Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Wallpaper: Hitsuzen Approaches - For Charlene <3

CLAMP, Bee Train, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Kamui Shirou Wallpaper
CLAMP Mangaka Bee Train Studio Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Series,OVA Kamui Shirou Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

full view please...PLEASE O_O

EDIT:: fixed the misspelled word XD

ok ... EVERYTHING, i repeat everything, was vectored by meh O_o as soon as i got home today, which was about 11:30 ish, i started working on this. I had no internet connection on this comp at the time, so it tottally made me nuts trying to find ANY kamui pics in my computer [charlene i know you loooove Kamui, so that's why i made this for your birthday, which is on halloween, but you can never be too early ^^;;] sooo all i found was tihs black and white manga scan from tsubasa O_o ... i thought i was dead for sure XD ...

Click here for the original pic

then i was like, "hmmm...what kind of scenery should it be?" so then i made a window and he's inside a room, peering outside one night to see something magical. But is it dangerous? O_o hoo hoo... lol well, yup ^ ^;;

i'm practically dead over this thing, but enjoy Charlene ^_^

oh and textures are from aethereality XD




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  1. PinkPrincessLacus Oct 07, 2006

    Wow Its so pretty I love it! As I said before Doki-chan I think its amazing, the style of it is amazing I just love how you do that :D. Your vectoring skills is so great I mean omg, and your vision in this wall was so creative! XD There are so many great details about this wall, the feathers, door, bars, and everything. I love the textures, and the dark theme to this wallpaper! Your so talented! Great job my friend! XD *adds to favs no doubt*. Oh and woot woot I was the first to comment and fave, YEAH! *jumps up and down*. :D +5pts at HnS, and is one of my picks for HnS next weeks features, congrats girl! X-P.

    ~* Lacus *~

  2. aqiaqua Oct 07, 2006

    Awww, its Kamui-kun! Hahaha he looks so cute in Tsubasa. Great vector too! And the feathers are purrty <3. Fave from me.

  3. eternallegend Oct 07, 2006

    the vector looks amazing XD the textures help add character to your wall :D i like all the bits and pieces in your wall and how everything is arranged :) the feathers help add a nice touch to your wall and its interesting with the checkered cross hatched design [you know what i mean ^_^' hopefully] overall amazing vector ^^

  4. enchantment Oct 07, 2006

    ooh, i love the textury look :) i love the feathers and it does look mysterious XD maybe even a little darkish XD everything is nicely vectored and the wall overall is really nice and detailed :D lovely wall~^^

  5. LilKittyCrazie Oct 07, 2006

    kamui-kun! aishiteru-ooi! kakkaoi!

  6. Rella Oct 07, 2006

    It looks really nice! I love the dark theme and the vectoring is awesome. I especially like the glowing feathers, it stands out a lot. XD

  7. starrliteangel Oct 08, 2006

    hey great job! I LOVE kamui. lets see...I think my #1 anime loves are kamui and kiba as of now...sesshomaru used to be on the list too..but ahh that was a long time ago...heheh. anyways. its really odd, because the character doesnt look like kamui. he looks more like syaoran to me..i dont know why..ahh my eyes are soo itchy! ahahah sorry. hey, i think youre getting pretty good at making dark walls. but dont forget about your angelic ones too, cuz you did awesome on those as well! you did pretty good with the vectoring - your skills improve so darn fast! But theres some parts i see that look a little too...new? Like the left side next to the table..its just too clean looking. the lines are the same thickness from the top to the bottom. if its not close, and farther away, the lines shouldnt be the same thickness all the way thru. its a rather simple wall, but very nice.

  8. CuteSherry Oct 08, 2006

    Amazing vector and great coloring skills and use of brushes and textures! XD XD XD XD
    The whole mood and the idea of the room and Kamui looking out outside is awsome too, and the general feeling of the wall is great ^___^
    I also liked the fact this wall is so very neat and Kamui looks so well :)
    It's a +fav!
    Now, 2 things : it would have been great if it was made clearer that the feathers were outside the windows not giving them this tranparent color while their outlines were not + the perspective is a little off for the furnitures in the back.

  9. HaWaIIofHoaI Oct 11, 2006

    well executed. it has this dark feeling behind it but i cannot put my finger on what... i think it's fear? like the type of fear you have when a storm approaches. XD

  10. Mizunotsubasa Oct 13, 2006

    YAY I love Kamui. XD

  11. Assasin629 Oct 13, 2006

    It's so cuuuute!
    Oh my Kamui ^/////^
    Ah,you have very carefully on making background,isn't it?
    But Kamui's face is a little skew,in the knee,right?
    OH MY KAMUI!^//////^

  12. Enysha Sep 19, 2007

    Kyaaaa~~~~ Kamui-sama *--* always so cute *melt*
    This wall is amazing!
    Congratulations, it's a very good job ^^.

    I love you, Kamui-sama <3

  13. SukiRin May 27, 2009

    Kamui-sama is just sooo cute! love him!

  14. daniticha Aug 25, 2009

    KAMMMMMUUUIIIIIII *-* I love that wallpaper, really! Thanks a lot!

  15. xxstilldollxx Nov 16, 2009

    This wall is nice,the background is brown!Thankyou!

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