Wolf's Rain Wallpaper: Gravity

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This is a feature at:Hoteru-no-Shiki

***EDIT :: Blurred the wolves a bit

***SUGGESTION :: listen to Gravity while you look at the wall! I personally think it matches the song quite well.

Well, this is a dedication to one of my favorite songs from Wolf's Rain (even though they are ALL awesome!). Like the song, I wanted to convey a feeling of softness..thats why the moon edge and the edge of the snow are both blurred a little. I had a hard time choosing where to place the text..but I didnt want it in the middle because then everything would look centered..and that moon really bothers me. I think it just looks..wrong, but oh well. And I believe I saw screenshots from the ending song when Gravity plays, and the moon was like that - below the horizon looking, so I dont think thats whats wrong with it...ahh anyways. Texture from DA!Desktop Anime.

All wolves were taken from screenshots...I searched sooo hard for them. and then they were soo tiny, i had to enlargen them and vector them. Hopefully, you can tell who is who if youve seen the anime. For those that havent (and for those that have, but forgot who is who) from left to right - Kiba (the leader, as usual), Hige (he has the barely visible collar on), Tsume (whos scar on the chest is also barely visible), and finally cute Toboe! (who has the bangles on his paw. I think I actually verified which side those bangles were supposed to be on when I made the wall too. hehe.)

I started this wall a while ago..infact, i started it when I started the Dreaming of Rakuen wall..thats when I was going thru a Wolf's Rain revival craze. And then I went to japan over summer and forgot about it. so its been sitting in my computer for about 3 months or so. i start so many walls and then get bored with them..

The little quote underneath Gravity is from the song itself! hmmm yea, I know its really boring to look at, but I wanted to try my luck with something simple this time.

Thanks to PinkPrincessLacus/Sam for her critiques! (I'll give ya a cupcake)



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  1. PinkPrincessLacus Oct 07, 2006

    OMG freakin yeah! I GET A CUPCAKE AGAIN! XD hahaha

    Oh back to the wallie, I got four major words for this wallie Starr! :D UMM I LOVE IT ! XD. Your creativiness and talent has no bounds it seems. It gives off this feeling of calmness and serene that I adore! The colors blend so nicely together, and the textures are just wow..blow my mind! I love the idea you had for this wallie the layout itself is so well thought out. The details are so nice here, the snow looks so soft and fluffy like I could touch it and the foot prints add such a wonderful touch to it. You did another amazing job Starr! *adds to favs duhhh* X-P

    ~* Lacus *~

  2. eternallegend Oct 07, 2006

    wow, you did a wonderful job on the vectoring :D run wolves run XD go wolves :) i like the big moon as it helps add character to your wall :D the shadows a nicely done and the colour scheme looks lovely :) amazing wall ^^

  3. enchantment Oct 07, 2006

    aww, i love the wolfs :) aww, cute, hes got bangles XD its like a snowy day :D so nice :) i love the idea and the how the moon is rising, or falling :) lovely wall~^^

  4. BlueAngel17 Oct 07, 2006

    kyaaa! TSUMEEEE! yep, it fits the wall cuz it looks like a nicer version of the ending song. ^^ anyway, i like the texture application.. but i think moon is too big.. dunno..

    ne, starr-san, i like the snow in this wall now. ;)

  5. longlivekakarot Oct 07, 2006

    man! this is an awesome wallie i've seen so far this is an incredible peace of work i like the way you brought your imagination on to the wallie and i like that i like the moon, snow, wolfs and everything. Hey! even i am fine fan of wolf's rain osts. anyways thanks for submitting your work here in this site.

  6. nolove Oct 07, 2006

    i like it, really <3
    everything original looks so special =P
    difinitely my next desktop ^_^

  7. alterlier Oct 08, 2006

    the softness look you wanted to show is perfectly visible, all the textures you put on, make the wall give a feeling of purity jaja and the whole thing actually makes you feel kind of free.
    have to say that in the thumbnail everything looks very sharpened and even in the full view the wolves are kind of plain, dont know if you try to blur them as how you did with the moon that looks awesome, and it dont bother like you said....but maybe it will be a good idea? who knows
    the composition is really cool, original if you let me say...and pretty clever, after all you took the idea from screenshots.
    nice to see new things coming from you...and come on if you start boring about new walls you are boring yourself, better have some fun.

  8. bromithia Retired Moderator Oct 08, 2006

    I wish the colors were more natural, and a less brown colored... ah well, nice work. I love that song, by the way.

  9. KyleeStrike Oct 08, 2006

    That's a really cool idea and the scene of the wolves running in the snow looks really nice. But it does look weird, being so light-coloured.

  10. UberDog Oct 08, 2006

    Nice work Starr. It's good to see some more simple approaches at wallpapers.
    Truely a breath of fresh air. I love the faint shadows on the snow.
    I feel the Gravity of it all. :)

  11. Ardenta Oct 08, 2006

    That song is very great, I love it very much, as well as this anime, and I think you made a great wallpaper. You could darken it a bit but if you leave it this way, that isn't problem either ;) Keep up the good work, I really like this wallpaper. :)

  12. MapleRose Retired Moderator Oct 10, 2006

    wow, I like the composition, the wolves look so free :)

    nice vector, and I like the textures, esp on the wolves, and the sepia-ish tone :) though I think it doesn't need so many snowflakes (or maybe some bigger and softer ones)

  13. annakee Oct 12, 2006

    i like the song too ^^
    and, let me excuses me for be late on this... after 4 days of absent, the notifications are going me mad >_<
    jaja. i like the immense moon that cover your vision... that same moon that gives you light in the night as hope in the darkness. maybe i have liked to see something of blurr in the wolves (for the light of the moon) but this isn't a great thing, your wallie is beautiful like that ^^

  14. moonfire Oct 12, 2006

    Nice vectoring!
    Wow, you're improving in two areas at the same time! Not only are you gifted in making userpages, but you also have potential for making wallpapers and vectors.
    Great job! :D

  15. epherlite Oct 22, 2006

    I love the soft, clean feel of this wallpaper. Everything is so muted and has this really gentle, reminiscent feeling to it. It also definitely conveys the air of melancholy prevailent in both the song and anime. Really nice piece, great work.

  16. enchantressinthedark Feb 24, 2007

    Wow, the vectoring's really great! <3 Such a beautiful wall of wolves running *__* And the textures are nice too~! Keep it up!

  17. KuramasExlover Jul 30, 2008

    wow, some of my favorite colors mixed in with one of my favorite animes. sweet!

  18. bogdee Jan 18, 2009

    I've always liked this scene: wolves running before the moon...

  19. none-freak Mar 19, 2009

    great and i agree with bogdee

  20. NenaToxica Jan 04, 2011

    But you're an artist! this is really beautiful, the colors, image, effects, everything is perfect!

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