Yukiwo Wallpaper: Amber Nights .:[Dedicated to: animanga]:.

Yukiwo Wallpaper
Yukiwo Mangaka

1024x768 Wallpaper

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This is a Feature Wall at: Hoteru-no-Shiki


Hello Everyone! XD,

This is my newest wallie, and I love it sooo much :D. I made this because I was working on my ANC wall for the Lovingayashi-no-Ceres Wallpaper contest and I needed a break so I was surfing MT and I found this scan that I LOVED SO MUCH and also it for some reason screamed ani-chan to me, and haha Yes Lacus can do darkish walls to XD. :P So its a present to her XD I hope ya like it girl *sticks tougue at you* :D.

Umm I used a stock photo for the bg, I filtered it my usual way and with new and other ways as well. I have other layers of the stock on top of each other, some parts erased and a lot on blend modes and etc. I used lots and lots of different types and colors of brushes in the background and placed them on a lot of different modes as well. I layed three layers of textures on it, and also had to erase some parts of one of them to give the character's texture effect that I Love so much. :) I had like four layers of the main character's scan, I cleaned it and I had one layer on a lighting effects and had one of her layers on a blend mode to show that throught just barely. :D I made a few lighting sources, and I placed sparkles and shimmer in this on top of the textures and brush layers on blend modes to enhance the different colors and to bring out the pretty effect. The moon was a brush and it was so hard to do just as my sister thingperson she gave me some advice once again on a wallie, thanks sissy. I mean omg if you only saw the original stock and scan I had to use you couldnt believe it turned out like this, I cant lol. XD It says 28 layers but I merged a lot of things in here to keep track of it hehe. :) Thanks to deviantart for the brushes used. Oh I and worked none stop on this thing yesterday ask Starr as proof LOL. This wallpaper was a lot of fun to do, yet it made me think SO hard on it hehe.

This is a present for ani-chan, she is so sweet and funny to me, she is my spamming buddy without her helping me spam during the daytime I would get so bored talking to myself in the shoutboxes LOL :D.

Oh EldaLacus you should be getting a surprise from me to soon as well ;) as soon as I finish up my laurent's present/ANC wall okay :D.

To be honest once again my best friend Starr made me submit this wall as soon as possible so haha everyone thank her to LOL. XD She taughted me how to used the fonts on here as well, Its so cool I have never downloaded fonts and been able to use them before so thankyou so much Starr XD. I had a bad title for this wallpaper that I hated, and she also gave me a better one for it, THANKS so much Starr *hugs*. Thanks to my sister thingperson agian, it was her idea to add more sparkles to it and advice on the moon *hugs her to* she is such my little helper :). I hope this wall is okay, I was inspired to do this sort of style by heartfulskies's Welcome banner at HnS hehe I have always wanted to do something like that style sort of and Yay I did Im so happy. Well now back to my ANC wall contest entry.

EDIT/UPDATE: Saw a little piece of color messed up at the end of her hair and fixed it. :D

Comments and Favs are always Welcomed.


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  1. thingperson Oct 06, 2006

    oh this is so pretty i just love this i love the colors and the effects and how it look..and the scan is so pretty..wow and the feel of this is just so pretty..wow i just love this so much..your so talented..i just love this..*smiles*.

    From your real life twin Sister,

  2. muneera Oct 06, 2006

    beautifull wallie....
    I love the background & the girl is fitting in it
    well done....+fav

  3. laurent Oct 06, 2006

    WOWIES x AMAZED LOOK ! ! ! The bg, OMG ! It looks so complicated and highly detailed. That is such a nice bg. I love the colours ! Once again, nice job on blending the scan with the bg. Looks flawless to me.
    I really don't know where you find the time and inspiration. I'm really 'wowed', my love. Ow and yay, my present is up next *does a happy dance*
    Well, this goes to my favs straight away ! *clicky clicky* Thanx so much for sharing this beauty, my beauty *hehe*

    Your loverboy angel, your Kira

  4. Melisandre Oct 06, 2006

    Lovely work, it's great. I love the bg, it's so complet and the girl is really cute also, congratulations :)

