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When you're somewhere up high, doesn't it feel so great that it feels like you have wings?

humm.. nothing to say about this. This is just a simple work; a vectored image (scan from AP), some clouds and a stock photo (from sxc) to spiff it up. Wings and feathers are brushes from DA. ohohoho.. what a boring theme..

The category of this scan is 'We Are Piece of Peace'.. unluckily MT doesn't have that category. I chose to vector the scan since it's so pretty.. but those letters from the scan are covering it up.

I'm really not good in vectoring stuff.. so don't complain over the vector. And the wings are really that half visible because it' s supposed to be imagined. Being in bliss makes you feel you have wings, ergo, smell it all in.

Lately, I've been doing walls like a painting mural; now I want a wall that uses it's use as a wallpaper: icons on the side, so it's empty.

This is dedicated to my great friends in Celestial Luminesse: starr-san, aqi-chan, Lacus-san and rene-san. Let's fly high and illuminate our works! ^^

Bigger resolutions (and smaller) at KatzKrafts.

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  1. asinine Oct 02, 2006

    simple background with great vector ^_^
    lol what is with people and feathers XD... i keep on seeing wallpaper with feathers dropping from nowhere....

    plus fav :)

  2. eternallegend Oct 02, 2006

    the vectoring looks nicely done XD yay go feathers and clouds :D she suits well with your background :) the colour scheme matches well and i like how everything is placed in your wall :) lovely wall ^^

  3. enchantment Oct 02, 2006

    wow, the vector is done really well :) the background scenery is really nice and i love the clouds :D those wings look a little odd OX but maybe its just me ^_^' nice wall~^^

  4. CaMiLi Oct 02, 2006

    *__* vectooor? wow, it looks really good, and the sky is beautiful too, but like enchantment says,.. i think the wings are too small and fluffy,.. maybe u can make them a bit stronger ^^ but all in all,... very nice + fav

  5. quantixar Oct 02, 2006

    There's lots of wallies with clouds and dreamy blue sky these days, but hey, this one still looks great. :D Very nice job, BlueAngel17!

  6. muneera Oct 02, 2006

    beautifull thats all what I can say....
    really its beautifull & I love it...+ fav

  7. Phantasm Oct 02, 2006

    wow, beautiful work! the expression of the clouds really well.

  8. chikage-kekinha Oct 03, 2006

    beautiful wallie!
    I love her wings!
    great work^^

  9. Rhonda21 Oct 03, 2006

    oh such a pretty vector! The sky looks really lovely too. Great work!

  10. aqiaqua Oct 03, 2006

    Yay its for me! I feel special XD! And an expertly vectored vector as well! Haha, you should really help me out with the vector section!

    Me new desktop, and a feature at CL (unless someone got to it already)...vector or illuminated section...hmmm...

  11. HeartFulSkies Oct 03, 2006

    beatuiful wall, soooo pretty X333333 ~~ everything about it just seems so beautiful X33

  12. shiwei Oct 03, 2006

    very nice walls...
    the bg is great, espeacially the clouds,skys and the mountain i like it..
    keep it up.. ^^ favs

  13. AWOL Oct 03, 2006

    The visible wind is delightful; the blending of simillar colours makes a feel good too.

  14. animanga Oct 03, 2006

    WOW! That is one perfect vector! :D
    The mountain looks very nice, but I think the clouds look weird. >_<
    The theme is very well executed, her wings are pretty. :) But I think you should remove the 2 feathers at the bottom, they're kind of unrealistic compared to the wings they're supposed to have come from.
    Oh & the ledge looks ver good too. :)
    I think you should submit your vectors seperately to MT aswell considering how much effort you put into them. :)
    Amazing job, another top submission I bet. ;)
    + fave!

  15. PinkPrincessLacus Oct 04, 2006

    Ahh dang, Im so sorry I havent had time to comment on it yet Blue-san *hugs ya to dealth* :D. I love it, like I have heard aqi-san said before its an amazing Vector job I agree! XD OMG you have talent. I love it, and awwh its dedicated to CL *starts crying*, your so sweet Blue-san! See ya at all the groups we're in together (which is alot ;) ) hehe isnt it cool. Favs from me your co-worker LOL :). and OMG it just hit me, this wall is so pretty and has lots of blue in it, and your Blue-san THAT IS SO WICKED! XD

    ~* Lacus *~

  16. animefairy Oct 04, 2006

    WOW! o_O That's the mot prettoest wall I've ever seen! LOL. ^^; I just love the blue and white colors! The clouds and skies make me feel like I've really in heaven! LOL. The girl feels so comfy and I so wish I was in her place. Hahaha. XO Keep it up and thanks for sharing! You deserved my fav for it! *clicks*

  17. zaira Oct 04, 2006

    wow! nice scan! i want it! want it! want it! XD
    nice bg! soft and bluey! though i dont like the wings.. maybe it would be nice to removed those or change them so it can fit the feathers... + maybe you overdo those clouds.. try removing some most of all at the upper left corner..
    and as for the overall nice scenic wall! + fav! >_<

  18. ExiledWings Oct 04, 2006

    Simple yet nicely done. The figure and the way her hair floats in the breeze really fits in well with the nice blue sky, fit in with a scattering of clouds. Good work

  19. starrliteangel Oct 05, 2006

    awesome bg, awesome texture. love it! i just wish teh feather was vectored thouhg, becuase it seems out of place, being all feathery and stuff. and the wings also seem kinda odd. ahh but dont mind me cuz im in a bad mood about these teeth whitening strips i have in my mouth right now...gahhh

  20. guaxinin Oct 05, 2006

    WOW..This wallpaper is Beautiful! :D
    :) Good work andvery nice wall! ;) ;)
    Thanks and byebye! -_-
    PS: All wallpapers this website is amazing! OX

  21. rafaellaGP Oct 05, 2006

    AH I like this idea in your work, in this wings... you make a simple work in this beautiful sky, and this sweet scan! ^^
    and i like this vector too! ^^
    really beautiful work!

  22. himynameisandrew Oct 05, 2006

    dude this is a beautiful work of art kind of reminds me of ah! my goddess a little and then kind of gunslinger girl in a happy mood but this is such a cool picture well keep up the good work!

    merged: 10-05-2006 ~ 09:27pm
    dude this is a beautiful work of art kind of reminds me of ah! my goddess a little and then kind of gunslinger girl in a happy mood but this is such a cool picture well keep up the good work!

  23. royaldarkness Oct 05, 2006

    Wow this is so pretty!
    I really like the sky background, it looks so clear and warm and serene, and I wish the weather here could be like that ^_^'

  24. CloudyHeaven Oct 05, 2006

    Very nice man :D great colour use ;)

    check my gallery out :D

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