works as it is part of the tin. Nice textures aswell, the colours all fit. Hehe, wish it were bigger for my desktop, but that's okay. xD Good work!

  5. candy-chan Retired Moderator Oct 12, 2006

    excellent work, this is really original :D

  6. Bluearth Oct 12, 2006

    creative! :) this is totally un-expected to see in the fate stay night catergory. very cool, you've done the scan a lot of justice and the overall of this wallpaper is totally stunning! pocky for the win xD

  7. Tilz Oct 12, 2006

    Hmm, nice concept of wallie.But anyway, do you have have permission from Glico to use their product in your wallie?hahaha =p
    I like the colors of this wallpaper, it blends very well =3

  8. Fran Retired Moderator Oct 14, 2006

    I've commented this on Animepaper *lol*
    I guess I'll comment it again xD
    Me loves it sooooo much!
    I'll fav it too :)

  9. drastikhate Oct 14, 2006

    haha! Great Pocky Ad! I can nver have enough of it. Using F S/N and Pocky together is a great idea!

  10. Rella Oct 14, 2006

    Indeed original. It's very nice. I love the whole pocky idea and Saber herself is eating one too. Keep it up! ^^

  11. LeperMessiah Oct 14, 2006

    Very nice paper, jus' wish it was a little smaller for my mediocre laptop (only 1024 res! Wahh! Anyhoo, pretty as sin. And everyone DOES love Pocky...

  12. MissyG Oct 14, 2006

    Okay, first off... Saber is sooo cute on this pic (otherwise she's beautiful xD) and second, Pocky is so sweet and I love it ;_; Those two combined... well just take this wallpaper as a result! It's cute and sweet and I <3 Pocky AND Saber! =DDD This must be a next favourite... ;_;
    +fav <3

  13. mico-de-avi Oct 14, 2006

    weee! I want pocky! (But I'm still fasting) Yep, I agree with Flyindreams, this is very original! Like, I've never seen a wall like this before! Beautifully extracted and cleaned. The bevell and emboss thingies also hit the spot! XD Awesome job!

  14. BlueAngel17 Oct 14, 2006

    hehe, lol. i think i saw this exact concept somewhere before.. ^_^' couldn't remember, anyway the theme itself is unique and quite comical at the same time. ^^

  15. Yureika Oct 14, 2006

    awesome !
    ur ideas and the wall...well i dont really like it as a wall tho
    but it'll really look good for commercials !
    fav !

  16. cassandraronald Oct 14, 2006

    wow really nice wallie XD
    I love the idea you came up with^

  17. ayane-heine Oct 14, 2006

    omg!~ This looks ulber great.. it looked as though it is one of the old poster in the oldies.. it looks so real.. O_O you really did a great job on that.. ^^ *eats pocky* keep up with your great job.. maybe you can try making one like "shana eating some potato chips" XD

  18. puchikonyo Oct 14, 2006

    pocky and saber! XD; very cute! love the overall effect! +favs!

  19. Espada Oct 14, 2006

    Nice! V. original idea.

  20. bvc100 Oct 15, 2006

    Wow! I'm getting myself a pocky right away. <MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH>
    Great wallie!

  21. Benjikun7 Oct 15, 2006

    fate stay night and pocky is crazy delicious! Awesome job. I wish I could photoshop stuff as well as you can. :(

  22. GentleSnow Oct 15, 2006

    Awesome wallpaper. It's such a unique idea, and very cute too.

  23. Myurr Oct 15, 2006

    Lol i love this, the colors are really nice together and i love the vintege feel. it makes me want some pocky, and im guessing thats what an add should do *.* fake or not lol. *fav*.

  24. midnightLOVERS Oct 15, 2006

    oh yum. i dont know the character but she looks pretty and the scan does seem to be extrcted well. but then again i really cant do qnything when it comes to making wallies. i really like it. it seems like you captured the ventage look in this ad and it is pretty persuadsive too because know i want to go buy some pocky. but the price there is rather expensive. it's only like $0.99 here...

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