Miggy Wallpaper: A different World, a Different perspective

Miggy Wallpaper
Miggy Mangaka

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Another Miggy wallpaper. I have to say that Miggy is an artist with whose works I fell in love immediatley, just like Yoshitaka Amano. I guess you can expect even more Miggy wallpapers in future :pacman:

This wall has been done a little more thoughtful, not spontaneously like the one I did before. I spent more attention to the vector this time, so I hope you notice a difference. The original scan was not as sketchy so it was also easier.
I wasn't very creative with the background, only copied what had already been in the original image (except the cat boy). Somehow I just thought the background was already perfect and only made little additions to fill up empty space XD

Scan has been taken from Minitokyo (thanks DREAM for uploading those great Miggy scans)

Textures taken from DA! Desktop Anime

Patterns taken from Hybrid-Genesis.net and Ming-Ling.net

Time spent on the wall: two days
Layers: About 30 (not counting layers of the girl and her sofa x_x)

Tried to fix up all the things Kuroimisa objected.

Forgot some sources as well: Stockimage for her shoe taken from Morguefile.com (glittering high heels XD)
Font taken from Dafont.com


Chosen by LordWe and kuroimisa

Oh oh!

Miggy's lovely work in watercolour looks so incredibly delicate and it seems to me a very difficult task to use in a wallpaper. However, Erdbeermilch has wonderfully sharpened the soft edges yet has still managed to retain that watercolourey feel and texture of Miggy's works.

On top of that, the perspective on this is absolutely funky. This will make your desktop completely out of this world :D Be-au-tiful!

Proposed by LordWe and highlighted by kuroimisa.

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Browse Miggy Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. moonfire Oct 05, 2006

    *yay I made it first! XD*

    I've always loved your expressive style of vectoring, and combination of colors and patterns. Everything looks so simple yet beautiful. It's really a well-executed and well-thought out wallpaper. :)

  2. MadoshiKurefu Retired Moderator Oct 05, 2006

    Quote by moonfireEverything looks so simple yet beautiful.

    *I think the same* Great wallpaper! *favs*

  3. Kiako Oct 05, 2006

    nice wallpaper, the ideea for the scene is very good.
    keep it up

  4. Morphee Oct 05, 2006

    woaw! very simple and very nice! i really like the character's pose :)
    awsome job! hope to see more!

  5. Sabbathiel Oct 05, 2006

    great and uniqe work, I'm impressed, really nice one!

  6. Zefie Oct 06, 2006

    so clean and beautiful wallpaper ! really like the simplish looking design, it makes composition very pretty. scan you vectored is well done, it's clear and detailedly done. it also fits with the background :) background you made is really interesting ~ it's like it would be room but the same time it's like the sofa would be out in some kind of balcony since you can see the sky from so high above that the clouds are almost at the same level as the character. squared floor emphasize the feeling of the balcony, it's also nice way to capture elegantish touch for the background which goes nicely with the theme of the scan because the character is like really rich lady or miss. square pattern also fits nicely with the sofa and it gives good sense of difference in depth. i like the clouds on the sky, they are so soft looking and their shapes are some how quite fascinating ^_^ they also smoothens the colour changing from greenish blue to light little bit yellowish beige colour. overall the colouring of the background is really calming since it's quite peaceful. colours of the floor gives nicely balance for light sky colour. it's also interesting detail that there is two moons though the sky is so bright. the way character is on the sofa and the way her pretty white dress goes makes her look little bit like princess. and the touch of princess is emphasized by the shoe on the floor, it kind of reminds me of cinderella. though the character reminds also little bit like vampire, she looks sweet and the butterly with the bird gives more softens the vampire-like touch of her more. you managed to make really beautiful wall which is clear and though it's simple looking, there is something which captures the eye of the viewer :D great work and thank you for sharing !