  5. gabysango2011 Oct 06, 2006

    i really oike the scan...i like her style..and also the bgr is really amazing...
    + fav

  6. enchantment Oct 06, 2006

    wow, the background looks great :) love the textury look :D the colours are sooo nice :) and yay a moon XD amazing wall~^^

  7. eternallegend Oct 06, 2006

    i like the nice textured background XD the title suits well with your wall :D the colours look nice and i like all the sparkles yay sparkles XD and the effects you used look lovely :) i like the moon and overall you made a wonderful wall ^^

  8. x-lawss Oct 06, 2006

    Every thing looks so amazing! This is great! Keep it upXD

  9. sweetsleep Banned Member Oct 06, 2006

    nice background,i like it
    add fav

  10. Rella Oct 06, 2006

    Ooh, that looks soo nice. The scan matches perfectly with the background, love the choice of colors. The texture is beautiful too. Very nice, keep it up! =D

  11. Phantasm Oct 06, 2006

    really nice! beautiful background, and brilliant effect use.
    color is also nice. thanks.

  12. dianas Oct 06, 2006

    oops a diferent stile for our young talent Lacus..
    must say that the girl is a good choice she looks so cute and so thin >_<
    i have always liked shades of red a warm color..so of course u will have a fav from me
    and i`m delighted to hear that ur working at a wallpaper for Loving ANC :)

  13. AWOL Oct 06, 2006

    Has animanga seen this yet? lol, I guess not.

    It has a complex effect which utilizes haze and deep colours. It brings out a sensational burning feeling, which is what this wall needed.

  14. uchiha-vegeta Oct 06, 2006

    haha , ur angelboy showed one hell of a reaction =P , anyways , just as everyone said , this wally is amazing =D , ive got no idea when u got so good T_T X=D

  15. animanga Oct 06, 2006

    Oooooooooh Lacus! :D
    Me loves the purdy girl & the pretty BG & the awesome font & the lovely sparkles...ani loves everything!
    XD & ani means it...this is ani's new desktop & ani doesn't use desktops off MT. ;)
    Where did you find that scan? :)
    Good taste girl, I love it! :D I'll get it up on my UP real soon. :) Ah...check your GB too...
    + fave (duh XD )

  16. FutatsuNoNegai Oct 06, 2006

    I love it!Especially the colour that surrounds her!Love it!*add to faves*

  17. lovecards Oct 06, 2006

    Is vrey cool...what can i say the people says almoust eveything ^^. Nice work and keep it up! ( i dont how you have so much time to be in many places in Mt! ^^).See y a ^_~....

  18. Kan-chan Oct 06, 2006

    ohhh I was jsut looking at new wall and I saw ur wall it's so pretty =3 I really like how u filtered the photos and all it's really really good ;) i am so proud of u my student ;) hehehe

  19. kaisui1tatsu Oct 06, 2006

    Nice job on the wallpaper! I like the textures that are in the wallpaper. Thanks for sharing it!

  20. EldaLacus92 Oct 06, 2006

    Kyaa that's lovely! <3 I love the textures you've put and that glow simplu gives you an ethreal feeling when you just stare at that wonderful wallie! XD I love it *add to her favs*

  21. audeaya Oct 07, 2006

    it's so great and perfect XD I cant' say anything on it sam!
    +fav ;)

  22. Kairi-Hearts Oct 07, 2006

    your walling skills have really improved in such a short time! Congrats on that ^^
    About the wall...what else is there to say...it's AMAZING!
    it's really pretty and I love the scan you used!
    fav :D

  23. aqiaqua Oct 07, 2006

    Haha, I really like this one ^_^. The stock photo has been edited wonderfully, and the colour scheme is very cute. Although I think the texture on the top seems a bit..."heavy" in a way? But I really love it. I'll ask about a feature at CL for you ;).

  24. Limefreak Oct 07, 2006

    Awesome grunge technique ^_^
    go lacus! your walls are really starting to get good lately ^_^

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