Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Wallpaper: Throught the Gate

CLAMP, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Mokona, Sakura Kinomoto Wallpaper
CLAMP Mangaka Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Series,OVA Mokona Character Sakura Kinomoto Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

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Heya everyone! My newst wallie is a TRC wallie XD! I never have done a wallie to this series before! XD I'm so lazie...XD

Well, I guess this one is more a simple wallie and I don't put much work on it, at least, not a photoshop work on it. Cos this wallie is almost done on terragen program *see the background* and it was really hard! Terragen is a complicate program..-_-""

About the scan, I found it on 4chan... about the brigde, it was done by me and some parts of grass were done by myself too with some ps tools.

Sorry if this wallie isn't a winged wallie BlueAngel, but I'm looking for a pretty angel scan and time for to do it...., but I hope have a winged wallie before the contest finish ^^"



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  1. Firemace Oct 03, 2006

    Nice Flare ... I mean Sun. Sun yes ! Oh er, i did say Flare > @_@ Must have been my mistake. *Washes mouth with wallie's water*

    Aww... good Depth. ^^V Scan is sweet too. Very simplistic yet refreshing. I enjoy the wall. The more i look at it, the more i like it. Duh... one thing bugs me.. her dress on the upperleft. Kind of looks pixel/grainy ?

    Nevertheless.. i must comment you on your courage/skill cause terragen is not an easy program to master. ^^

    Good Try. Worthy of a Fav. My one at least.

    Hey.... fellow critics, that's just my life principles, ya ? ;) X-P

  2. Chikaru-chan Oct 03, 2006

    Cute wallpaper :D

  3. yalubluchay Oct 03, 2006

    used terragen? nice I like the bridge

  4. royaldarkness Oct 03, 2006

    very nice wall ^^
    sakura seems a little sharper and brighter compared to the rest of the wall though...
    and i like that bridge, it's nice ;)

  5. Rhonda21 Oct 03, 2006

    Oh cute. Yeah the background doesn't match too well with the scan but still the background looks great. I also like the bridge. It's a pretty wall. Nice Work!

  6. eternallegend Oct 03, 2006

    wow, the scenery is soo nice :) i love the clouds and the mountains are nicely done :D she doesnt seem to fit very well XD but maybe its just me ^_^' other then that, really nice wall~^^

  7. rafaellaGP Oct 03, 2006

    nha q lindo! a sakura

  8. enchantment Oct 03, 2006

    the wall seems so serene like and peaceful :) i love the background with the mountains and the clouds and the water and the bridge :D lovely wall~^^

  9. melymay Oct 03, 2006

    Beautiful scene ^^ The train tracks look a little to fake though.. Other than that, great job :)

  10. BlueAngel17 Oct 03, 2006

    nyaa~~ my name ish here! >.<
    it's ok Idril-san! ^^ I'll definitely wait for your winged wall. ^^
    now back to the wall.. humm.. it's Terragen? Wonder why you blurred the bg.. only railroad not blurred. but it's still sweet. ^^ wonder why Sakura is going there.. is there a feather around that area? ^^

  11. rythem Oct 03, 2006

    urmm the bg is too blurry and the bridge has some texture/noise that makes it looks rusty (kinda) . it doesnt fit the 'happy' atmosphere of the scan . and .. the scan doesnt fit the bg too ^^; it could do more work ~ ganbare ~ : D

  12. nesmaster102 Oct 04, 2006

    very nice wallpaper ^^ love sakura in it!

  13. Kiako Oct 04, 2006

    nice wallpaper, the bg scene is very good, but it's to blury and it doesn't fit that well to the chara.

  14. starrliteangel Oct 05, 2006

    hmm yes, the bg is def too blurry...also, the bridge is really sharp compared to everything else. Sakura looks odd..she doesnt fit in.

  15. ladyvampire Oct 06, 2006

    oooooooo! how cute! i love tsubasa! how cute! awsome job, keep up the ffffantabulous work! ^.^

  16. xluminax Oct 07, 2006

    I truley love this wallpaper!
    Such a great job, Idril!
    I'm not to sure about the bridge... looks a bit face... perhaps make it a bit smaller to make the island looker farther... I dunno... It's not like I'm an experience waller.... or a waller at all... xD

    But I love it... good job, Idril!

  17. lthnadml Oct 07, 2006

    Very cute wall . . . nice background, although a little bit blury, nice colors and beautiful sky too . . . very cute work.
    thank you for sharing it! XD XD XD

  18. ganstamonica Oct 09, 2006

    Thee scnery is very nice, & the scan looks great with it! Beautiful wallie, Idril-chan! XD

  19. CopKiller Oct 12, 2006

    I really love it!

  20. soujiokita Oct 16, 2006

    The bg doesn't really fit with the scan. It's also kind of blurry, not sure if it was meant to be that way. Good job anwyay. :)

  21. znag008 Oct 17, 2006

    oh god its awesome

  22. robertsl05 Nov 17, 2008

    the background doesn't fit the scan but i still love the picture

  23. daniticha Aug 25, 2009

    Sakura and mokona, really cute! =3
    Thanks a lot!

  24. dchoggia14 Jul 07, 2012

    Ahhh Sakura so kawaiiii

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