Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Wallpaper: Kamui, The King of Chaos

CLAMP, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Kamui Shirou Wallpaper
CLAMP Mangaka Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Series,OVA Kamui Shirou Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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X-O full view please!

ok ... darn am i tired O_O ... the kamui vector took me around ... oh ... 24 hours O_O ... my gosh all the details, all the shadowing, and i had to redraw some of his leg cuz of the stupid binding in the original scan ><. oy, i guess the wallpaper's very abstract, since i didn't know what kind of scenery to put him in O_O ... ah... hahaha ...

original scan

the bg idea came from random scribbling they call writing in random cartoons and such XD .. like some random squiggles would be considered words XD so i thought of the possiblity : what if the random squiggles came alive from the book O_o and kamui was controlling them? well ... my mixed up mind .. haha you gotta love it lol.

lol he's sitting on a giant book ... strange i know, but i would get big brownie points from the art teacher hehe XD

well anyhoo, this is part two, the abstract part, of Charlene's gift ^_^

well ... ish tired ...

i got my textures from aethereality and DA! ^_^




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  1. melymay Oct 10, 2006

    Whoa .. O_O That looks so cool XD XD I love it :) Everything looks great. I can't think of anything negative to say about it XD Buahah... *changes into destop* Keep it up! +fave :)

  2. enchantment Oct 10, 2006

    wow, the vector is really nicely done and hes fixed up great :) its also really clean :D 24 hours o_0 thats a longs time XD all the time paid off, the wall looks amazing :) i love the book hes sitting on XD all those shapes are pretty random XD lovely wall~^^

  3. kyokujitsu Oct 10, 2006

    Wow, that's awesome ^_^ Awesome work on the vector. I'm trying to learn how to vector right now, and it really does help you realise how much effort is put into massive vectors, and your one is awesome ^_^ Lol, I can't quite wrap my head around what you were trying to do with the background, but it still manages to suit the chaotic aura of the scan. However, I wish those lines "coming to life" were a little more... dangerous-looking I suppose. They look more random than chaotic, and though I wouldn't go so far as to say that they're cute, they don't make you think "wow, this guy is really powerful/chaotic/evil/awesome." But overall, still an awesome wall. Thanks for sharing ^_^

    *Adds to Favourites*

  4. Missy-K Oct 10, 2006

    Holy crap! That's great work there! Good vectoring! Kamui-sama!

  5. iloveanime567 Oct 10, 2006

    ~ i love it! omgoodness its its its its its*speechless* 0.0~

  6. eternallegend Oct 10, 2006

    24 hours? thats a 24 hours well spent XD you did a wonderful job on the vector :D the textures add a nice touch and i like the abstract like background :) some lines on parts of the abstract background are a bit jagged but that doesnt matter XD the book looks really nice :) amazing wall ^^

  7. ravi Oct 10, 2006

    OMG its wonderful! everything is just perfect..amazing job on the vector...

    i love it!...*goes totally fangirl*...Kamui!

    great job!^^

  8. fuuiin Oct 10, 2006


  9. aey21 Oct 10, 2006

    very graet wallpaper

  10. drastikhate Oct 10, 2006

    You're a Genius at vectors!

  11. CuteSherry Oct 10, 2006

    You did a great work with this vector :)
    Kamui looks dazzingly beautiful and the bg you created fits him very well ^_^
    Your use of textures is good too.

  12. Chingers Oct 10, 2006


    The thumbnail almost got lost in the shuffle, mostly because I haven't seen this particular scan. I am SO glad I decided to take a closer look.

    The vector is clean(well worth the 24 hours!), the random jaggedness added depth and dimension, while not making it too busy.

    CLAMP would be SO proud!


  13. aya-aries Oct 10, 2006

    i love Kamui (>///<) it's really great wallie
    thank for share

  14. Yuria Oct 11, 2006

    It's gorgeous!All the hours of hard work - you can certanly see them!Very very good,no - great wall!Man,i'd even fav it 2 times!

  15. Loneokamionna Oct 11, 2006

    Interesting vector of Kamui. X3
    So gorgeous. Xd

  16. Kuyashisa Oct 11, 2006

    I think it's one of the best wallpaper of Clamp I've seen in minitokyo, the work, seeing the original scan is pretty impressive.
    The red stripe gives a very nice looking of the wallpaper, background is nice too.

  17. flyindreams Oct 11, 2006

    Cool XD Lovely job on the Kamui vector, and a really interesting background + concept to go with it as well... Nicely done :D

  18. fawna-chan Oct 11, 2006

    Oh, that's such a great vector job on Kamui! >.< The squiggles are nice! :D Very interesting concept.

  19. HaWaIIofHoaI Oct 11, 2006

    it's chaotic and it seems like it's popping out! it is.... the SQUIGGLY LINE! hahaha. i really like this wallie. kamui looks cool and the chaos withing this wallie befits kamui's aura. =)

  20. ShindouShuichi Oct 11, 2006

    DAMN! This is awesome! The quality of the work is high, I see absoultly nothing out of place. Awesome Job! I'm gonna browse your other work ^_~ Hehehe Ya! Your bringing Sexy back Hahahahah. Justin Timberlake.! Get it? Okay......

  21. awa0216 Oct 11, 2006

    amazing pic.

  22. ultima-weapon Oct 12, 2006

    oh man..... this is way tooooo cool.......
    KAmui's juz too cool... n powerful.....

  23. starrliteangel Oct 12, 2006

    man, I really do understand how you feel after you vector all that. jeez. *points at my fye wall* it feels like a truck just ran you over and then you had a bunch of cows stampede over you after that. nice little migrane too. heheh. And Im starting to love your vectoring style. its not perfectly clean (sorry! I dont mean that in a bad way). your style is more choppy, and you have edges here and there where they should be smooth (like the book pages) but it all looks great. kamui-chan's eyes look great! love that color you used.

    I think it might look a little nicer if you have some kind of writing in the book. Like a little line from the manga or something? humm not sure what you could put, but it'll add more detail, i think.

    merged: 10-12-2006 ~ 11:02am
    gonna put this up as a feature at CL, so if you want to, you can put in the featured at CL banner.

  24. annakee Oct 12, 2006

    its a mixture of kamui and alucard XD jaja... but is awesome! fav for the lot of work that you did it!

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