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Artist Comment

Ulquiorra is my loooooooooooooooveeeee <33333333

Except I can't make him as hot as kubo does.. but .. eh.. whatever.. this took way too long already :/


Chosen by candy-chan and euna

I had meant to highlight this days ago. Sorry frozen!

This is a fabulously painted doujinshi. Not only is there clean look to it, the smooth paint work and careful shading enhance the artwork to the highest level. We can hardly complain about anything in this wonderfully produced artwork. Awesome job frozen!

Proposed by candy-chan and highlighted by euna.

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  1. candy-chan Retired Moderator Oct 11, 2006

    damn you.

    that kanji is way too big D:

  2. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Oct 11, 2006

    Emo boy! XD This is one awesome doujin frozenwilderness! Beautiful job on the colors and just about everything! At first I thought this was a colored manga scan or something! 2 things though-- his chin seems a little too angular and I think his mask/horn thing is supposed to be a little longer in the back. (Though I could be completely wrong on that last point and if so, forgive me. ^_^') But other than that, great job! :D

  3. rythem Oct 11, 2006

    HE LOOKS SO BISHIE D: <3 the lineart is so perfect omgz *touches screen* I love his face and that sword :3

  4. MinaOukami Oct 11, 2006

    Wow! o.o When I looked at the thumbnail, I thought this was a wallpaper made of an official scan. :D Well, still, the quality of the artwork is as good as in official pictures anyway. Very nice, indeed! ^^

    Could you ever try to draw Grimmjaw? I'd love to see one. But of course, it'd probably take much time and stuff like that. You don't have to. :) Just thought.

  5. Sayonara Oct 11, 2006

    hell yeah, he rocks the hell outta everyone! love him >.<!

  6. spyclamp Oct 12, 2006

    very coollll
    and thank you for sharing

  7. Wapy Oct 12, 2006

    nice quality doujin, bu you could make something on the bg than mist. Anyway, the chara really llooks great!

  8. flyindreams Oct 12, 2006

    Looks sweet XD Love the whole painted look, especially for the bg :3 I do agree with candy... the kanji could be smaller. Great work nonetheless x)

  9. anji Oct 13, 2006

    He's so cool. XD You really rules, drawing him like this.
    Love the background too, it really has a painting style.
    And I love how you pay attention on little details like the red reflection on his coat.
    The kanji yeah maybe a bit more smaller, it would be nice.
    Great work, absolutly a fav XD

  10. GaiJiN Oct 14, 2006

    Really like your Cging again, it's clean but has enough depth. Kubo Tite definitely knows his way around in character design, very nice fanart :) .

  11. Rex Oct 19, 2006

    that is one kickass drawing

    i haven't been back in a while and u've this much? lol
    anyways, this looks great
    i think you're good enough to start your own bleach doujinshi

  12. euna Retired Moderator Oct 23, 2006

    I never got around to posting here with the stupid internet connection. Anyway, absolutely gorgeous work frozen. It's just wonderfully drawn and painted. Everything about it looks professional <3 It's wonderful. *highlights*

  13. heavenANDearth Nov 18, 2006

    One word for it! PERFECT!

    This has got to be one of the best fan arts i've seen! (trust me, that's a lot!)

    Thanks for sharing!

    *adds to favs and idolizes it*

  14. dMp Nov 20, 2006

    actually, i say this pwns Kubo's verstion if there is one around :). *smacks self for not seeing it earlier*

  15. Spyderz Dec 19, 2006

    this one looks awesome,well done,i must absolutely have it.Thanks a lot for sharing

  16. SangoHiwatari28 Feb 19, 2007

    mm..not bad o.o
    soo...Ulquirra is a bishie....mhp..
    thanks for sharing!

  17. auel1124 Mar 29, 2007

    nice! I thought at first it was a scan, and it was a doujinshi... I downloaded it for a better view and it`s just great!

  18. CronIcLeZ Apr 02, 2007

    hehe thx for sharing..!

  19. Ryouko Apr 07, 2007

    it's an awesome doujinshi! fantastic wallpaper. I love it. :) but yeah, the kanji is a bit large :X

  20. Kyuukii Jul 07, 2007

    he looks sad. even when kubo draws him. I am not familiar with this "Ulquirra-san" but forgive me if I'm wrong isn't that da evil uniform of anti-soulreapers
    he no look like the rest of da evils so why is he there. he looks so sad....
    I wonder what happened

    merged: 07-08-2007 ~ 07:52am
    I'm baaaaaaaaack! with (some) research. I don't know why he looks sad or his story but I think i have confirmed that he is pestimistic. when he appears on the cover of volume 22 the phrase inside is:
    "There is no meaning in our world
    And no meaning in us who live there
    We, meaningless, think of the world
    Although knowing that there is no meaning there
    Is even meaningless itself"
    as always kubo-sensei's phrases are beautiful, elegant, but also sad. <they also seem to fit the characters.
    thats why I like them! except for that Grimmjow guy the phrase is:
    "Destroy everyone and everything"
    when I read it it gives me the creeps like I can hear some haunting voice like being trapped in icy darkness you can just feel the bloodlust leaking through the page and filling the air like smoke.

  21. jo3slay3r Jul 08, 2007

    pls draw grimmjow too :) ur drawing of ulquiorra is really outstanding and breath-taking. it's a realli marvelous piece of art. can u help us get a pic of grimmjow? looking forward to it :p lol

  22. ShiningAngel Jan 04, 2008

    I think this as a CG even looks better than his manga version <3

  23. Mirquend Jul 18, 2010

    Great job, thanks for sharing! :D

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