Memories Off Wallpaper: Those Three Words (I Love You)

Mutsumi Sasaki, Memories Off, Inori Misasagi Wallpaper
Mutsumi Sasaki Mangaka Memories Off Series,Visual Novel Inori Misasagi Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Dreaming with a broken heart. Waking up is the hardest part.

I'm crossposting this wallpaper from my Animepaper account. Hope you guys enjoy it here as well. :)

All I can say
I shouldn't say
Can we take a ride?
Get out of this place
While we still have time
You want to take a ride?
Get out of this place
While we still have time

To complete your viewing pleasure, watch this video together with this wallpaper.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hb7B9laY1Q - Work by Jimmy Eat World! *applause*

*Note: If you are really interested in getting to know the wall better, then click on the AnimePaper link and it will lead you to all the details there is for you to know, as I do not want to repeat my description twice, not especially for this wallpaper which I keep personal. <3

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  1. BlueAngel17 Oct 10, 2006

    wow, this is so beautiful. it's sooo rare to see this kind of scene; it's lively, fun and light to the eyes. ^^ and the text is good too. yet, it's kinda weird to see a Greek-style building matched to an old Hisplanic-styled house, kinda not blending in sync, if anyone cares. and where did those petals and flowers come from? ^^ but then so, it's so foolproof to the eyes, and still appreciated by the eyes. good job! my desktop too! ^^

    merged: 10-11-2006 ~ 02:31am
    sana makagawa ka pa ng mas magandang works. ^^ astig mo talaga. ^^

  2. Kenichi Oct 11, 2006

    oh wow, finally a real wallpaper that i c looks amazing since people started to die in MT.

    nice work as well as ur video.

  3. muneera Oct 11, 2006

    beautifull work....I love it....

  4. milla-chan Oct 11, 2006

    YAY, it was in here too XD
    I saw this wall in animepaper, and i just gotta have it

    really nice work - don't know the serie - but its really pretty.
    thanks for sharing it ;)

  5. eternallegend Oct 11, 2006

    the background scenery looks nice but the petals seem a bit random ^_^' i like the nice atmosphere created and the sky looks nice :D yay clouds XD i like the overall composition of the background and overall nice wall ^^

  6. enchantment Oct 11, 2006

    wow, the wall is soo nice :) i love the colours and the background looks amazing :D i love the petals and everything comes together nicely :) lovely wall~^^

  7. x-lawss Oct 11, 2006

    It's is a nice wallpaper you have here! I really like it, keep it up!

  8. Blueheart Oct 11, 2006

    very well done. I like what you've did with her eyes colour and the clothes, It gave to the scan some of your originality.
    Also, the background is very well done and goes well with the girl colours. the Building on the background are very rare on wallpapers, but you make them working fine with the image. nice shoot!

    simply, your Master piece!

  9. Kiako Oct 12, 2006

    nice wallpaper, the bg is well done, i like the scene.
    keep it up

  10. SupermilkchanChii Oct 12, 2006

    I love the buildings^_^
    AWESOME job!

  11. dianas Oct 12, 2006

    it looks good but the bg is from Aria is it...i can see a character from Aria behind her..
    because of that i don`t think that it fits very well ^_^' well that is just me
    i like the dove from her hand..

  12. animefairy Oct 12, 2006

    I just love the colors! <3 <3 That scan has always been my fav from the start! ^^ The bg with all the buildings and willages are so kewl! >.< The shinyness of this wall makes me feel so happy! ^^ Loves from me! *adding to fav* Keep it up and thanks for sharing! ^^ I can't wait to see more from ya, Koi!

  13. AOforever1 Oct 12, 2006

    Very impressive wallpaper, the camera angle and position of the character fit nicely and reflect the "mystic" mood perfectly.

  14. Kyelor Oct 12, 2006

    Awesome background! It looks so exotic and whimsical. There is a strong sense of feeling I get from this wall, so that's always the sign of amazing art! This wall is clean, crisp and has a very sweet and well portrayed theme. Awesome job!

  15. cereshe22 Oct 12, 2006

    nice wallpaper and the girl is pretty!

  16. jaalin Oct 12, 2006

    ahh a page out of amano kozue's artbook eh? i love the art from ARIA... interesting to see a character from another anime mixed in

  17. Cyberpukish Oct 12, 2006

    The glow and colors make it pleasant to view. Thanks!

  18. nxia Oct 12, 2006

    OMG! this is one of the BEST wallie i've ever SEEN! O.O"
    the effects are really pleasing to the eyes; the dove, petals of sakura, a sort of clouds effect and the whole structure! ^___^ it's really nice! Great JoB! XD

  19. slasherxwan Oct 13, 2006

    The quality of the image and the bg..
    It's really great..
    Love thi s wallie..

  20. Lantisdlb Oct 13, 2006

    Very very good job, it

  21. darkar Oct 13, 2006

    Oh dear, this is alluring and beautiful. Love it ~
    Some how can feel it ~


  22. jen182 Oct 13, 2006

    absolutely awesome !
    great job !

  23. SunSpots Oct 13, 2006

    *Looks the cute girl in the eyes, then:*

    "Yes, its true. I Love you!"

    great beautiful wall, new fav!

  24. XDarkDestinyX Oct 13, 2006

    I love it! The colors are wonderful and a great mix. It's calm and peaceful. I just thought it was a little random that there is another person in the background just behind her. It kinda took me by surprise. Haha.

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