Sumomo Kpa Wallpaper: *Stars Guardian* / ~With Clouds Help~

Sumomo Kpa Wallpaper
Sumomo Kpa Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

hello...first of all...please full view (always my wallies look better full viewed...cuz they have so many details)..here's a link so u don't have to use one of ur download quota
now i'm gonna star to talk about the wallie. I think there are, more or less, 50 layers. I really took a lot of time to do this one. The easiest thing was the planet, i did it just rendering some difference clouds, then spherizing it and finally, using history brush, i made it some transparent.
I was about 2 days thinking what title to put in this one, and last night i dreamt something (now i really can't remember it), and when i woke up...the title was in my head (the problem is that i'm not very poetic).
In the sky, first i painted it with a solid color, then, with a brush, i painted some weird things in different colors. Then i put in some gaussian blur and finally a gradient with an opaciti of 30%.
Then i add some stars, glitter, glow, that semi-circle, and all the things u can see.
Hope u like it...i really worked hard in this wallie.

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take care, have a very nice day...
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  1. strawberrt Oct 11, 2006

    wow, this wallpaper is amazing! I really love the background. It looks so cool and well made. Wonderful job! ^^

  2. eternallegend Oct 11, 2006

    i like the composition of the background and the colours you used are nice :D its a bit bright where she is and on the bottom left but that doesnt matter ^_^' your wallie looks nice anyway XD the stars look nice and the title is really interesting :) overall nice wall ^^

  3. quantixar Oct 11, 2006

    Sugoi desu! :D

    (Shame, favs are not working for me, so I can't fav it T_T)

  4. TMC Oct 11, 2006

    Nice wall I love the background and the effect are great. I like that orb reflecting the clouds, the stars, and the arching effect coming from the girl. Also the girl is cute and matches with the wally great. Nice job keep it up, Fav.

  5. Acuni Oct 11, 2006

    this one looks good
    the colours fit together and the effects look great, like the chara to
    keep it up

  6. muneera Oct 11, 2006

    youre improving your self each time you submit a new wallie....
    well this one looks great...everything is perfect...well done..fav for me

  7. enchantment Oct 11, 2006

    the colours are soo nice :) the planet looks nice but it looks a little random as well XD [hope i havent offened you ^_^' ] the clouds are really nice and the stars are as well :D overall, lovely wall~^^

  8. BlueAngel17 Oct 11, 2006

    wow, this is an improvement. ^^ because you didn't follow your usual "one-color-tone" theme. the mix of green, blue and purple are fantastic! and i really like the way you did the globe, i think i remember the same steps from a seminar, but i've never thought of doing that because i forgot. the way you said it made me remember. ^^ i'd like somehow for the scan to blend well with the streaming lights.. somehow! ^^

    anyway, this is a very improved and appealing wall from you. this will be a new fea for wings-lovers. ^^

  9. mico-de-avi Oct 11, 2006

    Wonderfully Beautiful! I simply love it! XD Only, maybe you should put shades more to the planet. X| It looks kinda plain that way.. And adding gaussian blurr to the character could be nice. :) The clouds are absolutely wonderfull, as well as the stars. And that sccribble looks abstractly wonderfull! The text, maybe it's better without bevel/emboss. >.< Well, great job, though! :D

  10. Jim3535 Oct 11, 2006

    I really like this wall. It has a good layout and is nice and smooth with a great scan. However, I'm not too fond of the text and the sideways streaking of the swirls on the left. The text glow and over accentuated 3D look make it feel out of place.

  11. Phantasm Oct 11, 2006

    wonderful expression! so beautiful background and interesting compotision...
    the earth with an angel girl on. the drawing style of vast ocean of clouds is also attractive.

  12. sweetsleep Banned Member Oct 11, 2006

    very nice background, a girl is cute
    add fav

  13. Melisandre Oct 11, 2006

    Awesome wallie gabby-san! It's fascinating. I love the planet and the girl is really cute. I like the lights effects and the colours and... everything. Thanks for sharing :)

  14. Kuro-kun15 Oct 11, 2006

    Oh wow, I love the colors on this. Fav! ^^ Keep up the good work, hun.

  15. awa0216 Oct 11, 2006

    Great pic, love the backround.

  16. starrliteangel Oct 12, 2006

    youve improved considerably! What a beautiful wall! The clouds are lovely. But the planet looks a tad bit too blurry. I think if you make that planet a little more..erm...defined, and if you take out that random squiggle behind the character (it might look better without it, because it doesnt really relate with anything else in the wall besides being white and bright), i really think this wall is up for a feature!

  17. BBShadowCat Oct 12, 2006

    wow this is prettty! Nice mixture of colors! XD

  18. darkwings Oct 12, 2006

    wow! pretty sky! aw, a beautiful wall! i like it

  19. Rai1e Oct 13, 2006

    The effects are cool XD but maybe you shouldn't use emboss to the text, it's kinda not clear to read, besides it didn't blend very well with the wallpaper. For me, excepting the text, everything is all great :) keep up the good work XD gonna fave this one XD

  20. drastikhate Oct 13, 2006

    It's like the lifeforce is being drawn into the clouds.
    You gotta be proud to have 2 of your works in this week's popular! Keep it up!

  21. AngelKate Oct 13, 2006

    That scan is so pretty! Where did you find her?

    I love the colors in the sky and the planet too. And the white lines give it sort of a celestial feel. Great work. :)

  22. Kyelor Oct 14, 2006

    The planet looks a little dull compared to the other elements of your wall, but I absolutely love that arcing swirls/clouds across the sky! And you've used such a cute scan ^_^

  23. animefairy Oct 14, 2006

    It's very cute! ^^ I love the colors and effects! The shiny stuff are very beautiful and looks nice with the girl! ^^ Love it!

  24. juniok Oct 14, 2006

    nice wall very cute

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