Night Head Genesis Wallpaper: Night Head Genesis Vector Wall

You Higuri, Night Head Genesis Wallpaper
You Higuri Mangaka Night Head Genesis Series

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

And its finally done! Woohoo! Yeah I just wanted to make the hair look a little more advanced because just having basic hair didnt cut it for these two XD. I gave you guys a wallpaper size just because Im generous ;p. And of course it was pretty big when I got it into Photoshop. I added some effects of the night lights and rain to give out how sad they look.

This is for my Angel Ayasal she really wanted me to continue with this piece and as a treat for her I decided to make their hair like this ...almost kinda of like what greyserg does in his works...except he does it better XD. Hope you like it Sweetheart *kiss*.

NOTE: Almost forgot hahaha this was taken from a screenshot from the show as well ^_^;


Hope you enjoy this piece!
Take care!

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  1. gabysango2011 Oct 11, 2006

    it's really cool...i like it...and the hair is really nice...
    the bgr is also awesome...
    congrats....this is definitely a fav..! ^_^

  2. MadoshiKurefu Retired Moderator Oct 11, 2006

    Beautiful vector work! I love the hair. ^^

  3. starrliteangel Oct 12, 2006

    wow really nice vector! I love the effects you gave it, and the hair is just awesome. it mustve taken a long time! And the extra effects on the hair you put in really add detail and make the wall interesting. The text looks kind of odd though..I like the font style, its just the placing. Hm..how do i explain this? The way you placed it is good, its just a little too bunched up in the middle. I think you should add more spacing in between the text (just a little) because since the characters come out from the center, it just makes everything look....centered and the wall looks...hm...heavy? in the middle. Theres just too much going on around that center line there (even if there is no visible center line...im just talking about like..the center of the wall, vertically).

  4. BlueAngel17 Oct 12, 2006

    i think this is the first vector i've ever seen from you. the way you added the strokes on the hair absolutely adds up to the flare. it's more realistic this way. however, maybe i'm just not used to it, but i see it more like a staw wig of a lighter color fixed to hide their hair. maybe adding strands darker than the hair color will do.

    congrats on the fea at CL too.

  5. BobaFett2ha Oct 13, 2006

    Wow, this is an amazing vector! Glad to see something fresh from you.

  6. mikan-sakura Oct 14, 2006

    like this vector <3
    hmm lol it looks like a cover for a new anime or something xD
    though the hair looks a lil weird maybe it's because of the color ><
    oh well gj anyway ^^

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