Shakugan no Shana Wallpaper: Shakugan no Shana Fire

Noizi Ito, Shakugan no Shana, Bel Peol, Shana Wallpaper
Noizi Ito Mangaka Shakugan no Shana Series,OVA Bel Peol Character Shana Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I love this Anime! :)

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  1. AnimeFanChris Oct 04, 2006

    Awesome Shana wallie its very well done! +fav from me

  2. dianas Oct 04, 2006

    iup nice wallie with Shana..i love how the face looks on the blade :)
    + fav from me

  3. Denski Oct 04, 2006

    this is very cool!
    ... well... im mean hot

  4. Kuro-kun15 Oct 04, 2006

    Wow, nice work. Love it. fav. ^_^

  5. pinpal Oct 05, 2006

    AMAZING! i think this is the best Shana wall i have seen. hope to see more from you.

  6. AWOL Oct 05, 2006

    Flaring effects which fits the theme!

  7. starrliteangel Oct 06, 2006

    wow very nice! I dont really like wallpapers decorated with text, but you did yours really nicely - I like! hehe. The fonts arent so bold and solid even if they do take up alot of space, so they dont really take away from teh wall. i like that reflection on the sword too. Very good job. the fireyness fits the wall perfectly. Theres just that black space behind the top part of teh sword though, thats kind of...just there. i think if you added some faded versions of those brushes you used behind the text, it would complete the wall. or if you put in soemthing else.just looks a bit empty.

  8. Wapy Oct 06, 2006

    Nice bg effects, a little too orange, but nice impact! good characters.

  9. aqua-cat Banned Member Oct 07, 2006

    this is incredable I LOVE THE EFFECTS

  10. himura088 Oct 08, 2006

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  11. zerosnow Oct 08, 2006

    incredable , nice effect
    graet job
    keep up the good work
    TQ for sharing

  12. melymay Oct 08, 2006

    Wow >_> Nicely done. The effects and brushes look so cool XD And the scan you used goes perfectly with it all :D Keep it up! +fave

  13. LonelyFriend Oct 08, 2006

    I most love this.....thank for sharing...keep it up...

  14. shiwei Oct 09, 2006

    wow, very nice wallpaper...
    the fire effect is great, i like it
    keep it up, add fav

  15. ganstamonica Oct 09, 2006

    Awesome Shana wallie!

  16. UltraMarine Oct 09, 2006

    Very nice reflective effects on the sword. I like your choice of text.

  17. wwddaa Mute Member Oct 09, 2006

    This tablecloth does is very good, very suitablly works as the
    tablecloth Continues to refuel oh.

  18. Rai1e Oct 09, 2006

    OMG i really love this wallpaper, the blendings are perfect! XD XD XD gonna fave this one XD

  19. cassandraronald Oct 09, 2006

    *full views*
    wow nice wallie^^
    i love the effects that you used
    i like the face on the blade =)

  20. Lirael Oct 09, 2006

    I love this wallpaper! it has such a huge intensity. It looks as if the entire area is about to burn, but the figure in it feels completely at home within this fire... it seems very symbolic (a fire also seems to burn within her own eyes). Ohh one more thing i like how you can see the reflection of the other girl in the blade. the background suits the girl perfectly... thanks so much!

  21. Sutendoji Oct 10, 2006

    This a great wallpaper, it is so artistic.
    I like the blade and the image in it and the red eyes of the girl.

  22. Firemace Oct 10, 2006

    Hmmmm... you sure you didn't got edge on by Shana's blade while doing this ? XD Just kidding.

    Ah... the most prominent feature will be her eyes of course. Most mistaken the blade.Oh well, nevermind. The refraction is good.
    Good scratch, Chinese Calli. Word and grudge brushes there. *Whistle* You even took the effort on the lens' flare. mmmmm....although i think the text and the black area top right of the blade can be improved....some shader and lighter brushing or lays ?

    As i must say, you got me going with the embers and hazy stuff. Compostion...hmm...Good. ^^V I still Love your Idealogy Most. Talk about a Flare up Wallie. :)

    A flaw i will like to point out though. Duh...its not really a flaw. Rather, you can minimize the wordwrap in the bottom right ? *points Signature* (It protrudes from control bar on Win Systems but on Mac.. ^^V ) That will be perfect.

    Combustive. Fighting Spirit.

  23. YamiTEIOH Oct 10, 2006

    WOW! How Great!
    It's cool, dark, and we can feel the rage that comes out of the whole bg.
    The light effects on the feathers and the blade are beautiful, the kanjis, the reflect on the blade (well, that's not you who made this right ? ^_^)... It's some kind of perfect work...
    AMAZING! +fav

  24. gabysango2011 Oct 11, 2006

    it great!...
    the scan is really great and the image in the blade is also awesome...the bgr...like fire with those japanese/chinese characters
    this is realy awesome...
    + fav

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