Platinum Wind Wallpaper: Clouded Sadness

Orbit, Platinum Wind, Fannil Wallpaper
Orbit Studio Platinum Wind Visual Novel Fannil Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

another wallie XD

this one also contains stars :D

i dont really know how long it took me to do this wall but it took a few hours XD

theres around 35 layers, cant really remember since i lost count ^_^'

i cant remember where i got the image since it was on my computer for a while and i only just got around to using it

if you look closely you would be able to notice the ripple effect since i tried to make it well make sense in a way i guess ^_^'

thanks for veiwing XD

edit: thanks to lum-sann's suggestion i added a ripple where she is :D i also added the reflections of the clouds thanks to wapy and inuyashalove04's advice :)

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  1. Loos3r Oct 08, 2006

    Just awesome - every second you spent on this was worth it.

  2. simo Oct 08, 2006

    Your work is amazing! I love the bacvkround very much! the colours also, love them! ^_^ Thnx for sharing!

  3. muneera Oct 08, 2006

    good job...the sky looks awesome.... I like the way the girl is standing in the water
    well overall..excellent work

  4. Melisandre Oct 08, 2006

    Really nice and a very good work. Congratulations :)

  5. quantixar Oct 08, 2006

    Wow, nice. Gotta remember you and wait for your next wallie. :)

  6. mikan-sakura Oct 09, 2006

    cute scan and gj on the bg
    though it looks a lil.... empty O.o
    oh well GJ anyway :)!

  7. Lum-sann Oct 09, 2006

    Wow eternallengend ^^ your wallie is super kawaii! ^^ you always give a magical bg that's really nice, i like very much the way that you make walls :) pinky and a lovely sky, you have to teach how make those skys XD
    The moons are pretty good, i think that the reflection of the moons should have more details in the water as the girl reflection. oh and it would be nice to have a ripple of where she is (i've been in suggestion mood this days XD )
    Hoho i really love your skys ^^ the stars are really beautiful and gives even more a magical sky :)
    It's a very nice wall! keep it up! ^^

  8. Angi Retired Moderator Oct 09, 2006

    awww very cute
    she looks like shes going to make a magical spell or something ^_^

  9. starrliteangel Oct 09, 2006

    really nice colors! haha I think I say this everytime i comment on your walls (or on your twin's) Id just say the only part that looks odd in this wall is where the girl meets the water. she just kind of fades into it..but usually when an object is half in the water, theres almost a solid line. Even if thats supposed to be mist around her where she meets the water, you should still be able to see some solid line through the mist. but otherwise, great job! I love the clouds floating the water ALOT.

  10. Rhonda21 Oct 09, 2006

    The sky is so beautiful. I love the clouds and the planets. So lovely. The water looks really good too. The scan is really cool. I like it. Well nice blend of colors. Great job!

  11. shadowreaper88 Oct 09, 2006

    what a cool looking wallpaper the colors in it look realy good

  12. enchantment Oct 09, 2006

    wow, i love the background :) i love the planets as well as the stars and the birds :D the shooting stars are nicely placed and the water looks really nice as well :) i love the clouds and ohh, ripples XD overall, nice wall~^^

  13. mico-de-avi Oct 09, 2006

    Gorgeous! XD Only, I think the water's too blurry. And there's not enough 'dramatic' feeling arround it. Maybe gaussian blur the character and set it overlay would be nice. :) The bg and the text is just perfect! And I loove the colors. and Orbit artworks are just fantastic-licious, aren't they? Well, great job!

  14. Wapy Oct 10, 2006

    Ok, I'll comment like a tiger
    there are already too many wallpaper in MT with a girl in the middle of the see and moon and clouds in the sky. the only thing - this one is pink. Where is the horizon?
    I guess there are other possibilities than just putting the girl in the middle of the sea if you don't have a full body scan. How can the stars shine in the middle of the cloudy sky?
    Try to extract the scan better, look at her hair, there are somethings that shouldn't be there. I'm happy you did the reflection on the water of the scan and the moon but there is none for the clouds....(?)
    Well, sorry ofr this, but someone has too see further than the cute girl and the pink atmosfere....

  15. inuyashalove04 Oct 10, 2006

    Beautiful wallpaper. The bg work, is what caught my attention when I looked over it. The scan is very nice too. There are places around her hair that needs to be cleaned up; the tips especially. And, perhaps a few reflections of clouds in the water, to fit better with everything else...that's the only thing that you did put in the water. But, all around it's a good wallpaper.

  16. Akira-san Oct 16, 2006

    Another great wallie from you, this fantasy scenery is really kick ass! I liked so much that sky you created. Really impressive! About the colors I can say the same cause they're wonderful, I love these color tones ^^
    Adding to favs, good job =)

  17. Anason Oct 17, 2006

    I love it! It reminds me of Demyx cause of the water and Sora, cause umm tell you later ^-^ addin you to my friend list kay^-~

  18. nanapan Nov 11, 2006

    Wow! very sexy and so cool ! I like this wallpaper... .Thx for this wallpaper.... ^^

  19. ayane-heine Dec 18, 2006

    wow.. i like the ripples that you made on the scan and water.. That rally makes it more awesome.. I rally like the way you created those bg.. The colours blending is great.. Sparkles... Clouds... Shooting stars... planet... All these really blended well together.. But since the scan is slighter darker in colour.. Maybe creating the bg will darker colours will blend better with the scan.. but overall, the wallie was great.. Thanx for sharing it.. :D

  20. x-lawss Feb 08, 2007

    This looks great! :)
    The ripple effect is there i like it!
    Keep it up XD

  21. quati Jul 09, 2007

    WOW..this wallpaper is Amazing! XD
    Thanks and byebye! -_-

  22. KnightofFire Jul 21, 2007

    Wow is most of what i have to say, it's got a beautiful background and the moons are really lovely, along with the coloring of the sky and water it looks and feels dreamy. The scan i think is a good choice and she stands out real nice from the picture but she still blends well.

  23. Litschii Mute Member Jul 06, 2008

    The walli is really awsome O__O (^^) just really love it, for the most the girl, she is sooo beautiful^^!

  24. bloodlustrena Nov 12, 2009

    Wow it is really pretty I like it alot. Thank you so much for sharing.

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