  7. enchantment Oct 06, 2006

    wow, the wall is really clean and neat :) i love the background and everything is nicely placed and done nicely :D lovely wall~^^

  8. eternallegend Oct 06, 2006

    amazing, the vector is really well done :) it seems to have an air of elegance in a way XD i like the composition of the background and the colour scheme looks nice and seems to give it that nice neutral effect :D overall wonderful vector ^^

  9. fawna-chan Oct 06, 2006

    uh...yeah. :) Just that everything looks great and simple. It's just so elegantly done, with the "dimension" effect on the sides of the checkerboard floor. All in all, it's still a great vectored wallpaper.

  10. AWOL Oct 06, 2006

    Every artifact is placed accordingly, and the twisted feel of the ground has played a somewhat matrixisim effect.

  11. Mallory Oct 06, 2006

    beautiful! I really like this one...keep up the good work!

  12. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Oct 06, 2006

    This is amazing. Miggy's work is really hard to work with, and the best I can probably manage to do is grunge or manip the original because vectoring to me seems out of the question. But this is really nice O.O

    One minor crit- pay attention to some of the outlines and there's a tile or two with the blue part not filled in. One at the very bottom has been left blank, and another one on the left curving up has been prematurely uncoloured :P It's just a minor thing, and when fixed up, probably flawless :)

  13. nolove Oct 06, 2006

    nyaa....how stylist it is XD
    i truly wouldnt think so will come to vector such art >_<
    and you did it amazingly o_0
    such a great color you've chosen plus a wonderful whole-scene XD
    nice wall and congratulation XD

  14. Shanatan Oct 06, 2006

    I loved it, you did a great job!

  15. Devilet Oct 06, 2006

    Wow, Erdbeermilch. This looks awesome! The colour scheme is just surperb. Very nice vector, I think her eyes look a bit funny though. Great wonky angle you got here, makes it very interesting. The clouds are really good I must say. This does have another world feel to it, I would put it on my desktop but the size is kinda small. xD

  16. Angi Retired Moderator Oct 07, 2006

    i love the soft colors you used and the perspective u used is just amazing
    nice work!
    fav! you deserve it!

  17. ShiXon Oct 07, 2006

    i love this <3
    something just really catched my attention and i'm going to put it in my desktop :3
    very good job ~ and i wonder how cute and sweet it will be if it were pink 8dd mwehehehe

  18. markjo Oct 07, 2006

    A fantastic wallpaper - the colouring is really soothing and non-invasive, while the wallpaper has a touch of craziness in it (the sofa outside? check grass?). I definitely want to see more of such wallpapers.

  19. CosmoStar Oct 08, 2006

    This is very pretty! Looks like a traditional painting, it's very smooth and pleasant to the eyes. The ladies face is pretty, I liked the shoe -somehow it caught my attention very quickly! The butterfly, the floor and the clouds are awesome, they add lots of magic to the wall. It's indeed an unique art, because there are some meaningful behind it, like a hidden reason for it, like a lesson for the viewer.
    Congrats and keep working like this! Thanks for sharing your art!
    I added it to my favs!

  20. ganstamonica Oct 09, 2006

    simple and clean; very nic wallie!

  21. calisqo Oct 09, 2006

    Stunningly presented.

    The plain pale bg gives a unique blend to the composition, which i quite like.
    The char you've chosen is very interesting and charismatic in away.
    My comment perhaps play aroun d more with the lineweights .

    Overall nice wall. Awesome

  22. Devildude Oct 09, 2006

    This is indeed the one of the most interesting walls yet, utterly stunning to the desktop, the visual and really, the uniqueness.... I might as well say that it could have been your best wallpaper yet.

  23. bluSake Retired Moderator Oct 10, 2006

    Stunning. Incredible. Strikes me speechless.

  24. GintheTwilightswords Oct 11, 2006

    I have high respect for anyone who believes that Amano is a wonderful artist.His style stands out from many other artists in it's own regard,and I think this Miggy person does the same.

    You did a fantastic job recreated the scan in your own vision.The bg really reminds me of something from a Dahli piece.Superb work Erd ^-^.

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