Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Wallpaper: :Sunset :: Angel :::

Arina Tanemura, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, Maron Kusakabe Wallpaper

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

FRESH WALLPAPER! Submitted it, right when it was finished! XD
Duration: 1 and a half hour ( OX )
Scan Source: Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Artbook
Stock Photos(Water Lilies): Dunno. Forgot OX
Font Source: DaFont
Brush Source: Adobe Photoshop Reset/Stock Brushes, DeviantART
Mood: o_0
Author's Comment
When I grabbed the scan, came an idea in the hizouse! I mean the brain. o_0 I quite enjoyed making this wall but I'm like, "w00t". 0__0 I try to make this wall as clean and soft as possible, so GAUSSIAN BLURR IS IN THA HIZAOUSE! I loove that effect. It makes 'peace'. And than after like, GB(Gaussian Blur) comes to the hizaouse, next is OVY(Overlay)! But I also use SofL(Soft Light) and HarL(Hard Light). They come in handy for Dramatic/sad feelings. :) And the water looks embarressing. >.< Like, thay are all funky and like, wavey.. :sweat: Maybe the good thing in this wall is only the artwork! X-O But I hope you guys like the bg, though.
Well, please comment. How many pretties do I have to say for you guys to comment? Pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty :pacman: PLEAASE, comment! XD
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  1. Elyvania Oct 10, 2006

    I cannot beleive that no one has left any comment about this incredible wallpaper O_o it's sooooo pretty! From a far it looks blurry but when you open it it looks amazing, it's not blurry and the lights and colors are perfect, the edges are smooth and the scan it's well worked (the textures of the dress are impressive). Definetly a favorite =D.

  2. shadowVII Oct 10, 2006

    this is beautiful.
    i love it.

  3. BlueAngel17 Oct 10, 2006

    most people don't like to do Arina Tanemura works because it's manga quality.. but i'm glad you did.. ^^ we're just one of the few.. ^^

    let's see.. the scan is cleanly extracted, good job! and i like the color combo of pink and orange, never done that before on a wall. the water... uh.. hehe... ^^ how about making an original blue waterscape, then go to adjustments>hue/saturation and change it into a hue of orange so it'll be more easier for you to visualize it. ^^

    feathers.. yeah, i love soft light too.. also pin light! maybe making the feathers more little will help cuz they are not in proportion with the scan. but it'll be happy to see higantic feathers in your way once in a while. ^^

    the flowers are also neatly extracted but i don't know if they're flying or floating.. if they're floating, you can add ripples to the water but if they're flying you can scatter them like the feathers. ^^

    yeah, gaussian blur rocks. keep it up! ^^

  4. aishiteraburu Oct 10, 2006

    Oooh Sparkles
    Love them

    Really nice work on the extraction. Gotta hand it to you, it really clean and blends with the background perfectly

    The flowers are also neatly extracted and like blue-san said I also like the combo of the colors

    Overall Its good

  5. starrliteangel Oct 12, 2006

    wow yes...very lovely. I loooove gaussian blur! its my favorite filter. hehe. Actually, I used it wayy too much in my earlier walls. Hmm..so heres some things i see in the wall that need fixing

    -the swirly thing around jeanne ( i think thats jeanne, anyways). Theres some of it ontop of her hair, on the left side, infront of her face. I dont think its supposed to be like that. I would also recommend gaussian blurring that JUST a TAD bit. a teeny teeny bit. Because as it is now, its the sharpest thing I see in the wall, and it stands out way too much.
    -the flowers. Like blueangel said, if theyre floating, they need to have ripples under them. The bottom petals also need to look more submerged, because as they are now, they look floaty. the one flower thats towards the back needs to have a little gaussian blur because it looks like its more in the distance.
    -the feathers. A little too big for my taste. they do look really nice though. I would just make them smaller in size, and thinner.
    -the extraction - like blueangel said, your extraction is really good, but i do see some teeny bits of white unextracted stuff here and there. i think my eyes are just too good or im just wierd about these things.
    -the water. i suggest you use a stock photo the next time and change the hue/saturation like blueangel said, or apply a filter to your current water. I usually go to filter - distort - ripple. Its hard adjusting it to look like water, but it turns out okay. Its also good to look for some water brushes. I recommend deviantart. just type in ocean brushes or water brushes, and it should have a few.

  6. monyetterbang Oct 13, 2006

    wat a nice wallie thx 4 sharing! ^_^

  7. kai Mar 25, 2007

    Very nice, the light-lighting gives the feathers the perfect touch. :D

  8. Litschii Mute Member Jan 13, 2008

    The background i cooool^^!

  9. sailorcapuccino Jun 26, 2008

    Beautifull colors! I love sunset like wallpapers and this one is so lovely! Nice job!

  10. Kearin May 14, 2009

    She looks so serene, your choice in colors only enhances how beautiful the original picture is. I love it!

  11. nayomira May 12, 2010

    thank you so much for sharing this! ^.^

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