Kingdom Hearts Wallpaper: Of All These Things

Shiro Amano, Square Enix, Kingdom Hearts, Piglet, Winnie The Pooh Wallpaper
Shiro Amano Mangaka Square Enix Studio Kingdom Hearts Game Piglet Character Winnie The Pooh Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Ok first off a disclaimer: I HATED the Hundred Acre Woods in KH1 and 2. Especially Tigger, I was like IF YOU MAKE ME JUMP ACROSS STUMPS AGAIN! D: But it's impossible to not adore Pooh. And Piglet. And the rest. So yeah... long overdue wall to celebrate of successful completion of the games, although I really rushed through the end of the first and the whole of the second... I need to go back and replay the games for all the secret stuff x)

Outlines from this scan; CG/painted in PS CS2 with hard round brush, eraser, and mouse (<3). Bit of nice colorful break from the dark monochrome-ish walls I've been making ^^ Sora color referenced this scan; Pooh, Piglet, and Tigger color referenced this (googled) image, and background color referenced this image. Crumpled paper texture from Stock.XCHNG... Damn those torn pages! >XD

Loves to gids and Baka (via the tate proxy) for checks and suggests... and special thanks to tyrant tat0rs, for keeping me up almost all night and driving me like a slave... thanks bunches, I'm glad this wall is keeping you up in turn XD

Additional res, (black) morbid and textless versions of this wall can be found at pixel ellipsis yo!

...and for more complicated walls, please check out some of the other works in this lovely forum >D

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  1. Chloe Retired Moderator Oct 05, 2006

    Commented on AP =D I really love this.

  2. bromithia Retired Moderator Oct 05, 2006

    lol, it's a good Simple-ism wall. The paper texture you used is really nice, and the bouncing star on the top of the text is just adorable. It seems like the center of the wallpaper should be wrinklier, but, it looks fine as a whole. Good job :)

  3. eternallegend Oct 05, 2006

    i like the background with the crickledness XD i like the simpleness of the design and the colour scheme looks nice :D you did a really good job in painting the scan :) nice cute wall ^^

  4. ayaki Oct 05, 2006

    omg it's pooh!~ :D
    The coloring looks awesome! just like an original artwork.
    and i totally love the phrase (>3<)A.
    unlike brom..i don't mind about the wrinkles...cuz it's not important here.
    btw..did u msg me in msn? o_O heeeeeeeeeeeh

  5. inuyashalove04 Oct 05, 2006

    This is a different wallpaper...a unique wallpaper. I like the crumpled paper look and the coloring is very good. I'm like you, hated this part of the games...very boring and stupid, but...I like your wallpaper. Nice work.

  6. rythem Oct 05, 2006

    awww it's so cute ; ; great work on cging it and I love the concept :'D
    this kinda makes me miss watching Pooh on tv . *LOL*

  7. fuyuu Oct 05, 2006

    Aww, Tigger is teh love y'know! D:
    Anyway, the coloring looks great and I think the crumpled paper matches the image very well. : )

  8. Melisandre Oct 06, 2006

    Lovely, I love Winnie the Pooh and the colouring you made is superb. My congrats and my fav ^^U

  9. uchiha-vegeta Oct 06, 2006

    soo....amazing... T_T =D

  10. Ephemeral-Garden Oct 06, 2006

    Whoa. I though you were scanning a picture you did without using any tools from the PC. XD *absolutely shocked* A new fresh, soft coloured wall, yay! I've been seeing too much dark walls from you recently, I need something to shrink my pupils. ^^

    Hahha. I have to agree with Hundred Acre Woods in KH. They don't even change the activity in KH: Chains of Memories either. I still remembered how silly I felt being asked to jump from stump to stump, and Pooh was really pissing me off for walking sooo slow. >.<

  11. markjo Oct 07, 2006

    A really good simplistic wallpaper. I like the paper texture (the wrinkles look very realistic), but definitely the best is the quality of the drawing - tiger rules!

  12. Yina Oct 07, 2006

    new desktop *__*
    you coloured the scan with the mouse?
    wow sugee, I tried the mouse when I didn't have my tablet, but it was horrible x__x
    anyway, I really like the composition and everything <33
    can't wait to play KH 2 ;__;

  13. Fran Retired Moderator Oct 08, 2006

    So cute!
    I love pooh so much!
    Wow you coloured using your mouse that's awesome flyin'-san
    I like the composition, it really work for me
    Definitely a fav
    <3 Pooh!

  14. AlexXan Oct 08, 2006

    yea :) this time i know (contrariwise to katamari) ~ KH is game ^_^' and i know pooh too :D hi hi
    i like this wallie ~ nice, simple and adorable :)
    yy i need to kick my self to make some wallie again too ~

  15. inuchan Oct 08, 2006

    i love that picture! its so cute! ^___^

  16. HeartFulSkies Oct 10, 2006

    omg this is sooo cute X33 ... i love it! good job +faves, ne~

  17. alterlier Oct 30, 2006

    so I'm really late here....late....but I was browsing and I saw sora...and well you cant avoid sora...is just a rule...so here I am
    jaja I also hated hundred acre woods in all of possible shapes.....even I have to admit that I jumped to another world the first time I played the game only to not look at pooh...he's just toooo slow....anyway....like everybody said above ....omg! you did it with the mouse, oh! is incredible, oh! I love it! oh I would never do that, oh!oh!oh!....guess there's no point in say that....well I'm also surprised (not that OH! surprised, cuz I've seen your works and you are really good in what you do but surprised cuz it takes a lot of work and patience I guess)
    the whole wrinkled effect remind me to the missing/torn pages of the book...so that was sure a nice idea and the colors and simplicity just makes it more attracting....it was impossible to me find even a little mistake on this wallpaper....so I have to say that you managed really great the composition of this artwork....and that's always kind of cool.

  18. Lycan Jan 18, 2007

    Very cute. nice & simple

  19. shortkitty Nov 23, 2007

    Aw, this is so cute! :3 I love it to pieces!

  20. butter-chama Nov 29, 2008

    zomg ! *o* i so so so love this moment XDD
    yeah call me corny or whatever but i so love winnie pooh + sora
    ubberly kawaii <33 haha
    thanks so much this is so cool
    the page effect is a w e s o m e
    you rock have a nice day x]

  21. FinalAngelWings Aug 11, 2009

    aww! :)

  22. TwoHearts Sep 27, 2009

    it's so... calming...

  23. makistephanie Oct 26, 2009

    awww~ it's simple but really beautiful~!
    i love the way they're holding hands,,
    thanks for sharing anyway...
    you did a good job~! 8)

  24. xenocanaan Jan 15, 2010

    That is just too CUTE!
    I love it so much!

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